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Pets available for adoption


Thank you so much for showing interest in our adoptable animals! Following CDC safety guidelines, we are currently coordinating adoptions by appointment only. Please call us if you are interested in learning more about the adoption process or about one of our available animals. All adoption appointments are conducted through phone consultations and safely distanced outdoor meetings while our indoor shelter facilities are closed to the public.

Welcome to our comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg shelters.
Please check back regularly as new animals become available and are added to our website throughout the day!
  • Ace the Dog

    Ace the Dog

    Ace is a terrific dog. He is young and friendly and has never met anyone he hasn’t loved instantly. He is the type of dog that will be your best friend and your ride or die. Ace will be your

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  • Cotton Candy the Cat

    Cotton Candy the Cat

    Cotton Candy is a firecracker of a cat! She has a big personality, and an opinion on just about everything and she isn’t afraid to let you know it. CC, as we affectionately call her, adores being around people and

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  • Midnight the Cat

    Midnight the Cat

    Midnight may be senior cat, but he has found the fountain of youth. This “Benjamin Button” of a cat must be aging backwards because he is as solid and outgoing as they come. This is the cat who will be

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  • Tela the Cat

    Tela the Cat

    Tela is a big ol’ softie who loves to hang out with people. She’s slightly shy at first but will quickly push through her nervousness when she knows scritches and treats are the reward! Tela is a sucker for treats,

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  • Tula the Cat

    Tula the Cat

    Tula is a very sweet cat looking for someone she can lavish her love upon. Though initially a bit cautious, as soon as she knows you’re there to give her scritches, she is all over you and will treat you

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  • Kiba the Dog

    Kiba the Dog

    Kiba is a big lover boy who has lots of energy in tow. He’d love a lot of space to stretch and fetch balls, and then snuggle time on the couch. Kiba is a super fun, young guy that is

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  • Sherman the Cat

    Sherman the Cat

    Sherman and Geronimo are two adorable large boys with a whole lotta love to give. They are both a little bit on the shy side and would appreciate a nice quiet, sunny window to hang out in. Both of them

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  • Geronimo the Cat

    Geronimo the Cat

    Geronimo and Sherman are two adorable large boys with a whole lotta love to give. They are both a little bit on the shy side and would appreciate a nice quiet, sunny window to hang out in. Both of them

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  • Domino the Cat

    Domino the Cat

    Domino is a big, handsome squishy guy looking for a quiet home where he can settle in and become his best self. Domino would prefer to be an only cat where he can soak up all the love, and spend

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  • Quinn the Dog

    Quinn the Dog

    Are you looking for dog that contemplates life’s big questions and is secretly a philosopher in disguise? Meet Quinn! Quinn is a very thoughtful girl that likes to take in all of information her surroundings have to offer. Her favorite

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  • Townsend the Cat

    Townsend the Cat

    Townsend is a young, handsome, and affectionate kitty. He’s a bit shy at first but with just a little TLC he’s soon leaning into scritches and treating you to his soft purr. Townsend likes to play, and he thinks chairs

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  • Dexter the Dog

    Dexter the Dog

    Dexter is as sweet as he is cute! Dexter is an easy going boy that is happy doing whatever you’re doing. Going on a fun walk? Dexter’s right there with you. Eating an afternoon snack? Give Dexter a yummy chew

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  • Beau the Cat

    Beau the Cat

    Beau is a super handsome guy who loves gentle scritches. Though he’s a little timid at first, while he’s in a cozy hiding spot he accepts pets and makes happy purrs while leaning into your hand and presenting his chin

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  • Beans the Cat

    Beans the Cat

    Beans is an adorable young cat looking for a kind person to sweep her off her paws. Though she’s shy and needs some extra TLC, her cute little meows and soft purr will quickly win your heart. Beans feels most

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  • Guinness the Dog

    Guinness the Dog

    Meet Guinness! Guinness is a super sweet older boy that is just as happy as he looks! He loves to hang out with his people, whether that’s outside on a nice little walk or inside curled up next to you

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  • Shadow the Dog

    Shadow the Dog

    Contradictory to his name, Shadow acts nothing like a shadow. Shadow is a little fur ball of energy and everything in his life is go, go, go! Running around a yard? GO! Sniffing everything he can get his nose on?

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  • Bailey Biscuit the Cat

    Bailey Biscuit the Cat

    Bailey Biscuit is a very loving girl looking for a home with a lot of windows so she can have sunny spots to nap. She’s shy at first, but doesn’t take too long to begin really enjoying scritches and showing

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  • King Louie the Cat

    King Louie the Cat

    If you’re in need of a furry friend to pamper and treat like royalty, look no further than King Louie! While he may be shy at first, the finest snacks and scritches will win his big ol’ heart over! In

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  • Veronica the Cat

    Veronica the Cat

    Looking for a new job? Veronica Is Hiring! Veronica has an open position for personal assistant with cat experience preferred. This beautiful lady is a bit particular about how she expects to be touched, and do it the right way,

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  • Scarlet the Cat

    Scarlet the Cat

    These two sweet but shy kitties are looking for a home together! Scarlet and Sherbert want a person who is willing to go the extra mile to make them feel at home. Their cuteness alone makes it worth your while,

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  • Sherbert the Cat

    Sherbert the Cat

    These two sweet but shy kitties are looking for a home together! Scarlet and Sherbert want a person who is willing to go the extra mile to make them feel at home. Their cuteness alone makes it worth your while,

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  • Mork the Dog

    Mork the Dog

    “Nanu Nanu”! Mork Is just what you’d expect… An out of this world DOG! This dog is looking for a home with a variety of dog friendly activities… including napping, walking, playing and snuggling. Mork is so sweet and we

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  • Alexander the Cat

    Alexander the Cat

    Handsome Alexander is a cat that is learning to trust people at his own pace. Slowly but surely Alexander has been becoming more and more comfortable with us. He enjoys treats and the occasional pets or nose boop. He is

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  • Batman the Cat

    Batman the Cat

    Na na na na na na na na…BATMAN! We think he might just be the hero you deserve right now. It takes a few days to gain his trust, but once he’s gotten to know you better, you’ll have a

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  • Clover the Cat

    Clover the Cat

    Clover is a pretty boy looking for a quiet home that will offer him lots of head scratches and treats! Clover is a shy boy and needs patient adopters who are okay with taking things slow. The way to his

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  • Rufus the Dog

    Rufus the Dog

    Rufus will melt your heart with one look at his sweet face and adorable sweater. Rufus is an easy going senior looking for a comfy home filled with lots of snacks, pets, and cozy blankies. And naps. He loves to

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  • Bubba the Cat

    Bubba the Cat

    Bubba is a big old softie looking for the right home to call his own. Living his life on the streets, he had to be a lil’ tough guy. But now that Bubba is resting comfortably as an indoor only

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  • Arlo the Dog

    Arlo the Dog

    I am Arlo. I have one blue eye and one brown- just one of many clues that I combine the best of all possibilities. Sensitive and playful, cautious and brave, you get the idea. I think about new things and

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  • Bernie the Dog

    Bernie the Dog

    We are all feeling the burning love for old man Bernie. Bernie is your typical old man cranky pants that will wave his cane at young hooligans to get off his lawn. But he might just fool you every now

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  • Lilly the Rabbit

    Lilly the Rabbit

    Lucky people have a Lilly in their life. Call me Ms. Cooperative. Not being particularly inclined to mischief, whether you leave for work or stay home for those pesky Zoom meetings I’ll find myself a comfy corner to quietly snooze

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  • Huggie the Rabbit

    Huggie the Rabbit

    Huggie is a young and active bunny looking to find her way into a new home! In rabbit years Huggie is a teenager, so of course she has a bit of sass to her. She loves to grunt and stomp

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  • Vernita Green the Cat

    Vernita Green the Cat

    Vernita Green is a feisty and playful girl looking for a home with a true cat lover who will embrace her quirks. She’s young and sassy and takes some time to get to know people, but she is SO energetic

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