Found kittens?

If you’ve found kittens in Sonoma County, here’s what to do.

Are the kittens injured or critically sick?

YES, they are sick/injured

NO, they seem fine

Estimate the age of kittens

Kitten: 0 - 2 weeks old0 – 2 Weeks
Eyes still closed or just beginning to open

Kitten: 2-4 weeks old2 – 4 Weeks
Eyes open/alert; becoming mobile

Kitten: 4-6 weeks old4 – 6 Weeks
Very mobile, often talkative; can eat food

Kitten: 6-8 weeks old6 – 8 Weeks
Very active & playful; around 1 – 2 pounds

Kitten: 8+ weeks old8+ Weeks
Very active & playful; 2 lbs or more

For kittens 0 – 6 weeks old

STOP! Can you see the mom or a nest?

NO, I don’t see a mom/nest


Mom may be off hunting or not want to come around if people are present. Watch for her to come back for a few hours. PRO TIP: Leave a ring of flour around the kittens. Check in a few hours if you see mom’s foot prints in the flour!

Still no mother cat

Contact your local animal shelter

and see what they advise – the young kittens may need a foster home or help from a shelter!

YES, I see a mom/nest

Don’t kit-nap!

A kitten’s best chance of survival is with mom. Leave the kittens where they are. If you want to help, make sure mom has access to shelter, food, and water and contact a TNR group to have mom and kittens fixed when ready.

For kittens 6 – 8+ weeks old

If the kittens are friendly, utilize social media and your personal network to try and place them in homes. Reach out to your local shelter concerning spay/neuter services.