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November 25, 2022

Kindful Kiara

Kiara is a very sweet, affectionate, and well behaved fostered 2-year old Entlebucher mix looking for her forever home. She gets along great with other dogs, people and children, and she does great on the leash and in car rides. She is very smart and has a mellow temperament, which makes her a great candidate for any type of training. Kiara has been spayed, she is current on her vaccinations, and she does not have any health issues. She would be a great addition to any family. She is a medium-sized dog and weighs about 40 lbs.   Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
November 23, 2022

Rockin Rodolfo

This is Rodolfo – a 3 year old male Bull Terrier who was rescued about 9 months ago and has been fostered ever since. He is extremely energetic, playful, athletic, and affectionate. He is a runner, a jumper and a hugger. He is full of personality, spunk and character, and he is most happy when running out in the open and playing with other dogs. That being said, Rodolfo’s ideal forever home would be a place where he would have plenty of space to run around and have daily playtime with other dogs. He gets along great with all dogs and people, and he is great in car rides and on the leash. He is a medium size dog (about 40 lbs), all of his vaccines are up to date, he has been neutered. and he does not have any health issues. Rodolfo would be a great addition to any family with an active lifestyle and preferably a family that has another dog for Rodolfo to play with. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
November 23, 2022

Beautiful cuddly cat looking for loving home

I am going to be traveling, and sadly need to find a loving home for my super sweet and affectionate cat, Yoko. She is a long-hair black & white cat around 7 years old and in great health. She is fully house trained, and loves to be outside. Her favorite toy is a peacock feather, she has a magnificent purr and the softest fur. She would probably do best in a one-pet household that has yard space. Contact:
November 23, 2022

Neutered 1 year old Male Pit Bull Mix

Atticus is an affectionate pooch and wants nothing more than to please his human. He is filled with personality and lots of love! Atticus is, however, the type of dog that would do better in a home where he is the only pet. It breaks my heart that it has come to this, but I know that he can thrive if he’s in the right setting! He is generally a good boy but there are improvements that could be made. (Training) he needs someone who will love him unconditionally and who has the time and energy to work with him consistently. Rehoming fee negotiable. Contact: or (707) 867-2167.
November 22, 2022


Very sweet and loving family dog she is a pit bull 5 years old. We moved because of employment and unfortunately down sized our home and started working more hours and find that she needs someone that has the time she deserves. We have two kids that she loves and cuddles every chance she gets. She has never been around any other animals and when she has has had her hair go up so we think it’s best she go to a family that can keep one animal. We’d love for her to go a loving home because she deserves nothing but love and we’ve come to terms that we cannot provide her with the attention being away from home as much as we are. Contact: or (707) 490-7631.
November 22, 2022

Loving Dog in Need of Loving Home

Littles is my beloved late grandmother’s dog who was left behind during her recent passing a few months ago. He is 10 years old and was with her until the very end, but he is now left without a home. He is staying at my grandmothers house currently with a guardian, but they must vacate the premises within the month. Littles is a loving dog who will stick to your side, but he can also be very overprotective of those who he loves. He is nervous meeting new people but once trust has been established, he will love you with all he has! He is potty trained and neutered and does great with other dogs. I am not sure of any recent vaccines but I have taken him for his shots many years ago, I am just not sure if my grandmother was up to date. Contact: or (209) 570-7417.
November 22, 2022

Young Weiner mix boy

Very loving, playful and smart 10 month old Weiner mix. Best in home with large playful dog as he really enjoys playing rough with large dogs. Very good with all dogs, cats, kids. A little shy at first, but opens up to be an adorable goofball. His previous owner (that surrendered him) didn’t properly train him, so it is a work in progress- but he is very smart. Contact: or (909) 213-4885.
November 22, 2022

Lovely and Auggie

Six month old Lovely and her brother Auggie had a rough start in life, having been abandoned and trying to survive. Lovely was not surviving when they were found. Their rescuer was amazed to find Auggie taking care of his sister, staying by her side, grooming her and helping her to food. With proper care and love, Lovely and Auggie are healthy, quiet, beautiful, and gentle kitties looking for a loving forever home. Because of their experience together, they are very bonded..sleeping in each other’s arms and together always. These siblings are looking to be adopted together. They are sweet and quiet kitties who love to play together and keep each other company, but very much seek love and snuggling from their person. Lovely’s personality is fun and wiggly💕 and purrs at first touch. Auggie is more careful as the “caretaker”. , but when he gets to know you, he is the most loving little guy who loves to have his face and tummy rubbed.❤️ Both kitties are spay/neutered, fully vaccinated, leukemia tested negative and chipped. They are looking for a safe, loving, Inside only home. Please call/text 209-581-4456.
November 19, 2022

Fred the Chihuahua Mix

Fred (black dog) is a 1.5 year old Chihuahua mix looking for a forever home. He is very sweet and playful and fun to have around. He is about 25 lbs, has medium length soft black hair, and is very sweet and shy. He gets along with dogs of all sizes, and is great with people. He is also great in the car and is crate-trained. Fred has been neutered and all of his vaccinations are up to date. He deserves to be in a loving forever home and would be a great addition to any family. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
November 19, 2022

Ricky the Chihuahua mix

Ricky (brown dog) is a 1.5 year old Chihuahua mix looking for a forever home. He is very sweet and playful and fun to have around. He is about 23 lbs, has very short brown hair and is also very sweet but and energetic. He gets along with dogs of all sizes, and is great with people. He is also great in the car and is crate-trained. Ricky has been neutered and all of his vaccinations are up to date. He deserves to be in a loving forever home and would be a great addition to any family. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
November 19, 2022


Romeo is a 4-month old American Staffordshire Terrier puppy looking for his forever home. He is very sweet and playful, has beautiful puppy eyes, and weighs about 15 lbs. His ideal forever home would be a place where he would get lots of love, attention, and training. He loves car rides and to be held. Romeo’s vaccinations are all up to date. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
November 19, 2022

Sweet Sunshine Juliet

Juliet is a 4-month old American Staffordshire Terrier puppy looking for her forever home. She is very sweet and playful, has beautiful hazel eyes, and weighs about 15 lbs. Her ideal forever home would be a place where she would get lots of love, attention, and training. She loves car rides and to be held. Juliet’s vaccinations are all up to date. Contact: or (415) 828-5737..
November 18, 2022

Two sweet kittens in need of forever homes

Hello, I have two 9 week old kittens that are in need of their forever homes. They are both potty trained and eat a kitten formula kibble. I believe both are female and are not spayed yet. There is no adoption fee, I would just like to find them a loving home, either individually or together if possible. Please reach out if interested or if you have any questions! Thank you! Contact: or (707) 628-2562.
November 18, 2022

Honey Cat

Honey is sweet, calm, and mature. She loves sitting on your lap to get petted and groomed. She loves (loves!) being petted. She’s been very adaptable having a senior owner then living with his caregivers after they passed. She did have a playmate cat for a while, but he also passed away. Honey has been very healthy over the years under our care. She’s been eating Nutri-source chicken and rice dry food these past few years, but she doesn’t seem too fussy. Cat sand is another matter. She does prefer Arm & Hammer. Honey is great for a senior looking for a lap cat companion. Contact:
November 18, 2022


Suzie is a boxer mix / black mouth cur. She is good with adults and older kids but not other pets. She wants all the love and attention for herself. She likes walks and happy to cuddle on couch at night while you read or watch TV. She goes to her crate at night to sleep without issue. We are happy to provide her new owner with her crate, dog beds, toys and bowls and any left over food and treats. You can enjoy suzie day 1 with no start up costs.  Contact: or (707) 780-2925.
November 18, 2022

Murphy – German shepherd/lab mix

Murphy is a German shepherd/lab mix. He is a very sweet good natured doggo that can be a bit anxious. He is incredibly smart and loves to snuggle up next to you on the couch. There is nothing in this world he loves more than playing fetch and can play for hours on end if you let him! He is 6 years old and neutered.  Contact:
November 18, 2022

Looking for a new home for Zoey

Zoey is just 6 years old. She is a sweet, calm, loving cat. We are heartbroken to consider, but we must find a new home for her for her own health. We have active little children that have in the past year given her too much stress and anxiety. She must be re-homed to calm environment (no kids if possible or at least older kids). She does well with other cats and dogs. She lives mainly inside but enjoys going outside for sometimes for sunshine and fresh air. If your interested or have any questions, please contact me at 707-344-2137 or
November 17, 2022

Spork the Dog Seeking Human to Love

Meet Spork. He’s a dog. But he’s so much more than a dog! Spork is a 3-year old, 40 lb heeler-kelpie-terrier-boxer, to be exact. But Spork defies labels. Spork is a lover, gives and seeks it in equally abundant measure whose big brown eyes will stare deep into your soul until you can hardly stand it. Spork is looking for a human with a heart big enough to give and receive that love in return. While human affection is indeed his raison d’etre, one important thing to know about Spork is that with each new human, it typically requires five or so minutes to transition from bark-inducing stranger-danger to please-don’t-stop-petting-me, which means Spork’s ideal home features a smaller cast of predictable familiarity as opposed to a revolving door of guests or party central. While Spork enjoys walks and the outdoors, you’ll most often find him inside. Spork loves sleeping in, snuggling, napping, and lying sprawled out in a sun beam. Spork does not like the rain, the cold or loud scary things. Is Spork a cat? If it weren’t for all that unconditional love, we might suspect so too. That said, he does get along with cats! On the other hand, Spork is not fond of dog strangers and will let you know. While he currently lives with and has always lived with another dog–and amicably so, in his future dream home, all canine competition for human affection is finally gone. We love Spork with all our hearts and have loved him since he was a puppy. He’s certainly got his quirks (so many quirks!) as well as some anxious moments, but we believe that in a home with fewer guests, less comings-and-goings, no other dogs competing for attention, and with someone who can match his appetite for affection, that Spork will find true happiness. And we sincerely believe that he’ll bestow true happiness upon the right human too. He is neutered and vaxxed and ready to rumble! Contact: or (415) 710-5692.
November 16, 2022

Sweet, Loving Mini Shepherd Wants her Forever Family

Luna is a petite shepherd mix, 6 years old, 50 lb, spayed. Very active, shy at first but warms up quickly and loves people. Needs to be the only pet and with calm/older kids 12 and older only. Extremely well trained, loves to swim, easy to train and takes no meds! Luna is the sweetest little 6 year old mini shepherd mix girl you’ve ever met! While shy and mellow at first, she warms up quickly and then doesn’t want to leave your side. Happy, sweet, loving and eager to please, Luna is your perfect companion for hikes, walks, runs, bike rides and adventures and then snuggling up on the couch for Netflix binges. She also knows sit, down, shake, beg, high five, place and is house trained, crate trained, and so easy in the car! She is also treadmill trained and we are happy to give you her treadmill as well, she’s used to walking on it up to an hour a day. Luna is incredibly athletic and has plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but what sets her apart is her ability to listen and have control so her energy is never a handful. She’s always up for playing tug, fetch or find it with a toy, but as soon as play time is over she respectfully sits by your side or will rest in her bed or crate. She never gets possessive or controlling with toys, food or play time. She is also experienced in scent training and lure training and agility! Luna is a bit shy and fearful which can make her a target for controlling or dominant dogs, which is why she needs to be the only dog in the home. We’d love to see Luna in a home with an adult couple or family with calm older/teenage kids who can help her continue to blossom and find her confidence! Luna is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, takes no medication, weighs around 50lb, eats dry food once a day and happily rests/sleeps in her crate at night or when we’re not home. Contact: or (702) 626-5023.
November 16, 2022

Spunky Border Collie Looking for Adventure

Baylea is a beautiful freckled 7 year old, 35 lb, spayed border collie. Very active, loves people and is very friendly with them. Needs to be the only pet and calm/older kids 12 and older only. Extremely well trained, obedient, easy to handle and takes no meds! Baylea is a spunky, wiggly, fun-loving girl! Not only is she sure to make you laugh with her goofy enthusiasm, but she is sure to impress you with her outstanding training skills! She easily knows sit, down, stay, place, shake, beg and high-five, plus she’ll knock out an agility course, play tug, fetch, or find-it with treats and toys no problem! She is also experienced with scent training and lure training. She is also treadmill trained and we are happy to give you her treadmill as well, she’s used to walking on it up to an hour a day. After play time is over she’s just as happy to relax next to you for movie night or rest in her crate. Because she has been a bossy girl, and she just wants her favorite humans all to herself, we recommend she be the only pet in the home. But she loves people and she’s definitely more than enough fun for any family looking for the perfect companion to join on walks, runs, hikes, bikes and other adventures, especially since she’ll walk right by your side on a leash – no crazy pulling or jumping! And no need to worry about her getting into things or having accidents – she’s 100% house and crate trained and is so eager to please. She’ll do best with an active adult family or one with calm older/teenage kids. She is spayed, up to date on shots, and takes no medication and is overall very healthy. She eats dry food once a day and happily sleeps/rests in her crate at night and during the day when we’re not home. Contact: or
November 16, 2022

1 year old Lab/Rot/Pit mix

This is Primo, our 16-month old Lab/Pit/Rot mix. He came to us as a puppy, and he has been given much love and attention. Primo is completely housebroken, and has been quick to learn tricks, such as sit, come, stay, speak, and spin around. We have made the difficult decision to re-home him because he has shown some aggression toward other dogs and small children. He has not bitten anyone, but our home and neighborhood is filled with kids and other dogs. He is a loyal companion who loves the beach, long naps in a sunny spot in the yard, and of course, playing fetch with his ball. Primo is neutered and up to date on all his shots, and very healthy.  Please help spread the word so we can find a happy, loving home for our much-loved dog. Thank you. ♥️ Contact: or (707) 774-4358.
November 14, 2022

Sweet cat needs a new home

Our sweet cat Miss Miao is 15 years old, well litter box trained and always kept in-house. She is friendly and good with kids. Please email me at if you have questions.
November 14, 2022

Loving home for Lola

Lola is a 12 year old sweet pit bull who loves people and kids. She enjoys walks around the neighborhood and playing keep away. Lola loves to cuddle and take naps in the sun. We adopted Lola at 3 months old from a shelter and have loved her as part of our family since then. She has been around young kids and is very patient. She loves giving kisses! Lola needs to be the only animal in the household as she does not get along with other dogs/cats. She is protective and territorial of her yard with other animals. Due to this she has had some run ins with our neighbors dog and we have agreed it would be best to find her a better home where she can get some one on one love and attention. I have two small children and she just isn’t getting the stimulation and exercise she used to. I hope someone can love her like we do and give her a great home to live out her senior years. Thanks for considering her. Contact:
November 14, 2022

Help Luna Lucy transition to outdoor rural living

This is our lovable Luna Lucy, also referred to as “our little moonlight.” We took her in at 3 weeks old and bottle fed her. She is now 3 yrs and 3 months old and only 6 pounds. She’s fixed and up to date on all of her vaccines. She’s an adorable “perma-kitten.” Everything had been going wonderfully with her until we got her fixed in August 2022. After that, she has attacked me twice. We think there is something in her little brain that needs her to be out in the wild so we are hoping to rehome her with someone that is willing to transition her to be an outdoor kitty in a rural area. She has been indoor only up to this point and we do not live in a safe area for her to be outdoors. It breaks our hearts to have to be looking for a new home for her, but there is something about me that triggers something in her after having gotten fixed. She is always a lovebug with me except for those 2 (out of the blue) occurrences. She loves suckling and kneading on fuzzy blankets, likes standing on my shoulders, and loves being pet while she rolls around on the ground. She has grown up with her sister and a Labrador retriever. Contact: or (707) 322-3544.
November 14, 2022


Meatloaf is said to be a community cat and has been hanging around my yard for months. I had him fixed, chipped and examined at Totem Vet on 11.04.22. I feel like this cat may have been abandoned or has several homes he begs from. He’s affectionate and polite. Loves food/treats. Wants to be a lapcat and loves chin and back pets. He stayed at a friend’s house the week he was fixed and he knows how to use a litter box and scratching post. With proper introductions with respectful pets, he is fine with others. He remains outdoors now as my indoor cat and he do not get along. I will provide some wet food, treats (with treat ball) and an outdoor kitty house. Meatloaf would do well in either outdoor or indoor environments. Contact: or (707) 299-0176.
November 14, 2022

Kona is looking for her Furever Home

Kona was taken in by my husband and I when she was given little odds to survival. We took her in, in hopes of being her permanent home but realized quickly she needs more than we can provide. Kona is a beautiful full breed husky who needs a big back yard to fun and play in. She is amazing with kids and loves to cuddle. Contact: or (707) 889-4030.
November 12, 2022

Rehoming Cosmo

Cosmo is 1year he is a well behaved cat his a indoor cat his up to date with all his shots and neuter Cosmo needs to be rehomed due to having to move to a new home after 2 years of looking for a home and my landlord does not accept any type of pets. Contact: or (707) 774-2185.
November 12, 2022

Miss Marlowe Looking for New Forever Home (no children)

Marlowe is a 2 year old mix (Wisdom Panel Results: 26% Bloodhound, 17% Lacy Dog, 15% Belgian Malinois, 13% Siberian Husky, 6% German Shepherd) looking for a new home. Marlowe is an energetic girl who enjoys walks, playtime, being with her humans and lots of snoozing after all the fun. We adopted Marlowe through Care TX Rescue in May of 2020 and we expected to be her forever home but that’s not how things worked out. We are so fortunate to be part of Marlowe’s life and so lucky for all the joy and love she brought to us, our family and friends. We know her new family will be so lucky to have this silly lovebug. Marlowe has so much love to bring to a wonderful family, preferably without children. She is a silly girl with lots of energy who loves other dogs. She currently enjoys pack walks and daycare with her doggy friends on the weekdays. She is a dog that needs one long walk with playtime or two shorter walks a day. We think she would do great in a home with another dog that she can learn from and play with. She is house and crate trained, she knows; sit, down, bed, crate, shake, stay. She is working on; away, come, wait. She knows these commands but occasionally has selective hearing and/or gets too excited. Marlowe is a very smart girl and has been easy to train. Her need for a new home is because of our 14 month old son. After many attempts of introductions and trying to get them to connect, Marlowe is not warming up to him. Our son is much more mobile and this gives Marlowe a lot of anxiety, and she has occasionally shown signs of aggression towards him. We have come to the realization that our home environment is not an ideal situation for Marlowe and we want her to be in a home where she is able to be herself and feel comfortable. If you have any questions or would like further details please reach out via email
November 10, 2022

Boo needs a home possibly her brother too

Our black cat Boo needs a new home. We have a young toddler that is giving her much anxiety. She is such a sweet chill cat but the little one is stressing her out. She’s fine with other dogs and has a brother Binx. I would rather them not be split up but if need be they can. Binx is the more active one but still very sweet like boo. Also ok with kids and dogs. Contact: or (805) 441-1567.
November 10, 2022

1 year old Golden Retriever

Need to find a home for our golden, he’s just to hyper for our small children. Very sweet, house trained and kennel trained. Contact: or (530) 713-9042.
November 10, 2022

Loving Pair Will Lighten Up Your Life

Here are Raggedy Ann (Annie) and Magellan (bonded pair). They are best friends (BFF’s). Magellan is 4 months and Raggedy Ann 8 months old. They are wonderful. Playful, loving, very neat and clean. (No, they don’t put away their toys but they will spend the day in your lap!). Raggedy Ann (called Annie) is the lone survivor of a litter of 5. She has a dilute Tortoiseshell colored face and body, much of her body, but more traditional grey tabby stripes on her sides. She is the sweetest, most loving kitten! Magellan is a purr baby and loves to do happy feet for you. He is a fawn colored Tabby with rows of spots on his belly. They both love to play, hang out with and groom each other. Then they fall asleep in a huddle. They are lap cats, and love to be petted. They are bonded and do need to be adopted together. Raggedy Ann is a special needs kitten. She had a severe upper respiratory. infection when her foster mom met her. She literally could hardly breath. It went into her eyes. As a result, Annie is blind in one eye and has limited vision in her other eye. You would never know it! She is so playful and excellent with the litter box. Annie and Magellan are living with a foster mom Ruby. If you have any questions about this beautiful pair, contact Ruby at: or call 1-707-980-1100. Ruby can set up an appointment at Petfood Express for you to meet the two babies to adopt them. Can you give Raggedy Ann and Magellan a forever home? They will give you lots of love in return.
November 9, 2022

Great Pyrenees Puppy

Born May 2022, Benji has been raised with livestock. He is a loving and attentive boy, typical of this breed. We have two of these wonderful puppies but need only one for our farm, so reluctantly we are seeking a new home where Benji will continue to be loved and appreciated. He is eager to go to work for you and to further his training. Benji is micro-chipped and up to date on all vaccinations. Contact: or (707) 887-0450.
November 9, 2022


Gomer is a German shepherd/chocolate lab, he is almost 4 and he is neutered. He listens well and gets along with other dogs and he loves his tennis ball. He has a lot of energy and requires a lot of attention and I don’t have the time to give him anymore. Contact: or (707) 537-5152.
November 8, 2022

3 yr old loving shepherd in need of home

We took her in from a military family whose husband was deployed and wife had just had a baby, so they found it difficult giving her the care she needs. Khloe is a great dog and very lovable, she is house trained, knows basic commands plus some (we haven’t figured out the full range of what she knows) and is extremely smart and loyal. She is also up to date on shots and fixed. They were not sure what kind of dog she was since they received her from a shelter in Texas but she looks to be a Anatolian shepherd mix, but on the smaller side at 50 lbs. We do think it best that she does not go to a first time adopter since she is high energy and does have anxiety when it comes to loud noises which is why it’s best if she is allowed inside also. She loves all dogs and cats and does great with our 5 year old. Khloe does take time to warm up to people but once she does she loves to snuggle. Contact: or (559) 410-0190.
November 7, 2022

2 Year Old Lionhead Rabbit in urgent need for a new home

Erwin is a neutered, two year old male lionhead rabbit. He is litter trained, and does not bite or scratch. He’s a bit skittish, but overall very friendly and adventurous. I am a 14 year old, and I can’t take care of him due to split custody, allergic reactions to fur, high school stress, and mental health issues. Please give him a good life with lots of run space! I urgently need him in a new home. Contact:
November 6, 2022

Cute girl dober mix, 10 month old need new home

She fixed, fully vaccinated, healthy girl need a new family. She is trained, kind, loves children and cats. She is very good with other dogs. Very smart and beautiful. She loves to go to dog parks, hiking, swimming in a lake. She will be your the best friend. Contact: or (720) 471-9402.
November 5, 2022

Velcro dog Cricket looking for adult only home

Male Border Collie Mix. 7yrs old, 40 lbs. Neutered & UTD on shots. No kids, fine with dogs when properly introduced (prefers to ignore), chases our cat but would be fine with a dog savvy cat. Is fine with our chickens and bunnies (we slowly introduced). Potty Trained, muzzle trained. Sit, Stay, Down, High Five. Energy Level: Average. Bark Frequency: Average to Frequent- Barks at delivery people, doorbell, door knocking. SPECIAL NEEDS: Diagnosed with Addison’s Disease Cricket takes a daily steroid (by mouth) and a month injection. He will come with a 5 month supply of the injectable medicine (Percorten) and a couple month supply of the steroid. We also give him a daily anxiety pill as prescribed by our vet. We adopted Cricket at 6 months old, he was previously a street dog in Taiwan. His listing said he was great with children which we have found to be untrue. He came to us with many behavioral issues and we have sought guidance through various classes and trainers. He was my right hand man, hiking buddy, and adventure seeker until we had our baby. He’s a great ‘adults only household’ dog. We’ve spent over 2 years trying to problem solve cohabitation with Cricket and our now toddler. Cricket will show his teeth at our toddler which means oftentimes he has to be outside away from the family and this breaks our hearts (and his). I do not trust him with our toddler or any children for that matter. He does best with dog savvy people who know to ignore first and then let him be the one to approach. He is as loyal as they come and wants to be with his people as much as possible. He is smart, a quick learner, great off leash and food motivated. He needs an adult only home who will go slow with him. Once he gains your trust he becomes a velcro dog. Cricket would love nothing more than to hop in the car for a ride, chase lizards, and snuggle on the couch with his person. Serious inquiries only. Contact:
November 5, 2022

Cute bonded bunny pair looking for a new home

Hazel and Coconut are two bonded bunnies who live in a quiet home. Coconut (female) is a white lion head and is not afraid of humans, she’s very curious and doesn’t mind being picked up. She’s a cute fluff ball and is definitely the alpha in the relationship. She loves to eat hay, pellets, greens, and has a good appetite but is active as well. Hazel (male) is an agouti color and is a bit more shy and grumpy but will soften if you pet him when he’s feeling like it. He likes to run around and will binky with space to run around. Otherwise, he likes to hang out in his cardboard box. He doesn’t like being picked up. I’d like to find a mellow new home for them where they have space to run around and will get to spend time with caring humans. Previous bunny owners would be preferred! I can provide puppy pen, litterboxes, play tunnel, cardboard bunny home, water dish, pellets, hay to get started, etc. Coconut is spayed and microchipped, Hazel is neutered and they both have their RHDV vaccines for the year. Contact:
November 4, 2022

Loving hound mix in need of a new home

Tank is an 8 year old, male hound mix. He has not been neutered. He’s spent his life on my family’s ranch. He spends his summers as a hunting dog. He is a very sweet boy. Unfortunately I’m unable to give him the love and attention he deserves since having two young children. He needs a yard and some room to run. He’s very nice and mellow after getting his energy out. Contact:
November 4, 2022

Loving 1 year old spayed Husky/Pit mix needing a new home

My name’s Luna and I am a 1 year old husky/pit mix spayed female. I am super energetic and love to play! I am crate trained, house broken and would love a yard to play in. I am up to date on all my shots. I love meeting new people and new pets, but would prefer to be the only dog in home or have buddies that are my size or bigger in stature. Contact:
November 3, 2022

Sweet energetic girl In need of home!

Monkey is the name! I’m an American Pit Terrier and almost 2 yrs old and love to play/go on walks. All I want is a nice yard and some tough toys! And all the affection i can get! Contact: or (209) 448-8798.
November 2, 2022

Beautiful, quiet calico senior cat

Jasmine is a beautiful and gentle 12-year-old indoor calico cat in Sonoma County who needs a loving and quiet home without other animals or children. She would be the perfect companion for a mostly homebound person. She is very quiet but loves to be petted, brushed, and talked to. She loves her kitty grass as well. Contact: or (707) 484-7518.
November 2, 2022

Mocho the Great

Mocho is a great, beautiful, loyal pup. He is currently 9 months old and needs a home with a lot of space. He loves to play catch and go on walks. He hasn’t been in a lot of contact with other dogs, besides on walks, and he has done pretty well. In the process of finding an appointment to get him neutered. We are not too sure what type of dog he is but he might be part Alabai. Contact: or (707) 934-5857.
November 2, 2022

Sweet Baby Needs a Home

Her name is Baby and this sweet Pittie mix needs a home. She is house broken, sweet, obedient and well behaved. She gets along with cats and most dogs if properly introduced. Roughly 5 years old. Owner moved and I am watching her for now. Not spayed. Contact: or (707) 479-6438.
November 1, 2022

Meet Buster Brown

Buster is an approximately 4-5 year old lab/pit mix. He is very playful and loves his toys. He would do good in a home without cats as he is very curious and loves to chase. He gets along with all dogs. He was originally a rescue we took in off the streets in Southern California however I had to move to Northern California and unfortunately I am unable to keep him. He does have separation anxiety which I believe is due to my moms death last year. He is not fixed or up to date on vaccines. He is a quick learner and knows sit, stay, down, and his favorite saying “go get your toy”. He loves the outdoors and taking walks but loves to be next to his human indoors. It breaks my heart to have to rehome him. Contact: or (702) 292-2547.
October 27, 2022

Litter of 6 kittens need homes

My boyfriend found 6 kittens at a construction site in Santa Rosa 6 weeks ago and has been taking care of them since while they weaned off their mom. Now the kittens are about 10 weeks old and ready for forever homes! They’ve been dewormed, microchipped, spayed and neutered, and vaccinated (due for their last shots in about a week). They’re social, playful, sweet, and so much fun! We hate to let them go but we have two senior cats and a dog of our own. Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to take in a kitten or two! Contact: or (415) 794-8326.
October 27, 2022

Love Buns Looking for a Loving Home

Bonnie (brown) and Clyde (white) are so in love and looking for a loving home to provide pets and watch their happy zoomies. They are 6.5 year old Holland Lops who are litter box trained! They are very food motivated (especially for cilantro) and love to show their appreciation with zoomies and the occasional leg kiss. Mr. Clyde has a bump on his head that the vet has confirmed to not be cancerous so he hopes you can accept him lump and all. They come equipped with laminate flooring, x pen, litter box, food, grooming supplies, and even drawn portraits! Are you ready to let these love buns into your heart? Contact: or (707) 321-1624.
October 27, 2022

Sweet Husky; Malakhi

Malakhi is almost 4 born on December 13, 2018. We are his only known home, he is good with children and other dogs, and he gets a little frisky with the kitties and might play too rambunctiously for them. He has no known health problems and needs one booster shot. We are looking for an active home for him, he loves to be outside and loves to run. He is 65lbs and small for a husky but still considered a large animal. He is also neutered. I can also compile an album of puppy pictures for the new owners. Contact: or (707) 703-3198.
October 26, 2022

Pookah 11yr 95lbs Single dog home

Pookah is 11year old, spayed female. She is 95 lbs and enjoys short walks but not long ones. She listens well and doesn’t require a leash in secluded environments. She warms up to male dogs but doesn’t get along with female dogs. Preferably she would be a single dog in the home. Pookah has allergies and takes a pill every day. I have been her only owner but can no longer give her the care she needs. Good with children and greets you with Wookie sounds. She does bark when she hears something but that’s what dogs do. She is a Lab ridgeback mix and very loyal. Contact: or (707) 703-3198.
October 25, 2022

Kitty needs new home. Only cat and maybe a ranch area

Need to rehome 3.5 year old tabby male. His name is PureJoy or PJ is what he is called. He has developed stress cystitis and cannot live with other kitties. Needs to be only cat. He was found on street at 9 weeks and was doing well with other kitties but not working at all in our home now. He is white and gray/black and needs barn to keep out of sun. Please help. I think he would be a great mouse hunter He needs a job. Very smart. Contact: or (707) 332-3314.
October 25, 2022

Stella the Star Chug

Stella is a very sweet, quiet, and well-behaved rescued & fostered Chihuahua/Pug mix (Chug). She was rescued with her litter of six pups, and she has been weaned from her pups for a couple of weeks now. Stella is about 3 years old and weighs about 10 lbs. She has a very mellow personality, and she gets along great with other dogs and people. She also enjoys car rides and loves to give and receive affection. All of her vaccines are up to date and she doesn’t have any health issues. Stella would be a great addition to any family. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
October 24, 2022

Trixie, friendly cat, for Adoption

Trixie was the beloved cat of my sister who recently passed away. She is playful and friendly and loves to curl up with you and purr. She is about 10 years old, living in Petaluma, California. I am unable to take her because I live in NJ. She needs a new home as soon as possible as my sister’s house is about to be sold. Contact: or (609) 575-0819.
October 24, 2022

Dottie, British Shorthair Cat

Dottie is a unique British Shorthair cat who was the beloved cat of my sister who recently passed away. I am her sister and I’m unable to keep her (I live in NJ), so I am looking for a new loving home. Dottie is 5 years old with registry papers. She is very quiet, but likes to play with cat toys and treats. She is friendly with other cats. She is an indoor cat. Dottie has a very thick coat and very big plump cheeks. Please contact me so we can find a new home for our beloved cat…. Contact: or (609) 575-0819.
October 24, 2022

Kittens galore

I have a few kittens that need forever homes. I cannot afford or keep up maintaining 8 kittens!!! They are all very affectionate and have lots of personality. Contact: or (707) 703-8507.
October 21, 2022

B&W long haired male kitten

Meet Figaro aka Fig! I found him at 2 weeks (estimated age) old crying in an industrial lot and after a full day his Mama still hadn’t returned for him, so I took him home. He is 7 weeks old now, fully weened and litter box trained. He is such a sweet cat but our resident kitty wants nothing to do with him and he needs a playful sibling. He’s starting to exhibit single kitten syndrome (biting and scratching) because he doesn’t have a playmate. We had planned on keeping him but I’m afraid if he doesn’t get the nourishment of a feline friend we will ruin him. We have not had him vaccinated or neutered bc he isn’t 8 weeks old yet, I can keep him until that happens we just wanted to reach out and secure an adopter. We love him and have spent a lot of time helping him grow so this is not a decision taken lightly. ADOPTER MUST HAVE A KITTEN OR CAT. Good with kids (LOVES our toddler). Good with dogs (we don’t have one but he has encountered them). Uses litter box. Eats wet kitten food on his own. Contact: or (707) 529-2199.
October 21, 2022

Rylee Golden/ Great Pyrenees mix

Rylee is 2yr old spayed and current on all vaccinations. She is very sweet but needs to be only dog in household. She loves walks and chew toys. Contact:
October 19, 2022

Meet Skippy: Hypoallergenic and Ready to Cuddle!!

This is Skippy, the sweetest little playful bundle you’ll ever meet. She is about 4 years old and is spayed and in overall good health. Skippy loves to cuddle, go on walks, play fetch, ride in the car, and take long naps. She has many wonderful qualities such as not shedding (fantastic for folks with allergies), doesn’t bark often, she’s easy to train, she’s playful, and she can adapt quickly. However, she also has some special needs which require patience and understanding. She has been through A LOT, but is still so loving and fun. We have been fostering her for the past 9 months and she has come such a long way in that time. Skippy came to us after a rough and traumatic experience of being surrendered to a vet’s office after being hit by a car and sustaining severe injuries. Due to her injuries she is incontinent and will have accidents in the house so she wears diapers while indoors. Her diapers are very cute and she doesn’t mind wearing them, but it does require extra laundry, changing the liners, and dealing with stinky pee smells. She also sometimes poos in the house as well, but can most likely be trained out of that. It is obvious that Skippy was neglected and abused by her previous family so she can be shy and wary with new people at first, but if you give her space she warms up quickly. She also doesn’t like yelling, fighting, or loud noises and will go and hide when scared. Skippy will do best being the only dog and living in a calm, stable home with people who have lots of experience with rescue animals with traumatic backgrounds. She does well with other calm, passive dogs and calm children. Skippy requires a bit of special care, but she is so worth it and will be the perfect cuddly companion the right person/family!! If you think Skippy is right for you please call Bobbi at (707) 230-0482.
October 19, 2022

Bear – German Shepard

Bear is about two and a half years old. He’s great with kids, and protective of his family. He has not been around other dogs or cats, besides seeing them while we go on walks (which we’ve had no issues with). He’s crate trained, and we will provide his crate, food & water bowls, harness and leash to his new home. He loves to go on walks and play ball. He is up to date on his vaccines, and is not neutered. We are having to move and haven’t found a new home that will allow us to bring him with. Contact: or (707) 235-0871.
October 14, 2022

Jack Russell

Jackie is a female about 5-7 years old. Her owner past away recently. I am not able to keep her due to other animals. She is potty trained and super smart and sweet. Indoor/outdoor Loves one on one attention .Contact: or (707) 328-4260.
October 11, 2022

1 year old sweet male Doberman/Lab looking for a new home (no young kids)

As hard as this is, we are needing to re-home our young Doberman/Lab mix. He is approximately 18 months old, neutered, current on all of his health exams and vaccines. He’s very smart and very sweet, however we have two young daughters and just had a third and he’s been showing signs of aggression towards them. He needs more activity outlets than we can give him and would do best in a home without small kids. He has done fine with other dogs so far. Contact: or (415) 205-1530.