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Be A Humane Hero!

Humane Hero Fundraising Toolkit!

Thinking about doing your own fundraiser to help the animals? Compassionate community members like you make the future brighter for our animal friends. Host a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Sonoma County and become a Humane Hero!

We love when our friends and community members host fundraisers for our animals!  Community fundraisers are important to us, as they expand our outreach and help us make new friends. Support from these efforts enhances our organization-run fundraisers, making a big difference in sustaining our life saving work!

Even though we can’t be together, there are creative and safe ways to support our mission and organization… and have fun doing it!  We’ve put together a toolkit to help make it easy to get involved and create your own fundraiser.  We have ideas, tips, guidelines and templates to help you get started.  Please check back when Covid restrictions are lifted and we can gather again for in-person events; until that time, see below for some ideas and information to get started with your fundraiser.

Contact Megan Hennessy to discuss how to go further with any of these or your own fundraising ideas, receive a Fundraising Toolkit, and become a Humane Hero!

What you do:

  • Before you get started, contact Megan for our fundraising toolkit.
  • Develop and design fundraiser- the what, when, where and how is up to you!
    We will send our logo, font, colors, flyer templates and other easy marketing materials.
  • Promote to your friends, family, co-workers, social media followers, etc.
    Send us a blurb, images, links and details so that we can cross-promote.
    Tag us on social media posts.
  • Collect donations!
  • Thank your participants who donated, and send list (email and phone #) to Nina.
  • Get ready for a big Thank You!  Arrange to drop off in person for a photo op, or send us a photo that can be included in a social media thank you blast!
  • Happily accept your new Humane Hero status!

What we do:

  • Provide logo and marketing templates, and easy donation links.
  • Cross-promote to our staff, volunteers, board members, donors, and social media followers.
  • Send a Thank You to your participants/supporters.
  • Give you a big HSSC Thank You! We’re happy to offer a tour and/or animal experience when you drop off donations, if it is Covid-safe to do so. We request a photo so that we can thank you on social media and tell the world how amazing you are!

Need some fundraising ideas?

Here are some of our favorites!

Create your own online fundraiser using our Humane Hero Fundraising website!

Birthdays, holidays, weddings and other typical gift-giving occasions can become great fundraisers. Let your family and friends know that you’d prefer a donation to the Humane Society of Sonoma County this year rather than a gift. We’ve got an easy donation online process, or you can host a Facebook fundraiser; please let us know so we can celebrate with you and help promote!

Zoom Bombs! Birthday parties, cocktail hours, bridal showers, watch parties, company meetings and team builders- everything is virtual these days. Why not collect donations from your virtual event and invite us to do an animal zoom bomb? We’ll drop in with a kitten or other pet up for adoption, or one of our animal therapy volunteer dogs, to loan a little fur presence!

Are you a business owner or realtor (or know someone who is)? Consider donating a percentage of your sales or commissions or “round-ups” to the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Let your customers know that a portion of their purchase is going to help animals in need. We can also furnish donation boxes for your counter or register area for daily donation collection- spare change adds up to much needed funds!

Have a favorite eatery that has been doing take-out and delivery, or patio dining? Maybe they would like to host a “dine & donate” event for us, and donate a percentage of sales to the animals. We love to support our local restaurants by encouraging our donors to frequent them, and appreciate your help to set it up, promote it, and make it successful!

Pet Pantry Drives are a great way to help our animals and our community. We rely on donations to stock our shelves with pet supplies for our community members in need. Any food or supplies we don’t use for the shelter animals is distributed to help pets and their owners who need a helping hand.  Check out our Pet Pantry Toolkit!

Kitten Showers bring fundraising power!  Springtime, when flowers bloom and kittens start pouring in! Kitten Season starts in the spring and goes until late fall. Our busy foster department sees an influx of newborns needing bottle feeding, weeks old kittens weening off formula, and new mamma cats needing warmth and comfort to keep their kittens healthy. We are always in need of kitten and new mom cat supplies, formula, kitten food, warming discs and other items necessary to save these precious lives.  Hosting a virtual Kitten Shower is easy, we even have a baby registry — click here! We’d love to drop a Kitten Bomb if you send us the zoom link!

T-shirt Fundraisers are super fun and easy with our Bonfire website! Great for teams, troops and groups. Or get your friends together to design and sell t-shirts in honor of a birthday, bride, graduation, accomplishment- all for a good cause! Bonfire makes it easy, you can get creative, and HSSC gets a portion of t-shirt sales!

Share our Amazon Wishlist or Donation Page on your social media platforms, in your email signature, on your website, or anywhere your friends might feel inspired to join you in supporting us. Follow us on our socials and share your love of animals with your followers. Your friends are our friends!

Your own unique idea? You have ideas, and we want to hear them! Contact Nina Caputo and let’s talk about how we can make your idea a successful campaign for the animals!

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