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We understand that life can sometimes present unexpected challenges, and having to rehome your pet can be one of them. That’s why we want to highlight our free service, Adoptions by Owner. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend exploring this option before considering a shelter. Not only is it a cost-free solution, but it also ensures a smoother transition for your furry friend by keeping them in a familiar environment during the rehoming process, reducing stress and aiding in their adjustment.

We acknowledge that it’s not always possible, but when it is, Adoptions by Owner stands as a great alternative. Your decision to find a caring new home for your pet is an act of love, and Adoptions by Owner is here to support you.

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There's no place like home. (photo of collie sitting on a couch) Our Adoptions By Owner page provides a free-of-cost solution, providing a seamless transition for your furry friend whenever possible. By keeping them in a familiar environment during the rehoming process, the aim is to reduce stress and facilitate a smooth adjustment.
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June 16, 2024

2 Female Kittens Need Forever Homes

2 female kittens, 11 weeks old looking for their forever homes. They are using the box and eating regular food. They are not fixed nor had their first vet visit. We have reached out to all the organizations with no luck. If you are interested in meeting these cuties let us know. Contact: or (808) 375-0677.
June 16, 2024

Snickers and Tux-a bonded pair of adult cats

It pulls on my heart strings to rehome my two beloved feline companions. My living situation is changing and I can no longer care for them. Snickers is an 8 y.o. spayed female. She is a people-oriented. May be a bit shy at first but it doesn’t take long to gain her trust although she does not like the vacuum cleaner. She was acquired at 8 weeks old from a local feed store in Santa Rosa and has lived her entire life indoors in a quiet, adult household. Her favorite activity is the laser light. She is litter-trained and being an indoor cat with no contact (other than Tux) with other cats I did not find it necessary to have her vaccinated. I am including the cat trees ( 1 5-6ft, and 2 smaller ones) 2 sifting litter trays and 2 14 lb containers of clumping cat litter and the first 25lbs of dry cat food.  Contact: or (707) 236-7614.
June 15, 2024

Miss Molly

Miss Molly is a 12 year old pittie mix who is a friendly, loving, wonderful dog in need of a quiet retirement home. I am unable to keep her due to severe health issues which have led to housing challenges, making it essential for me to find a new home for Molly as soon as possible. She is not being rehomed due to any behavioral problems. She is house-trained, gets along with dogs, loves people, is mellow and sweet and would be a wonderful addition to any home. To meet Miss Molly please contact Frank via text or phone at (707) 774-4095. I am asking for a deposit of $200 which I will refund after six months if you decide she is a good fit for your family, just to ensure Miss Molly’s safety and well-being. Thank you for considering this sweet dog!
June 13, 2024

Leo in need of his forever home

Sweet beautiful Leo, recently rescued from the euthanasia line at a high kill Southern California shelter, is ready for his loving forever home. Leo’s personality matches his beautiful looks and soft coat with an exceptionally sweet demeanor and love of people. Considering his very rough start, this boy has rebounded with love for everyone he meets, including children and dogs (he is a gentle player). He has started training and is responding very quickly. He will be an absolutely brilliant companion- devoted. loving and a bit silly. He is neutered and vaccinated. Please contact us for more info/ to set up a meet and greet. Contact: or (707) 710-0728.
June 13, 2024

Sweet Sparky in need of his forever home

Sparky was recently rescued from a high kill Southern California shelter. How anyone didn’t come to claim him is a huge mystery as this little guy is perfection! Extremely smart, funny, affectionate, focused on people and very friendly with dogs and cats. He loves to play with toys, go on walks and sit in laps. Estimated to be eight years old, he is healthy, neutered, vaccinated and house trained. Please contact us for more info or to set up a meet and greet. Contact: or (707) 710-0728.
June 13, 2024

Two Lionhead Rabbit Sisters

These two 4 year-old lionhead rabbit sisters Fluffy & Sunshine have always been together and hopefully still will. They are less than 4 lbs each, spayed, microchipped, and in good health. They are mellow and well-loved, but their owners are moving out of the country and it would be too stressful for them to come along. Thank you for considering giving us a new home! Contact: or (415) 596-4645.
June 11, 2024

Handsome brothers are looking for a new home together.

Meet George and Midnight! These two handsome 6-year old brothers are looking for a new home together. Their previous owners became very ill and can no longer take care of them. They are in a temporary home for now, but would love to find their new forever home. George is the social one out of the duo. He LOVES pets and will headbutt everyone for more. Midnight is a shy guy at first, but really lets his affection shine once he’s comfortable. The boys love to play and sleep in their cat tree. They also love to play in their cat tunnel, love toys with feathers on them, and enjoy supervised sunbathing outside. They are fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, parasite free, and litterbox trained. They also lived in a house with other cats and an older small/medium sized dog. Please reach out to ask questions or express interest in having George and Midnight join your family.  Contact: or (925) 464-0056.
June 10, 2024

Moose – Adorable 1-year-old Pitsky with the Bluest Eyes

We fostered Moose and have spent 3 months training him with help from Alpha Dog in Mill Valley. He is very social, and great with other dogs, kids, and adults. Would be perfect for a young family or an active individual. Moose is high energy, tons of fun, and not looking for the quiet life 🙂 His shots are current, he’s neutered and house-trained. We want to make sure his forever home is a great fit. As foster parents, we can be flexible and patient and will do all we can to support a transition.  Contact: or (415) 272-9792.
June 9, 2024

Looking for the perfect fit for Babs

Meet Babs! Babs is a loving 3-year-old (appx.) spayed cattle dog mix who brings lots of energy to the home. She loves to play, and sometimes forgets she’s not a lapdog in an attempt to give you a hug. Babs is the most lovable family dog, and when friends arrive at the house, Babs puts on her guard dog hat to protect the people she loves. Babs came to us from a family where she wasn’t consistently socialized, so she’s been doggie training for the past 4 months. She’s come a long way, but will continue to need schooling to improve even more. For Babs’ perfect home, we are happy to pay for some continued training lessons (we already have a wonderful trainer working with Babs) to continue her socialization. Babs has made huge strides, and with even more training, Babs will loosen up more to strangers. A perfect home will be a more quiet home without lots of people coming and going, so Babs can gain better social skills at a healthy pace. Babs also needs a home with a big yard for her to run around in, while she keeps improving her skills for going on walks. Although we love Babs so much, we lack the time for doggie training and the space at home for Babs to run. We are looking for the perfect fit for Babs, which is a low traffic, patient & dedicated home, with enough time for doggie lessons and space for Babs to run and play. Babs is a special girl and if you think you are the perfect fit for her, please reach out.  Contact: or (707) 329-5078.
June 9, 2024

Honey needs a forever home

Location: Sebastopol, CA. Name: Honey. Age: 9 months. Gender: Female. Vaccinated: Yes. Fixed: No. Rescue, no rehoming fee. Please help us find a new, loving home for Honey. She is 9 months old, about 40 lbs, not spayed and we got her vaccinated. . She is super sweet with people and loves to cuddle. We are currently fostering her and sadly can’t keep her. She is super sweet, great on walks and while meeting dogs. She is full of puppy energy and great in the car. We’re trying to find a good home for her where she will get the attention and love that she deserves.  Contact: or (707) 485-2066.
June 8, 2024

Rehoming Our Amazing Bo Jangles

Hello, we are a senior couple and my husband just received a new diagnostic of rhumatoïde problems. That is the reason to rehoming our amazing Bo Jangles, cattle dog, 3 years old who’s neutered and has all his vaccines! Good with our old dog Miss, 11 years old and with our 9 years old cat. He’s pretty happy for the long distance car’s ride and he loves playing with a tennis 🎾 ball! He sleeps in his crate every night and he is very obedient… He needs a nice person with time and backyard if it’s possible! Thanks for your understanding.   Contact: or (707) 339-3331.
June 8, 2024

Bear male neuatered pittbull mastiff

Hi my name is Bear, I was rescued off of the Martinez County Shelter’s euthanasia list. I’m looking for a home with lots of space if someone with a remote job working from home. I’m very sweet and loving with cats, dogs and okay round kids. I would love to be adopted by a family that has experience with large dogs and has time to train me on some basic skills. Contact: or (707) 720-9098.
June 8, 2024

Sweet boxer mix puppy looking for a safe home

Beau is a very sweet and mellow puppy, who plays well with other dogs and co-exists easily with cats. He’s been gentle with the children he’s met so far, but doesn’t currently live with any. My older dog is not tolerant of his presence despite multiple months of training; Beau doesn’t antagonize her at all, and deserves a home where he can rest peacefully. He loves cuddles and is very smart. Contact: or (937) 238-3815.
June 8, 2024

Hank- loving dog but needs more behavior training

Hank is a 3 year old 100 pound pure Bred black lab. At home he can be lazy, and loving and goofy- or he can have lots of energy and needs you to throw the ball for awhile. The problem we have with Hank is that we live in an area where people are constantly walking by with dogs and Hank is very protective of our house and us. He needs to be in a more quiet house with a tall fence. He can be aggressive with other dogs on off leash but he can also be totally fine and play well-unpredictable. He goes out with a dog walker 5 days a week and gets plenty of exercise but its become a challenge for us to handle him especially with 2 kids and another lab at home. we think he might need a home where he is the only dog- he gets along fine with our other dog but he is definitely the alpha. He loves to swim and chase balls. He needs an experienced dog owner and someone who is patient and has time to work with him. We have gotten him extensive training but he needs more attention. Contact:
June 4, 2024

Rehoming a Loving and Lively Kidney Cat!

Meet Xiang Xiang (pronounced shong-shong), my 3 y/o indoor cat! She was surrendered to the shelter when she was 1 for litter box problems and diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease shortly after I adopted her. Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to take care of her due to a new job with long hours, medical/food expenses, and ongoing litter box issues, but she’s full of life and love. Xiang Xiang deserves a loving home that is better equipped to handle her diagnosis and behavior. Contact (415)307-5401 or the listed email for more information. Get to know this purr monster! LIKES • being brushed • catnip and cat grass • head scratches • being cradled like a baby • butt pats DISLIKES • sudden movements • belly rubs (sometimes) • cat carrier PROS • lap cat • athletic and playful • certified biscuit maker • responds to her name • not too vocal • rolls over for attention • lets you trim her claws CONS • urinates on blankets/clothing left on the floor • kidney disease • chews on plastic bags • sits on your chest to make biscuits on your belly
June 4, 2024

Adorable Pitbull/Shar pei mix – Crate Trained

Hello there! I’m sadly in the position of needing to find a new loving home for my two amazing Pitbull/Shar Pei mix dogs. They are 3-year-old litter mates, one brindle, the other tan, and both adorable! Adoption can be done separately to a good home. Here’s a bit about them: -They are crate trained, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor living situations. -These pups are well-versed in basic commands, which include sit, stay, and come. -They love going to the dog park to run around. -Energetic but love to cuddle. These dogs are not just pets; they’re family members, and it’s essential to me to find them a caring and responsible owner. Unfortunately, due to upcoming travel plans and a change in my living situation, I won’t be able to keep them. If you have room in your heart and home for these sweet companions, please reach out. Serious inquiries only. Thank you for considering giving these loving dogs a forever home. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  Contact: or
June 4, 2024

Two great Pals need a home! Great cats!

With great sadness, I have to rehome my beloved kitties. Appa and Adapts. Appa is a three year old Ragdoll. He has Blue eyes and fluffy fur. He loves the outdoors and sitting perched on the balcony trying to catch birds (he has on two occasions) given the opportunity he would thrive in a house where he is given outdoor access, or he is happy just looking out a window too. He loves to cuddle! And loves a good petting. He purs so loud and is a true lover. He loves whoever is his human but tends to hide if guest come over Adapts, a 4 year old a tabby is the friendliest. He has brown fur with black lines. Beautiful boy. He would love to lay on your lap while you watch tv, or try to get you to pet him while he naps. He loves to talk to you. He also likes to show off his fetching skills, yes he is a cat that fetches. He loves springs to fetch, They both grew up with a dog in the house. Constantly being handled by people and kids. They both have never been aggressive. Instead they will cuddle and give you kisses. They Can be rehomed together or separately. They include all their toys, whatever food they are eating at the moment, their cat trees. Below are some pictures of the two fur babies you could add to your family. Of course no cost. Contact: or (707) 919-2432.
June 4, 2024

Sweet Sage Girl Needs A Patient Loving Home

Sage is an anxious but super sweet girly girl. Sage has been my favorite girl dog I have ever owned. She was a rescue and has some extreme anxiety at times, little things can set her off but when she is comfortable she is loving, sweet, and damn cute! She is chatty and wants a calm home who will give her love and understanding. She loves to give kisses and eat cheese. She LOVES the dog park. Sage turns into a whole different dog at the park. She makes doggie friends easily. Ideally, she needs professional training with a behavior specialist. She would love a home with a dog who likes to play. She is about 2 years old, 30 lbs, up to date on vaccines, is microchipped and spayed. Sage is crate trained and loves her crate, it is her safe space always. She moved around a bit before we got her. We truly thought we would be her last stop forever home. If you are interested in her it’s super important to us that you can provide for her anxious needs and be her forever home. Email me at if you think you might be the right fit. I can give you some more info about her and her history. Thank you!!
June 4, 2024

Jack Boy Needs A Forever Home

Jack is a sweet, energetic, and loyal pup. He is an 8 month old white german shepherd Staffordshire mix. We met his mama and papa, they were well mannered and sweet. He definitely takes after them. We love him to death and are very sad to have to rehome him. He LOVES to play. He is a bit shy in new environments, with new people, and at the dog park but at home he is confident and has lots of personality. He needs an active home, with or without another dog. He behaves the best with daily nature/walk adventures. He has never been around kiddos and may be a little too rambunctious for them. With that being said, he is very smart and super trainable. He can sit, lay down, and is somewhat crate trained. We have practiced some off leash with him and he is a very good boy about it if you have treats. As he is still young, a bit wild and needs more training although we have laid some good groundwork. Jack is up to date on all vaccinations, is microchipped, and is intact. Our vet recommended that we wait until he was 12 months old to neuter him. It pains me to have to give him up, we want to find the perfect forever home for our loving boy. Please reach out if you think you may be the right fit. You can email me at
May 31, 2024

Sweet Healthy Indoor Kittie

Lucky is 9 years old and in great shape. He has only needed to see the vet for yearly check-ups/shots. He has been an indoor cat. Due to human health issues, his elderly guardian can no longer care for him. She adopted him from the Humane Society in 2015. He likes to cuddle, does not scratch furniture or go on counters. An adult guardian would be best but Lucky also enjoys the attention of teenagers. We will provide his litter box and cat carrier. Contact: or (707) 528-7954.
May 31, 2024

Need to rehome Luna, Shepherd/Mastiff mix

We need to find a new home for Luna since her owner can no longer care for her. Is 125 pound shepherd mastiff mix. She has been spayed and is up-to-date on her vaccinations. She loves to go on walks and likes to take long naps. House trained. She’s a big dog with a lot of love. She would be best as the only dog or a home without another female dog. She walks pretty well on leash, But occasionally pulls if something scares her. Contact: or (707) 477-0631.
May 31, 2024

Tawny & Sookie – Sweet, Funny Sisters!

I’m seeking a happy forever home for two cats! They are sisters, 8 years old, indoor cats, good sharing a litterbox, good about scratching just on their scratching post, and are very friendly, funny girls. They were my dad’s cats and I took them in temporarily after he passed away, and had them for ~2 months. Our existing cat isn’t good with other cats, so it wasn’t a good permanent fit. Our first try at permanent re-homing did not work out due to the family having dogs – despite a hopeful start, the cats did not get comfortable living in the same house with the dogs. They will do best as the only animals in the house. They both love pets, cheek scratches, being brushed, and are STOKED to play with the laser pointer. While they were with us they liked to hang out on our bed, lounge and roll around on the floor, sit on the windowsill and look out, and take naps in soft spots in the closet. Tawny loves to be picked up and held. Sookie will let you pick her up for a moment but doesn’t prefer it. Either one would come lay on my chest and get pets, Sookie also especially liked to come and curl up next to me. They both liked sleeping on or near our legs and feet. During their time with us they were not super into sitting on laps, despite how much they enjoy snuggling in other ways. They were with us about two months, and were still continuing to grow more and more comfortable with time and trust built – I think their forever family has a lot to look forward to with them! They have been great meeting new people, and they readily approach for hand sniffs and pets. In general Sookie is more fearful of new or unknown things while Tawny is brave, eager to explore and less likely to back down. I am truly delighted by them and would 100% keep them if it weren’t for our existing cat! I am not looking for an adoption fee but am looking to make sure they find the right home, so I’ll definitely want to talk to you about them, about your past pet experiences, and your living situation currently! I’ll be happy to answer any questions and figure out together if it’s a good fit! Contact:
May 28, 2024

Bonded Pair in need of rehoming due to medical restrictive relocation

Calliope and Cleo are a bonded pair. They were adopted from the Las Vegas ASPCA in 2017. Calliope is a short hair tuxedo cat. She is blind in one eye and has mild asthma, but nothing that requires any kind of special care. They are good girls. I would take them with me when I move, but I am moving with a medically fragile family member to take care of her at the end of her life and she can not have pets due to the dander and hair. They would come with everything, including their cat tree, carrier, water dishes and litter boxes and any extra food or litter that I have at the time they are adopted. I just want them to go to a really good home and be able to stay together. I do love them, but circumstances are requiring this move and I just want to make sure they are loved. Contact: or (928) 377-9999.
May 28, 2024

Loki needs a forever home

Loki is a very smart, very handsome boy. When he was first surrendered to us in January, he was very fearful of everything — if he tried to walk more than a few yards on a walk, he would get so scared he would completely freeze and not want to move. With lots of attention, love, and work, he has evolved into a different dog. He loves to go on hikes and chase balls, and he’s learned to sit, lie down, spin and more — as long as there are treats being offered! He learns new skills quickly, but is also very smart and sometimes thinks hard about whether a skill is worth doing for the treat. When he feels secure, he loves to meet new people and dogs, but is still learning to respect other dogs’ boundaries. When visitors come to the house, he’s very excited to make friends with them! But he knows not to jump (usually). We think he would do well in a house with another, slightly older dog who has more confidence and can show him the ropes. He is also still a bit anxious and alert, so a more relaxed house might be a good fit — though he gets along well with kids!  Contact: or (510) 919-2221.
May 26, 2024

Meet Mango!

Meet Mango, an indoor 1 1/2 year old male orange tabby. One day I was scrolling online when I saw a local add for “Free Kittens”. Something inside of me told me to check it so I did and that’s how I met Mango, at just 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old. My boyfriend and I are his only owners and it is with such heavy hearts that we are at this point, but we can no longer care for Mango due to his behavioral issues towards my boyfriend or company. I’m going to be completely honest, he should not be in a home with very young/small children that are still navigating the world. He has some aggressive tendencies when he is around unknown people or in a foreign place but all in all he is a sweet, loving cat. Because of this, I am thinking Mango would do best in a single person household or a household with prior experience with cats. He absolutely loves to snuggle up on me and lay on me a lot of the time (when he’s not birdwatching or napping). Like I mentioned before, he’s only ever known my boyfriend and I, no other animals, so I’m not sure how he would react in a household with other pets such as dogs, but he just needs time, patience, and reassurance and he will be okay. I personally think he would do best in another household with another cat companion to play with since he is super active, but as long as he’s played with on a daily basis he will adapt. He is completely litter trained with no accidents and is neutered along with all his shots and is microchipped. Mango is an amazing companion and cuddle buddy who just needs some redirection with a string toy or laser. When he gets “feisty”, he’s just trying to tell you he’s in the mood to play, I mean it is his favorite thing to do! If you think Mango would be the perfect addition to your family, please give me a text or call at (707)-623-2526 or email at I will be more than happy to bring Mango to meet you and your family/ fur babies to see if this is a good match. All I want is for him to go to a loving home.
May 26, 2024

New Home For Our Loving Boxer Mix Jax

We rescued Jax 4 years ago, and he’s become a beloved member of our family that we are heartbroken to have to re-home due to a job change. Jax is a nearly 7 year old boxer mix… a 70 pound dog who would love to sit in your lap and give lots of sloppy kisses if you let him! Jax is a sweetheart, whether curled at your feet in the family room, playing keep-away with the kids, running with his doggie friends around the backyard, or performing his trademark “jumping jax” in excitement whenever you say, “Do you want to go for a walk?!” Jax’s main challenge is separation anxiety: He spent over a year in the shelter system after being abandoned by his previous family, and still suffers from anxiety if left alone at home– he runs around like crazy and will misbehave. We’ve worked with him to gradually build up to being at home for an hour (or longer when with another dog), but haven’t been super consistent with his training in this area. As long as another person or dog is in the house he is completely fine, even if across the house. With someone at home, Jax is VERY well behaved: He stays off furniture, knows to stay downstairs, asks to go outside when he needs to potty, goes potty where he is supposed to, and is very good at his basic commands. He’s great with toddlers and babies (he’s untested with cats). We love going on walks with Jax. He does pull towards other dogs when on leash and is anxious until he gets a chance to meet them. He is sometimes a little over-eager at first when meeting new dogs, but isn’t aggressive, and gets along just fine with all types of other dogs off leash. He has an off-leash playdate with a large group of dogs several times a week, enjoys our local dog park, and regularly boards in a crate-free facility with dogs of all sizes. Off-leash, Jax is only OK at recall, and is known to rush off to meet a new dog (or to run off chasing wildlife when we go hiking with him in the mountains… he once treed a bear!). Other things you should know about Jax: He’s used to two meals and one decent walk a day (or an active play session). He eats in his crate, but gets nervous when locked in his crate. He generally doesn’t bark, but he will at home when he hears the doorbell, strangers at the door, or other dogs near the house. His behavior is inconsistent with dogs who aren’t neutered or are aggressive towards him. His tummy is a little sensitive, so we have him eating high fiber kibble, which has been amazing for his poops. The shelter said Jax was a Boxer / American Bulldog mix, but we suspect there’s some pittie in there as well. Jax had a mast cell tumor and a few other benign tumors removed two years ago, but he’s been healthy since. The perfect home for Jax will have a large enclosed yard, one or more doggie companions, and loving humans or dogs around him all the time! Unfortunately with new jobs after the pandemic that involve lots of travel and commuting, this just doesn’t describe our home anymore. Please reach out if you have any questions about our beloved Jax! Contact: or (650) 539-4319.
May 24, 2024

Bueller is the purr-fect pet for you!

Bueller is a four-year-old rescue from Dubai (United Arab Emirates). He was a tiny kitten living on the street and I took him in “temporarily”, and now here we are… – Neutered. – Up-to-date on vaccinations. – Outgoing and lovable with humans but prefers to be an only cat. – Has never met a dog. – Special dietary needs. Bueller is allergic to many common cat-food ingredients so he needs to eat a special diet. His food is available on Amazon or Chewy’s. I have tried a lot of different foods and treats and found that he’s very sensitive, so he really needs to stay on one particular diet. I love Bueller and would never consider giving him up, but now I am moving to Africa and I am worried that I won’t be able to get him the correct food (I have been researching). Also, Bueller has a heart murmur (NOT heart disease!) and he gets extremely nervous when traveling even a short distance (e.g. to the vet), so I don’t think it’s in his best interest to take him to Africa. It breaks my heart to part with this cuddly, adoring, beautiful boy but it’s the best thing for him to find a new loving home here in the bay area. Contact: or (415) 214-1692.
May 24, 2024

Precious “Tux”..seeking peaceful home with an inside window/garden view

Hello, I am one of the caregivers for a dear family friend. She has a male cat by the name of Tux. Tux is approximately 14/15 years of age and neutered. He is an INSIDE cat, super docile and SUCH a love! He is in good health, last examined by his Vet, 4/30/24. His current owner is elderly, and having to relocate. Reluctantly, she needs to surrender Tux, after having him in her life for almost a decade. Both this dear woman and her now recently deceased love of her life, and husband of 55 years, worked closely with Tux, taking exceptional care of him, properly retraining and maintaining him with tender loving care. Sadly, the previous owner had him declawed, and for quite some time Tux was in quite a bit of pain. Tux appreciates his quiet time, and a good relaxed daily brushing with his special brush. He enjoys his days resting on a peaceful sunny windowsill, preferably with a garden view, and/or on his little platform, next to his loving human family. At night, Tux enjoys sleeping in his own little space. He really enjoys sitting in his owners lap, too. There is, however, one essential need that Tux does have. Due to his declawing, he has since had to utilize shredded newspapers, as opposed to cat litter, inside of his potty box, we also line his box with the white plastic CAT bag (liners)..which we currently have at least two or three more unopened boxes. But who’s to say, because Cats “are” EXTREMELY intelligent creatures, and since it has been a LONG time now; his being declawed, PERHAPS he can slowly re-acclimate to litter, again? PLEASE help, if you truly can and/or desire to do so. OR, if you know someone, whom you trust implicitly, that will have and enjoy spending time with this precious kind-hearted mellow soul, someone with a tranquil home environment, with the means, and the willingness to care for him, in the manner that he has humbly become accustomed to. Lastly, if this someone happens to reside in Santa Rosa, CA., or in the general vicinity, who would (perhaps) be open and receptive to allow friends of Tux’s current human family, to possibly include his human mama as well as me, to occasionally come by to also visit with Tux, and his new owner, (??)..that would even be a greater pleasure, and one of deep appreciation. (Of course and always announced, and brief pre-planned visits) Tux, truly is SUCH a love with a relaxed, low-key personality. He just needs to continue to have a loving, calm owner while residing in a peaceful environment. We love our precious baby boy and we leave this search for a caring owner, in prayer for him in God’s care and keeping. Most Sincerely, Karen Ann
May 23, 2024

Sweet as a Southern breeze, Fred is Searching for a Gentle, Calm Forever Home.

Louisiana grown, Fred is as sweet and gentle as a Southern breeze. Our family adopted him from a rescue in New Orleans just about 4 years ago. He had spent most of his life in shelters and foster homes, and we immediately fell in love with his loving disposition. My family and I have had to make the extremely hard decision to rehome him, but we feel it is best for our Fred. We’ve been hit pretty hard since moving back to California. We no longer have the financial resources to care for him, nor can we give him the time and attention he needs to thrive in life trying to make ends meet. He is a 6 year old (7/7/18) Plott Hound/Boxer Mix, and weighs a little over 60 lbs. He is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm & flea medication. He is potty trained, crate trained (prefers to be in his crate as a safe space), knows the commands “sit” & “down”, walks pretty well on a leash and is very food motivated with training (very smart, responsive and picks things up easily). He has been amazing with our daughter (we have a 10 year old), though he prefers a more relaxed environment as he gets nervous with crazy kid antics and loudness. We have a cat as well that he gets along fine with, but our cat has been getting progressively more aggressive towards him, which is another factor in rehoming. He does get nervous, excited and can be a little vocal when meeting another dog but tends to mellow after proper introductions have been made, and falls inline with the pack pretty readily. He has lived with other dogs for most of his life so we feel adding him to a dog family would be good for him (currently the only dog in house). His general temperament is very sweet and easy going, preferring to laze in the sun on the deck, though he does enjoy the occasional crazy run around the yard when he’s happy, and of course loves walkies in the forest. He does get nervous easily and can be reserved when meeting new people or animals and in new places; we believe this is from possible previous abuse/neglect, living most of his life in foster/shelter care, and maybe not getting important life experiences/socialization when he was younger. He doesn’t react all that much to loud environmental noises such as fireworks, thunder, etc. and even slept through a very large hurricane that passed directly over our house. We feel he would do well in a more relaxed and calming home environment, maybe older kids, with lots of gentle love, car rides, a big yard to run and explore in, and walkies out in nature. Please contact me at for more information or for questions. We would like to physically see where he will be, and meet any other pets that are in the household. We will also supply all his things (bowls, food, crate, etc.) and are not looking for any sort of monetary compensation for rehoming. Thank you!
May 23, 2024

Friendly Feline Brothers Ivan & Whiskers Looking For New Happy Home

We are looking for a new happy home for our feline companions Ivan & Whiskers. We have had these now 6-year-old bonded brothers since their births and they are super sweet and lovie. They are both neutered and are INDOOR ONLY cats. They prefer a quite environment, are mellow and sleep a lot, but love to play too. Seeking a new home for them is a very hard decision to make but we need to put their happiness over ours and find them a home where people are present more often than we are. However, we are seeking the ‘Right-Fit’ home for our fur babies, so we will not just give them to anyone or separate them. If you are interested in hearing more about Ivan & Whiskers, please send an email with any questions. Contact:
May 23, 2024

Zack needs home

I have decided to move to a Senior Complex, which I feel Zack would be very unhappy. He loves to run in our backyard. Zack is 7 years old and very smart. He understand most commands. Walking is one of his favorite things. Most toys is has from the beginning. He loves to eat, and will tell you when it’s time to go out. If you have a interest please call. Contact: or (707) 326-0397.
May 19, 2024

Rehoming Journey

seeking a new home for journey, the sweetest boy. he’s a 2.5-yr-old aussie shep/collie mix. journey has so much love and playful energy to give. he’s very sensitive, a great listener w amazing recall, protective, affectionate, wanting to give+receive human touch. he’s a goof. he’s incredibly athletic, has been backpacking once, hiking/running/swimming a thousand times. he’s an alert and very capable companion for somebody who likes to hike or be in wild spaces. he grew up with children. he’s lived his life on a farm, around all kinds of animals and poop. my friend adopted him as a puppy, and he’s lived a good chunk of his life as a shared responsibility between friends living on the same land. i took him on full-time about a year and a half ago, after my friend couldn’t care for him any longer due to challenging circumstances outside of her control. it’s been a wild ride full of learning and loving and licking, and a bit of a struggle, because i don’t have the time and energy for a full-time dog. it’s time to find him a new home/human(s). we’re not in a rush to rehome…as long as it takes to find the perfect fit. journey received his puppy vaccinations and was microchipped. he has not yet been neutered, because for his health–specifically for his breed–we wanted to wait until year 3. he can sometimes act aggressively as an un-neutered male dog will, be he is not violent. he loves to wrestle and play and my dream for him is a home with a brother- or sister-dog. thank you for reading!!!  Contact: or (650) 245-1105.
May 19, 2024

Kobe – 4 year old cat in need of a new home

Kobe is a really mild-mannered cat, loves to cuddle and roam around the house. He particularly enjoys sitting on window-sills to watch the squirrels/birds in the yard. We adopted him almost 3 years ago from a family that was moving back to Japan, and wanted to bring him, but a last minute issue with one of his vaccinations prevented them from taking him. Kobe is an indoor cat and is house trained. He generally uses his cat tower for scratching, and eats/drinks from designated bowls. We have cat grass that he enjoys eating from. Contact: or (408) 203-6114.
May 19, 2024

Bonded cat and dog need new home!!

Help! Bonded pair needs safe, loving home fast! Lost their home and we’re trying to keep them from the shelter!! 5-yr old male neutered chihuahua/terrier is Joey. He’s amazing with people and other animals! Professionally trained, loving and loyal!! 3-yr old male neutered domestic cat, loves to cuddle and play with his brother Joey! Both are current with vaccinations and are amazing pets! Please share and contact us immediately if you’re interested in adopting and/or fostering them both or one of them!! Contact:
May 17, 2024

Small Dog – sweet and super fun and impossible not to fall in love with!

She is affectionate, loves to snuggle, is great with other dogs, loves to play with toys, with dogs and people, as well as on her own. She walks around the house playing with her toys and is very cute. She is very smart and always attentive to what everyone else is doing. She does not like being left alone at the beginning but gets use it. She would prefer a humane that is around. She goes potty in our backyard and she has in/out access all day. She is food-motivated. She is adorable, sweet and super fun and impossible not to fall in love with! She was found very late one night during a storm, that is why we called her Noche 🙂 Name: Noche. Age: 8 months (estimated). Gender: Female. Up to date on vaccines: Yes. Breed: Chihuahua. Spayed: Yes. Dog friendly: Yes. Cat friendly: Yes, but she occasionally will bark at them. Kid friendly: Yes. Reaction to new people: very good. Crate trained: Not yet but she is very easy generally. Leash trained: Yes. Contact: or (401) 835-6293.
May 17, 2024

Brie – 11 Years Old & Spayed – seeking a loving calm household

Due to our family moving long distance, all to different places, we will not be able to take care of this sweet old cat anymore, and would like to find a calm caring household for Brie (Spayed). She is sensitive to being in cars, let alone moving across the country. Brie is an 11 year old domestic short hair and she is very food motivated. She is litter box trained and indoors only (though she definitely is curious about the outdoors). Brie is such an easy going cat whose affection is easily won over. She is always purring if people are around. She is fine around other cats & dogs but isn’t very active/playful and prefers just laying around most of the time. She does however enjoy playing with a string on a rope, but not in a very energetic way, if that paints a good picture for her demeanor. She doesn’t like being held but will walk up to you and ask for pets and butt pats. This cat LOVES attention, so she’s a great companion cat. She sheds A LOT. Be careful about leaving plants out or stringy objects, SHE WILL EAT THEM. She likes eating/chewing on anything she can easily get her mouth on. Although Brie has lived around kids, dogs, and other cats, a calm transition would be most suitable for Brie. Thank You For Your Consideration contact me at
May 15, 2024

Cat needs rehoming

Owner poor health. Cat is 2 years, fixed male, more peachy than orange, soft fur, healthy, no vet info, eyes same color as fur, nice markings. Was shy at first hiding in kitchen cupboard. Now sleeping close likes pets. Could be with another cat or older dog. He had a golden retriever friend that died.  So may be good with old dog and another cat to play with.  Family gave cat to me. Have had 3 months. Not named.Just call it cat. My health decreasing. He needs a forever home for his next 20 years? Please be his. Contact: or (707) 672-2382.
May 15, 2024

Farley and Baby seeking loving home together (2 Cats)

Farley and Baby lost their mom earlier this week and are in great need of folks who will take then in and love them forever. These dear kitties were loved to pieces by their mom and have been together since Farley, as a kitten, joined the family less than 4 years ago. These kitties are great friends and have just lost the woman who adored them and showered them with love. We are in great hopes of finding them a home together as separation after such a loss would be very hard on them. Both Farley (neutered male) and Baby (spayed female) are indoor only kitties, litter box trained and very tidy. They are current on their vaccines and in good health aside for Farley getting crystals in his urine so he does require a special diet. Farley is the short haired orange tabby pictured below. He has an adorable kinky short tail and all the charm those orange tabbies are best known for. He is loving and social and loves his BF, Baby. Farley is a snuggle bun and that he spent his nights asleep in his mom’s arms. He’s described as being most inquisitive and just the sweetest kitty one could hope to meet. Baby is 10 years old. She’s the short haired gray tabby, pictured below, with that beautiful round face and big, soulful eyes. Baby is very shy when she first meets folks but warms up with time. Baby adores her BF, Farley and they spend much time playing together. They have not spent much time with young children and have not lived with dogs. They have lived with other kitties but it is believed they would be best for them if they were the only cats (in terms of easing this transition for them). Thank you for your consideration. For more information please contact: Louisa (707) 357-3664 (cell)
May 10, 2024


Denali was rescued from Southern California. His owner was in danger of having the dogs destroyed, so I answered the plea to save him. Denali has had no previous training outside of being crate-trained in the car. He is unaltered currently, but he has an appointment to be neutered within the next month. He is about 16 months old (a Scorpio dog) and mixed with Malamute. He is a social dog and would be best with a pack. We are currently working on crate training, touch, potty training, and come. He is hand-shy, but as soon as you can grab his collar, he kisses and appreciates a hug. He hates baths but loves water. He doesn’t mind being brushed, and boy, does he need it! He seems to do well with cats but has yet to be around them outside the crate. He shows that he wants to play when he sees the cats walking around. The right owner for Denali is patient and kind. He needs a yard with a tall fence and, hopefully, neighbors who understand howling. Contact:
May 10, 2024

Rehoming our Husky

Our 3 year old husky is a neuterd male. He is a very loving and kind dog but due to our housing situation and our new child we are unable to continue to care for him. We do not have the space or time as two working adults with a 2 month old to properly care for him. Please help us give our pup the kind of home he deserves. Contact: or (510) 330-9031.
May 7, 2024

DNA needs a new home

We’ve been fostering DNA for about 9 years and are no longer able to offer her a home. DNA is outgoing, sometimes very affectionate, vocal and has quite the personality. She is also very food aggressive and does not seem happy around other pets. I would not recommend a home with young children. DNA (Deena) uses her litter box 100% of the time and enjoys spending time outside. Litterbox, litter, pee pads, food and water bowls, wet food, dry food, extra tall cactus cat tree, cat toys, etc all included. DNA has been to the vet in the last year and is in good health. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to come meet DNA. Thank you! Contact: or (707) 239-9012.
May 7, 2024

Loving, Mellow Cat Looking for His New Home

Gunner is a very sweet, laid back guy, who loves to lay in the sun, hang out on the couch with you, or cuddle up for a nap. He is about 10-12 years old, in great health, fixed, up to date on all his vaccines, and has been an indoor-only cat. He has lived happily with other cats in the past, as well as our two big dogs, and we know he would make a great companion for any family looking to add another furry friend! We have a cat box, beds, brushes, and toys to share with his new family as well. Contact: or (707) 292-8988.