What should I do if I can no longer keep my pet?

Consider finding your pet another home instead of surrendering them to a shelter. It will be less stressful for your animal, allows you to play a part in uniting them with a new family, and makes additional space available for animals whose lives are immediately at risk in surrounding municipal shelters.

Please utilize our Rehoming Packet and our free Adoptions by Owner service

HSSC will accept owner surrendered dogs and cats by appointment and as space allows. For availability and an appointment for your pet’s evaluation please email intake@humanesocietysoco.org, or call 707-542-0882 x267.

Before You Rehome Your Pet

We know that sometimes re-homing your pet is unavoidable, and is always a difficult decision. By providing resources and assistance, we hope to help keep your pet with the family they know and love.  Before making the decision to surrender to a shelter, please consider all of your options.


We offer a variety of resources that may help you avoid having to make the unfortunate decision to re-home. Please contact us for more information about behavior and training.

If you are looking to rehome your cat due to a behavioral issue and would like support in attempting to resolve it instead, please email catbehavior@humanesocietysoco.org, or visit Caturdays with Saffron for articles on cat behavior and care.

Need help with a bad habit or behavior? Check out our Dog Training Resource Library for ways to help your dog be its best self. If you’ve adopted your dog from us in the last 90 days, call (707) 542-0882 x233.  If you didn’t adopt your dog from us, or 90 days has passed, we invite you to check out our Dog Training classes & workshops or ask us for referrals to private one-on-one trainers in your community.


Please visit our Financial Resources page for information on food, medical, housing assistance and more.