Founder’s Society Gifts

We offer special thanks to our Founder’s Society members for their generous gifts. Their loving kindness, along with the kindness of so many others, sustains our lifesaving programs and services.

While this list represents only Founder’s Society gifts, we gratefully acknowledge all the donors whose contributions have helped us save lives this year. Thank you.

Leadership Circle

Jim and Claudette E. Barnes
Benevity Giving Platform
Debra Bottoms and Jose Contreras and Dale Bottoms, 7M Ranch
Drew and Ellen Bradley
Warren Calvert
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Dalio Philanthropies
Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, Inc.
Catherine and Scott Doty
Johnny Drake and Troy Anker
Lynette Erlach
Everett H. Gregory 1995 Trust, James W. Dorris Trustee
Ernest L. & Ruth W. Finley Foundation
Lori Lee Fleckenstein
Harold George & Rosemarie B. Sillery Revocable Trust
The Grey Muzzle Organization
Laurel and Dan Grow
Estate of Ada Lee Harn

The Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation
Kate Heard-Zeryny
Dr. Peter Henriksen
Chuck and Donna Hussey
Deanna Jimosse
John Jordan
Chris Kasulka and Diane McCarthy
Lisa and Léo LaPorte,
Mary H. T. Love
Steven Maass
Michael and Gail Perry
Petco Love Foundation
Mark Quattrocchi and Tina M. Kelly
Kate Schaffner
Shepard Milner Wardlaw Foundation
Betty Ann Sutton, Mr. Ryder & Co.
Estate of Barbara von Tillow
The Willis Family Revocable Inter Vivos Trust
Barbara Wolfe

Heritage Circle

AKC Humane Fund, Inc.
Craig Basanez
Richard Bastoni and Darla Evans, Bastoni-Evans Foundation
Lorraine Bazan and Chris Stover
William Edward Cannon
The Christensen Family Foundation
Exchange Bank
Gandola Family Survivor’s Trust and Gandola Family Administrative Trust
Julia L. Grant
Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb, Puma Springs Winery
Dean Gross and H.C. “Clay” Nesbitt
James Hartzberg
Robert and Linda Hausen
Estate of Lena James
Susan Jaret
Bruce P. Johnson

Lance E. Johnson
Wayne and Ellen Krebs
Daniel and Debbie Mason
Estate of George P. Merrill
The Michael Edward Jaret Trust
Judy Miller-Poremba and John Poremba
Cindy Myers
Nature Defense Foundation
Karen J. Rose
Joan Ross
Roth Armstrong Hayes Foundation
Russian River Brewing Company
Ruth E. Silverman Animal Welfare Fund
Martin and Marlene Stein
Diane Terrano
William Van Haaften
Whispering Bells Foundation

Medallion Circle

Gregory S. Arent, M.D.
Tom and Julie Atwood
Andrea Lea Noble Bandy
Bank of America
Katia Z. Barrett
Michele and Roger Burch
Robert Camm
Andrew M. and Carol Carciere
Daniel Catone
Betty Lee Cheaney 1993 Trust
Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo, Russian River Brewing
Melissa and David Codding, Montgomery Village Shopping Center
Victoria D. Cohen
Susan B. Dixon
Duke’s Spirited Cocktails
Jerrold and Terrasa Elliott
Suzanne Farver and Clint Van Zee
Fred and Liz Flynn
Stacy and Frank J. Fredericksen
Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter
Paul and Sharon Gerber
Cynthia J. Gonzales
Nancy Hair, Ruth E. Silverman Animal Welfare Fund
Mr. David Henderson

Allen and Linda Jackson
Kaufman Family Foundation
Francis and Arlene Keesling
Jo-Ann L. Knight
Kim and John Lloyd, Big John’s Market
Susanne Lyons
Kathie Neese
Howard and Pam Nurse
Gary Patterson and Francisco Hernandez
Jeanette and Chris Phelps
Diana and Mike Prall
Carol Price, Hilltop Foundation
The Redducs Foundation
Merle Reuser
Rodney Strong Vineyards
Pete Schneider
Stephen and Karen Strain
Subaru of America
Vicky Thompson and Peter Stanley
Carol Toth and Donna Wheeler
Victor and Karen Trione
Deloy and Janice Vitto
Jane and Nelson Weller

Sustaining Circle

Carouxline Acosta
Moss Adams
Kati A. Aho
Lori Alexander- Winkler and Clay Winkler
Renee Amore
Ms. Sharon Anderson
The Anderson / Zand Fund
Diana Ankrom
Pamela Arnold
Warren Arnold
Nick Augustinos
Ed and Kyle Baker
Gina Barrett
Scott Bartley
Robert T. Batterton
Jennifer Baus
Gary and Coral Becker
S. & D. Beem
Carrie Behler
Allan Bernstein
R. Lee Berry
James and Dorothy Bettinger
William and Meredith Bishop
David and Carole Bliese
Sal and Treena Bonilla
Darlene F. Brazil
Mark and Linda J. Brewer
Dianne and Mark Radcliffe Brinson
Michele Brouqua
Pat Callahan
John and Yvonne Cardinale
Nancy Carpenter
Gisele and David Casha
Estate of Robert Chiara
Sandy and John Chute
Glenn and Gayle S. Cook
Marjorie Cramer
Margaret Crandall
Bill Cresta
Ben Cushman and George Tuttle
Carol Cuzner
Bob and Jeanine Daugherty
Bonnie J. Davis-Tunstall
Kay Debs
Anne M. Deibert
Victoria and Bryan A Dettman
Deborah Devoto
Ron and Sandra Dodge
Susanne and Simon Dryer
James Dugdale and Eric Marton
Norman and Roselee Dunlavy
Judy and Jim Duport
Steve and Marcia Ellis
Kathleen L. Engler
Jeffrey Ferrand
Robert Fessele
Susan Fette
Virginia Fifield
Lynn and Jim Fitzwater
Pat and Cindy Gallaher
Chris and Phyllis Gallaway
Anthony George
Robert and Nancy Giddings
Kevin Gross
Ian Grossman and Ellen Johnson
Grace and Tracy Harris
Sandra Harvey
Gary Heck
Henrietta Hillman
David L. Hobler
Susan M. Hoeschler
Nancy and John Hoogendyk
Robb and Victoria Hunt
Chelsea Hydrick
M. & N. Innocenti
Ugo and Andrea Innocenti
Trudy and Rod Jamieson
Peter Jaret and Steven Peterson
Ruth and Robert Karlsrud
James V. Kelly
Bob and Chris Kittredge

Lisa Labrecque
Laura E. Lambert
Melissa Lapides
Mr. John Lee
Kay Lewis
Thom and Marge Limbert
Steve and Neda Lohrer
Susan S. Malin
Donna Manahan
Kelly McClelland
McDonald Family Fund
Jacqueline McGhee
Benjamin McKee
Renee and Joe Mengali
Debbie Morgan
Mutt Lynch Winery
Michelle and Robert Neumann
Joel Newell, Digital Prints & Imaging / SR Blueprint Service
Amy Niesen
Terry Norona and Paul Smick
Robert and Dana L. Norton
Mekhala and Michel Oltramare
Azin Parhizgar and Daniel Derdula
Pet Food Express
Bruce Pfaff
Nicole Piccetti
Lawrence Prager and Linda Myszak
John and Susan Prouty
Quality Stainless Tanks
Trudy Rangaves
Amy Kay Raymond
Gale L. Reeder
Richard and Sharon Regan
Bill and Mary-Louise Reinking
Timothy Rodrigues and C. Alan Mason
Jane Rosenberg and Steven Deas
Barbara Lynch Samarati and Tom Samarati
Danielle Sandoval
Eva Schlosser
Jean F. Schulz
Judy and Craig Schulz
Bob Scott and Tim McDonald
Ann Sebastian
Susan and Larry Seymour
David and Karen Shacklett
Daniel Shanahan
Barbara and Michael J. Shepherd
William and Carolyn Small
Christine Smith
Ellen and Richard Soule
Ruth Souroujon
Mr. Robert V. Spencer II
St. Francis Flooring, Inc.
Marjorie and Eugene Stambaugh
Jim and Judy Stambolis
Mr. James R. Stewart
Kelly and Brent Stromgren
Monty and Rob Sullivan
Summit State Bank
The Surasky Revocable Trust
Erika Sweet and Jay Moulton
Shannon Tracey, Tracey Financial Group
Davida Traulsen
Sandra Tredick
Dave and Kristen Trisko
Two Shepherds Winery
United Way of the Wine Country
Danae Unti
Sandy and Mark Walheim
Shirley and Bill Ward
Robert Watson Estate
David and Janet Watts
Wendy and Drew Welling
Carol Winter
Duke and Terri Yolo
Carola and Arthur Young
Sandra Young
Warren and Sandra Yuers
Kathryn Yulish
Larry A. Zech
Caroline Zsambok and Mike Adler
Alice Zumba
John Zuryk