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Giving Tribute Tuesday 2020 -- Unleash Generosity

Thank you for making Giving Tribute Tuesday such a success for the animals!

Special thanks to Dalio Philanthropies for their generous matching contribution ensuring that your Giving Tribute Tuesday gifts go twice as far to do twice as much to help twice as many animals!! Giving Tuesday 2020 may be over, but all of the beautiful tributes will remain here on our website in perpetuity.

Together, you helped us raise over $21,000!!! Thank you!

Your heartfelt tributes are truly wonderful and we are beyond grateful for your compassionate support.

Tributes for Giving Tuesday 2020

Jane Mathewson gave in honor of All First Responders. Thank you so very much for your braveness and kindness in the face of every challenge.

Meredith Pierson honored Beth Pierson.

Michael Downing gave in honor of Diamond.

Karen Wilhelmson gave in honor of Fozbury: the big sweet floppy orange cat we love.

Nicole Dubuc gave in memory of Zephyr.

Scott Jones remembered Melissa S. Jones.

Chuck and Donna Hussey gave in honor of Mac, the Most Adorable Cat.

Julia Lundberg gave in memory of Cal Bear.

Andrea Noble remembered Beloved Truffle: with me such a short time, forever in my heart.

Carol Dean gave in honor of Beau, Marco, Star, Taz, Jackson, Isadora, Duncan, Annie Oakley, and Calamity Jane.

John and Kelly Bush honored Susan and Sean Johnston.

Edna Leonard gave in memory of her son Patrick Leonard.

Julie Dilley and Tom Foster honored the Healdsburg Animal Shelter.

Ann Zimmer, M.F.T remembered Kate and Kyle.

Susan P. Clark gave in memory of their sweet dog Bliss.

Roy and Barbara Johnston remembered Buster.

Sandra Mauerhan gave in memory of Grady.

Sue Hoeschler gave in memory of Albert.

Eliza Loweecey remembered Zacky.

Alice Gunn honored Tam.

Larry Lapides gave in memory of Elmer Fudd, Katrina rescue dog.

Grace and Tracy Harris honored all of their loved companions past, present and future!

Terry Norona honored all of her rescues from the shelter.

Tonny van der Leeden remembered Midnight.

Christine Smith gave in memory of Dixon Smith.

Linelle Lane gave in memory of William Lane.

Rebecca Mann remembered Hollywood.

Audrey Spall donated in honor of Filomena Avila.

Bobette Benn remembered Rocko Benn.

Shannon Woods gave in memory of her mom, Judie Myers.

Elizabeth McKee remembered her father, Paul DeLay, DVM.

James Hartzberg  honored Laurie Joye Webster.

Shelli and Rob Main gave in honor of Penny Main, their wonderful rescue dog that we adopted 4 years ago from HSSC.

Christine Dodd remembered Billy my Cat.

James Hartzberg  honored Laurie Joye Webster.

Susan Sattler gave in honor of Saffron of HSSC who offered invaluable behavioral advice regarding their cats. Thank you, Saffron!

Kim Morin Bullwinkel honored Cinderella Bullwinkel.

Barbara Wiseman gave in memory of Joey-D and Lily Wiseman.

Michael Cooper remembered his buddy, Bandit.

Kathryn Stewart remembered Shem dog and Eesa.

Vincent Umscheid gave in honor of Kelly Mace.

Debra Owen honored all animals!

Donna Logan honored Stephanie Thompson.

Jan Smith Billing remembered Arizona Smith Billing — best dog ever!

Jennifer and Menahem Anderman honored Kushi Bear, their Schnoodle boy who lived 17/1/2 years with them.

Ann Rothman remembered her kitty Kiwi.

Renee Johnson remembered Isabella and Jasmine.

Ellen Leznik remembered Dudley.

Joel Bennett gave in memory of Beatrice Bennett.

Patricia Campbell remembered Jennifer, Tugger, Blackie and Whitey.

Dale Russell gave in honor of Peetie.

Janet Massara honored Spats Massara.

Amy Borovoy gave in honor of Juniper and Aniko.

Denny Dukes remembered Sarah Cornelius.

Janice and Jack Nicholson gave in honor of Pepper and Mickey, their beloved HSSC alumni.

Rose La Follette gave in memory of Chico, who her family adopted in 2017 from the SHS, and who passed away two weeks ago. He was a wonderful cat, and they were very lucky to get to know him. His bonded buddy, Rasha, who they adopted at the same time, is still with them, and still wonderful.

Melinda Susan honored Spencer, the Short-Legged Wonder.

Cynthia Omoth remembered Robert E. Omoth.

Ginger Ivicevich gave in memory of Bruiser.

LeeAnne Edwards remembered Katherine Edwards.

Kelli Badillo honored Sunshine (aka September) and Benny (aka Kiwi) and Wendy Welling who helped guide them to their Sunshine Piglet.

Lauren Piacentini remembered Gelida.

Abigail Smith honored Lola Barksdale.

Kenn Cunningham gave in honor of Mrs. “C”.

Gary So remembered James G. So.

Susan Obaysahi gave in memory of Pee-Wee and Whitey.

Mike and Kelli Smith donated in memory of Rosie – Queen of the Ranch.

Aiko & Tango Dunsky remembered their brother Zen dog.

Elizabeth McKee remembered their special family kitties, Topaz, Biddy and Twila.

Wendy Dutton honored Rudy her grand kitty. She says, “Love him so much. Part of our family 11 years. He was a rescue; he rescued me. Such amazing support when I need him.”

Kristin Kenworthy honored Louisa Havstad.

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