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August 8, 2022

Murphy – German shepherd/lab mix

Murphy is a German shepherd/lab mix. He is a very sweet good natured doggo that can be a bit anxious. He is incredibly smart and loves to snuggle up next to you on the couch. There is nothing in this world he loves more than playing fetch and can play for hours on end if you let him! He is 6 years old and neutered.  Contact:
August 7, 2022

Copper needs a new home!!

This is Copper, he is 1 1/2 years old. He is mixed with Corgi/dachshund/pit/some chia. He is very playful and loves to play ball!!! He could play ball all day!! He has a lot of energy, but unfortunately is not a fan of younger children. He would do best in an adult only home, or possibly older kids (10+) He can run along side a bike, he can run with you on hikes, he can even take a swim in the river.All of which we have done with him and he seems to enjoy! He is not a fan of other dogs, he is very reactive when on his leash. We don’t take home to dog parks or doggy daycare places. We do however, have a smaller dog (9pounds) that he gets along with great with! So if the right person has a dog we can do multiple meet ups to make sure they get along! We really do care and love Copper and want to find him the best home for him!! He is fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped. He is a really great listener and very very treat friendly. I’m sure with the right training and time he will be an amazing dog for someone!! Thank you for reading! Contact: or (707) 450-7494.
August 7, 2022

Sweet girl Rosie needs a forever home

Rosie is a 8 year old lab, pit, boxer mix in need of a new and loving home. We have had Rosie since she was just a few months old, and we have absolutely loved our time together. She is energetic, silly, very affectionate and truly loves the humans she is with. Unfortunately, after introducing our child to our family last January, Rosie and our family have had a very difficult time adjusting to one another. After some training, positive association/reinforcement and trying to introduce baby and Rosie many times, Rosie appears to continue to show signs of increased stress and continues to escalate up her aggression ladder. She has not come anywhere close to biting/nipping our child, but she has lunged at him and often sniffs/licks out child obsessively, and we do not want to push Rosie beyond that. We also find ourselves with increasingly less attention and bandwidth to give Rosie which we feel is not fair to her. We are constantly telling her “no” and to leave the room when the baby is there, and that is not the kind of dog relationship that we want to model for our child, nor is it a quality of life we want for Rosie. We plan to continue growing our family, and we are having a hard time envisioning our current situation getting better. After seeking expert help, they agreed that rehoming Rosie is probably the best option available to us given our circumstances. We have reached out throughout our personal network, but have not been able to find a good fit for Rosie so far, but we know the right home is out there!     Rosie has a fair amount of energy for an older dog and a lot of love to give (it can feel like too much at times!). She would do well in a home with older/no children as she can be reactive to loud noises or sudden movements that come with younger children/toddlers. She is starting to get a little older now, and while she would LOVE to go for multiple mile walks, her body doesn’t keep up as well as it used to with her energy level and desire to be outside with her human(s). A home with a retired individual/couple and perhaps a similar age/older dog companion would truly be the best fit for her. Rosie LOVES cats, but cats do not always love her, so a home with a cat may not be the best fit for her. Rosie has had a history of IBD and digestive issues, so she is limited to a prescription kibble diet (inexpensive and easily obtained at most vet offices or through services like Chewy), but she couldn’t be happier about it! She is a very food motivated dog, but has never shown any signs of aggression around food. She gets along well with other dogs, but is truly happiest when playing or snuggling with her humans. Rosie is fully spayed, house-trained, and micro-chipped. She knows all of her basic commands as well as a few tricks! She is up to date on most of her shots, but is currently taking a break from immunizations as she had a bit of a health scare after her most recent vaccine booster (2020). We plan to start those again once she is cleared by the vet to do so. We truly love this dog, and we are going to be very selective to help her find the best home. We are more than happy to answer any questions or schedule a meet and greet if you are interested. Please help us find a new forever home for our girl!  Contact: or (970) 519-1450.
August 7, 2022


Suzie is a boxer mix / black mouth cur. She is good with adults and older kids but not other pets. She wants all the love and attention for herself. She likes walks and happy to cuddle on couch at night while you read or watch TV. She goes to her crate at night to sleep without issue. We are happy to provide her new owner with her crate, dog beds, toys and bowls and any left over food and treats. You can enjoy suzie day 1 with no start up costs.  Contact: or (707) 780-2925.
August 7, 2022


Pongo arrived from Mexico as a rescue last week, he is fully vaccinated and was fostered/crate trained with other dogs for about six weeks before arriving. He’s about 5 months old, currently 20 pounds, and is not yet neutered as he has some growing to do. He is extremely smart, playful and sweet natured. Unfortunately our 12 year old dachshund mix is really having a hard time adjusting, and as much as we wanted this to work we don’t think it’s fair to put him through the process of adjusting at this point in his life. Contact:
August 6, 2022

Sweet puppy

Baby is about 10 months old. Chocolate lab/pit mix. My daughter can no longer keep her and she’s been shuttling between places until we can find her a loving home. She very friendly, good with children. Sleeps in her crate at night but doesn’t like being in it when no one is around. Walks well on a leash and rarely barks. Knows to sit on command but could use more training. She weighs about 45 lbs. Should be up to date on shots and scheduled to be spayed end of the August. Needs a home where someone is around during the day. Does well with other dogs. Contact: or (415) 302-4804.
August 6, 2022


Luna is a friendly Pit bull/Lab mix, 1 year old, 47 lbs, spayed, and current on all vaccines. She gets monthly Cytopoint injections for skin allergies. She would need to be the only dog in the house. No cats. Luna is crate trained and her current foster is working daily on basic training. She knows sit, down, wait at the door, off, and stay. She comes when called, but will need lots of practice with her new person. Luna does well on leash and is eager to learn new things. Luna’s ideal home will be with an active person who needs an energetic companion for walks, hikes, and other adventures.  Contact:
August 3, 2022

Harley and Kobie

These 2 indoor-only kitties are so sweet. They love to play with their toys and stuffed animals. Harley seems to be a little too rough when playing with Kobie. He’s a big boy. They love each other though. They are often snuggling together and licking/cleaning each other, however, as Harley is getting bigger, I’m afraid he may accidently hurt Kobie. They should be adopted to separate homes. They are spayed/neutered and microchipped. They are a little more than 1-1/2 years old. They like Purina One Chicken dry kibble and Sheba Pate wet food.  Contact: or (650) 745-5279.
August 2, 2022

Goofy the big red Husky needs a new home

Goofy’s a big fluffy bundle of love, joy and energy. Born on Valentine’s Day 2021, he’s 1.5 years old, neutered, microchipped, crate trained, and current on all his shots. He’s great with other big dogs, both male and female, and would do best with at least one other husky with a similar energy/enthusiasm level. Typical red husky personality – talkative, stubborn, funny, and usually prone to bouts of mischief. He’d do best in a husky-experienced home, with either a big yard, or the opportunity to run or bike with you to burn off his energy; the rest of the time, he likes to lay around the house and snuggle in bed. He’d love to be a go-everywhere-with kind of dog, or to have a work-from-home person. Medical issues (mine, not his) are forcing this heartbreaking decision; just want him to have the absolute best life possible. He’ll come with food, 2 crates (one plastic for sleeping, and one wire for car travel), toys, raised food/water bowls, and collar/leash. Re-homing fee applies. Phone or email ok, please no texts.  Contact: or (707) 360-5571.
August 1, 2022

Loving Pair Will Lighten Up Your Life

Here are Raggedy Ann (Annie) and Magellan (bonded pair). They are best friends (BFF’s). Magellan is 4 months and Raggedy Ann 8 months old. They are wonderful. Playful, loving, very neat and clean. (No, they don’t put away their toys but they will spend the day in your lap!). Raggedy Ann (called Annie) is the lone survivor of a litter of 5. She has a dilute Tortoiseshell colored face and body, much of her body, but more traditional grey tabby stripes on her sides. She is the sweetest, most loving kitten! Magellan is a purr baby and loves to do happy feet for you. He is a fawn colored Tabby with rows of spots on his belly. They both love to play, hang out with and groom each other. Then they fall asleep in a huddle. They are lap cats, and love to be petted. They are bonded and do need to be adopted together. Raggedy Ann is a special needs kitten. She had a severe upper respiratory. infection when her foster mom met her. She literally could hardly breath. It went into her eyes. As a result, Annie is blind in one eye and has limited vision in her other eye. You would never know it! She is so playful and excellent with the litter box. Annie and Magellan are living with a foster mom Ruby. If you have any questions about this beautiful pair, contact Ruby at: or call 1-707-980-1100. Ruby can set up an appointment at Petfood Express for you to meet the two babies to adopt them. Can you give Raggedy Ann and Magellan a forever home? They will give you lots of love in return.
July 31, 2022

Colette is loving, Shy, Playful, Loves petting, Affectionate, Friendly

Meet Colette! Colette is a sweet and silly precious black girl with a silky coat. She has the cutest little meow and loves to curl up in the sunshine on her cat tree. She LOVES to be petted and will circle round taking them in. She is a little wary of strangers, but it doesn’t take long to steal this girl’s heart! She is okay with other cats with the proper introduction but does not need a cat friend. She hasn’t been tested with dogs. Colette comes FVRCP and rabies vaccinated, spayed, dewormed, and negative for Felv/Fiv. She is up for adoption through Solano County Friends of Animals in Solano county. If you have any questions or would like to meet Colette contact her fosterer, Melanie. at: : She can make an appointment for you to meet her at Pet Food Express in Benicia. Can you give Colette a furrever home? She will bring you love and affection.
July 30, 2022

Sweet Arfie

Arfie came to our door 3 months ago on our rural property in rough shape. We had him neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and cleaned up. He is incredibly sweet, loving, and easy going. His age is estimated to be around 1yo by his veterinarian. We love him very much, but due to the bigger neighbor cats who pick on him, we are unable to keep him. Arfie is 10 pounds, and loves snuggling on the couch or on his favorite bed.  Contact:
July 30, 2022

Sweet shy beautiful kitty will melt your heart

Beautiful 1 year old Gracie is a little shy but ready to make your acquaintance. She is a lovely gray short-haired kitty with striking yellow eyes who had a rough start, but is ready for her new home where she can relax and lounge away the days. Time, patience and loving care will nurture her insecurity and shyness. She enjoys gentle pets, chin scratches and a little romp with the cat teaser. She is spayed, caught up on her vaccines, and microchipped. She will warm your home and fill your heart with joy once she is settled and comfortable in her new surroundings. Please contact Donya at to meet Gracie or see her at Saturday adoption events, 10-2pm at Pet Food Express Benicia. Can you give Gracie a loving forever home? She will give you much love in return. <3
July 30, 2022

Sofie and Moose

These two are brother and sister moose is the brother he is the black cat and sofie is the white cat sister. They have all there vaccination we have all there paper work. The are both fixed and chipped. They love napping and playing with each other. They need a new home together because we do not have enough room due to our new baby . We can discuss adopting one if need be but they have been together since birth. Contact us at
July 29, 2022

Female Guinea Pig Bonded Pair Need New Home

Hazel and Cookie need a new home due to one of their owners being allergic. We didn’t know about this medical allergy until recently and we’ve had the Guinea pigs since they were babies. They’ve been a part of our family for a while and we’re sad to have to let them go. However, they have each other and get along very well. They enjoy eating, playing, and lounging together. They love fresh hay on a daily basis and treats every so often. They don’t enjoy having their nails trimmed, but they will allow it with patience and treats. These girls are 2 years old and have never been ill or have required special needs. They are used to being around people and can be shy at first. Lastly, they enjoy running around in their playpen and are very vocal when excited. Contact: or (707) 303-6607.
July 27, 2022

Suki needs dog-free, love-filled home

We fostered Suki as a puppy, fell in love with her & decided to keep her. The first year was wonderful; she played incessantly with our older dog. But as she neared a year, she got anxious and reactive towards other dogs – including attacking our lab over food or toys. We have done aggression training & she is now well trained and obedient on most issues, but we have learned that reactivity towards other dogs is not an obedience issue, it is a deeper nervous system issue. Suki is very sweet to her people, but barks at intruders/postman and she simply can’t be around other dogs. We are seeking a woman/couple who lives alone in a rural or forest area, does not have other dogs and wants a dog for companionship and security. We will cover pet health insurance, dog sit when you travel, and take her back if it doesn’t work out. We love her very much but our dog-filled home is not a fit. We just know she would be a great companion for someone in a dog free, less busy place than our crowded urban home. We are happy to meet so you can asses her, and if you are interested, will teach you the training we have done with her. Information and photos here:   Contact: or (510) 510-4802.    
July 24, 2022

Miss Marlowe Looking for New Forever Home (no children)

Marlowe is a 2 year old mix (Wisdom Panel Results: 26% Bloodhound, 17% Lacy Dog, 15% Belgian Malinois, 13% Siberian Husky, 6% German Shepherd) looking for a new home. Marlowe is an energetic girl who enjoys walks, playtime, being with her humans and lots of snoozing after all the fun. We adopted Marlowe through Care TX Rescue in May of 2020 and we expected to be her forever home but that’s not how things worked out. We are so fortunate to be part of Marlowe’s life and so lucky for all the joy and love she brought to us, our family and friends. We know her new family will be so lucky to have this silly lovebug. Marlowe has so much love to bring to a wonderful family, preferably without children. She is a silly girl with lots of energy who loves other dogs. She currently enjoys pack walks and daycare with her doggy friends on the weekdays. She is a dog that needs one long walk with playtime or two shorter walks a day. We think she would do great in a home with another dog that she can learn from and play with. She is house and crate trained, she knows; sit, down, bed, crate, shake, stay. She is working on; away, come, wait. She knows these commands but occasionally has selective hearing and/or gets too excited. Marlowe is a very smart girl and has been easy to train. Her need for a new home is because of our 14 month old son. After many attempts of introductions and trying to get them to connect, Marlowe is not warming up to him. Our son is much more mobile and this gives Marlowe a lot of anxiety, and she has occasionally shown signs of aggression towards him. We have come to the realization that our home environment is not an ideal situation for Marlowe and we want her to be in a home where she is able to be herself and feel comfortable. If you have any questions or would like further details please reach out via email
July 24, 2022

Mingo Starr

Mingo is a very playful, energetic, and sweet rescue puppy. He has a very bold personality, and he gets along great with other people and dogs. Being that he is only 4 months old, he may not be completely house-trained, but he is very smart and listens to commands. Mingo loves to be the center of attention and does not like to be left alone. He is great in the car, doesn’t have any health issues, and all of his vaccinations are up to date. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
July 22, 2022

Sweet Bonded Pair Will Charm You Furrever

Millie and Stanley are a bonded pair of 10-month-old kitties who are just as sweet as they are cute! Millie has long, gorgeous chocolate black fur and you can find her sunbathing happily nearby. She is very sweet and getting more lovey every day. Loves to play. She is the cutest coworker if you have a comfy desk chair. And she loves her treats and cuddling her favorite boy, Stanley! Stanley is a sleek and bunny soft tuxedo boy who is adventurous and curious. Loves to play with anything all the time. He has the most mighty cute meow squeak when it’s time to eat you have ever heard. Loves Millie and cuddling her sooooo much!! Both are so sweet they just need a little convincing and patience so they know they are safe and loved to be pet and spoiled. Both are FELV/ FIV negative, fixed, rabies and FVRCP vaccinated, dewormed & given a flea preventative, and microchipped. They must be adopted as a pair. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to visit Millie and Stanley, contact Melanie at: She can make an appointment for you to meet them at Pet Food Express in Benicia. Can your family give Millie and Stanley a forever home? They will give you love in return.
July 22, 2022

Luna 4yo Australian Bulldog

We are rehoming our 4yo Bulldog mix. She is sweet loves kids does not get along with other animals. She has a sprained knee and is taking an anti-inflammatory for it.  Contact:
July 22, 2022

Beautiful Callie

Sweet Callie is a gorgeous Persian mix spayed female. Her soft black medium length coat with cinnamon highlights offset her stunning green eyes. She is an expert lap cat and loves to be cuddled. She is around 6/7 years old with a playful spirit – she adores her catnip mice. She also takes her nap time seriously especially if a lap is available 🙂 I am currently fostering her as her previous owner had to go into hospice. She is currently an indoor cat but could easily be indoor/outdoor in a safe location as this was how she lived before I fostered her. She is up to date with her vaccinations and has no health issues. A small rehoming fee is requested for this beautiful girl. Feel free to contact me email: or 707-695-1500 please leave a message or text and I’ll get back to you.
July 22, 2022

Very friendly 1 year old male

Pickles is a very sweet and friendly one year old male cat. He is playful, funny and smart for a cat! He is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. Contact: or (415) 726-7152.
July 21, 2022

Sweet long hair black kitten Peter

Peter is 15 weeks old friendly boy, sweet, playful and affectionate. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. All vet records will be provided to new owner.  Contact: or (916) 801-2243.
July 20, 2022

Gentle Duke needs a yard and experienced big dog owner

Sweet gentle Duke needs a fenced yard and someone with experience training big dogs.We intercepted Duke on his way to the Humane Society. He is a sweet sweet boy with velvety soft ears who loves his people. He is about 6-7. Potty trained and crate trained, gentle with all humans and dogs. No clue about cats. Shots UTD neutered. In his previous life he spent most of his days alone. He does not have great manners but he is learning so quickly. On walks, when not in training mode with treats, he pulls on the leash and bays at bikes and other dogs when they pass.Off leash he is indifferent to dogs and he is fine at a dog park. I believe he just wants the other dog’s attention. He only bays when I come home after a long day and he is thrilled to see me. He does not need much exercise if he has a yard. He is happy flopping down next to you or in his crate. When I bring him to a job site he is perfectly happy checking on the action outside, greeting everyone and then taking a nap. He is a hound dog and we live in the woods without a proper fence so he can not stay here long. All day and night we have wildlife running through our yard keeping him alert. He is in Mill Valley currently. Contact: or (310) 430-3099.
July 19, 2022


Turbo is a 2 year old spayed female cat. She has medium length white and gray fur with a pink nose and pink toes. Originally named Beard, she received the new name Turbo because of her speed and agility during playtime. If you play with her the way I have learned to… you will have a lot of fun with her and her antics and athletic abilities. Turbo also loves to be petted and snuggled and starts purrring right away. If you stay still long enough she will curl up on or beside you and go to sleep. Turbo has been an indoor only cat most of her life but has recently begun exploring the world outside her current home on a harness and leash. She could be transitioned to being an indoor-outdoor cat quite easily. Thank You God/dess and heaven for blessing Turbo with a new human guardian or family that is equally blessed by her presence in their life/lives.  Contact: or (707) 714-7265.
July 18, 2022

Handsome Puppy

Otis is an 8 month old Bordie Collie Mix. He has energy to spare and adores people and kids. Loves playing with all the dogs at the dog park. Unfortunately my mobile home park will not allow any dog over 20 inches tall and Otis has measured 21 and I’ve been informed that he has to go or I have to go. The ideal owner will have a yard for him to play in and ideally a job for him to do. He is one smart dog and picks up on everything. He is semi-house broken and comes to me when he needs to go out but has occasional mishaps if I’m late from work ect. Without my own fenced yard and a doggie door its been hard on him. Otis is neutered and microchipped. He recently had an allergy that caused him to scratch and bite at his butt area. He’s finished his medication and Vet says his hair will grow back to normal in 1 month or so. They haven’t given me an exact date but mentioned in the the letter “SOON” so if your looking for a good dog please contact me soon. He will sit and lie down for treats and really only barks at me when he needs to go out. The treat puzzle game I bought him took him roughly 20 seconds to figure out. He has also figured out how to open my front door and the cabinet that holds his food. He also walks well on a leash unless he’s not ready to go back inside.  Contact: or (707) 294-0376.
July 18, 2022

Misty – Pretty Senior Female Cat

Misty is a 17 year old grey and white domestic short hair female. She is a very sweet and pretty kitty. Although she isn’t really a lap cat she does thoroughly enjoy a good pet session and will approach you several times a day and stare lovingly at you or meow softly to get your attention. Her favorite thing is to rub her face and head all over your outstretched, immobile hand continuously for minutes at a time, purring all the while and occasionally giving you coy glances. She also likes to play with cat toys, mostly chasing strings or laser dots. I took Misty in when a family member couldn’t care for her anymore about 2 years ago. It’s very difficult giving her up because she is such a sweet and affectionate kitty but I never intended to have a pet long term. Being an older cat, Misty does have a couple of health issues. She receives medication daily for hyperthyroidism and irritable bowel disease. The medications are Felimazole for hyperthyroidism and Prednisolone for the IBD. She receives both of these medications trans-dermally (rubbed on the inside of her outer ear flap) and they seem to be treating her issues well. She also has been diagnosed with mild kidney failure, although it’s been over a year since the diagnosis and the only indication of it is somewhat more frequent urination. Although Misty has been chipped, she has been an indoor cat her whole life. She has been spayed and is current with her vaccinations. Misty is a wonderful little kitty who would do best in a home with either no other pets or one or two other non-aggressive cats. If she sounds like the cat for you, please contact me.  Contact:
July 18, 2022

Dusker – Healthy, Extremely Lovable Male Adult Cat with Lots of Personality

Dusker is a dark grey male, domestic short hair, around 7 years old and in good health. He is a large, extremely sweet and lovable cat with a deep purr. While a bit shy until he gets to know you, he has lots of personality and is very affectionate. He loves to play with cat toys, especially lasers and any kind of string-like toy. He does startle easily and would need to be in a fairly calm and stable home without lots of activity. He wouldn’t do well in a home with young children but he probably would be fine around older children. He has been neutered, is chipped and is current on his vaccinations. I took Dusker in when a family member couldn’t care for him anymore about 2 years ago. It is difficult putting him up for adoption because he is such a great cat but I never intended to keep him permanently. If you’re looking for a young, healthy cat that will put a smile on your face every day, look no further, Dusker is the cat for you.  Contact:
July 17, 2022

Rednose pitbull/mastiff

Hes a tannish color,super friendly,he rarley barks he just wants love. Contact:
July 15, 2022

Sweet Orange Tabby Female

Cindy is a 10 year old indoor/outdoor cat that I would like rehome due to changing living situation. She is a mild mannered sweet cat who purrs a lot, likes to cuddle, and is somewhat playful. She’s happy indoors and outdoors but is timid so stays close to home. Indoors she scratches on my seagrass floor mat but leaves the furniture alone. She doesn’t make messes inside and waits to use the litter box which is located outside. I’m not sure if she get’s along with other cats but I would imagine if the other cat isn’t aggressive, she wouldn’t be either. Cindy makes a very nice companion for cat lovers!  Contact: or (707) 292-2813.
July 14, 2022

Mia- German Shepard

Meet Mia! She is a 3.5 year old german Shepard. She loves people, loves walks, and loves car rides. She’s is an extremely loyal dog and is a good protector for your home. She does not do well with other dogs or cats in the household. Please email me as I can give much more information on Mia!  Contact:
July 14, 2022

Rockin Rodolfo

This is Rodolfo – a 3 year old male Bull Terrier who was rescued about 9 months ago and has been fostered ever since. He is extremely energetic, playful, athletic, and affectionate. He is a runner, a jumper and a hugger. He is full of personality, spunk and character, and he is most happy when running out in the open and playing with other dogs. That being said, Rodolfo’s ideal forever home would be a place where he would have plenty of space to run around and have daily playtime with other dogs. He gets along great with all dogs and people, and he is great in car rides and on the leash. He is a medium size dog (about 40 lbs), all of his vaccines are up to date, he has been neutered. and he does not have any health issues. Rodolfo would be a great addition to any family with an active lifestyle and preferably a family that has another dog for Rodolfo to play with. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
July 14, 2022


Linda is a very sweet, playful and affectionate 6-month old puppy in need of a forever home. All of her vaccines are up to date, and she does not have any health issues. She is very shy when meeting new people and being in new places, so her new family would require a bit of patience and training to help her feel comfortable and settled in. Linda would be a great addition to any family. She is great with other people, children and dogs.  Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
July 13, 2022

Sweet Sugar

Hi my name is Sugar. I’m about 10 year old chihuahua mix. I have Arthritis in my legs loves to go on adventures. I’ve been a stray up until December of 2021. I was found in Napa and was adopted a month after I was found on the streets. I’m on a once a month injection for my arthritis and it’s been working amazing. My moms have also used CBD oil and warm compresses to help when it’s chilly out or when I just need a little more support. I love meeting new people but can be a little head shy sometimes. I’m good with female dogs. I have two big shepherd mix sisters that I get along with great. I’m a mellow couch potato that loves treats and bones. I’d love to find a forever home with someone that likes to be a couch potato and eat food with. Please contact my family if your interested in meeting me!  Contact:
July 13, 2022

Sweet kitten Elisa

hElisa is fifteen weeks old sweet girl, friendly, gentle and affectionate. We rescued her when she was found in a park. She had severe eye infection, was treated with antibiotics. Her left eye is still a little cloudy – the vet said it may clear with time or remain like this for her life, but it does not cause her any problem. We are looking for a family that will prioritize little girl’s needs including vet care, pampers and treats her as a family member. Elisa is spayed and vaccinated, chipped and litter box trained, tested negative for leukemia and fiv, treated for intestinal parasites and on flea prevention. She is a great companion and family cat. She is friendly with our cats and a small dog.  Contact: or (916) 801-2243.
July 11, 2022

Rehoming 2 female guinea pigs

Anyone looking to adopt guinea pigs? I need to rehome my two female guinea pigs because it’s becoming too much for me. Since I live in a condo upstairs it takes me literally 3 hours to clean their cage because I have to take it downstairs and then go up and down the stairs with hot pots of water to wash their cage. I’m the only one that feeds them, bathes them, and cleans their cages. I also am the only one that cuddles them and plays with them. I’m just thinking maybe they deserve a better home where they can get more attention. They are super sweet and friendly. I have the full cage, and an outdoor cage for play time, toys, houses, food, hay, and everything. So they come with the full Monty. If you are interested message me 💜 I’m super bummed about this, but I think they deserve better so they will only go to a home that is prepared to spend time with them and give them the love they deserve. I really adore Queenie and Big Bertha and they are divas but super sweet little nuggets. They get along in their outdoor play pin, but keep them seperated in the cage because Big Bertha bit Queenie’s ear one time and I got freaked. Maybe if someone spent more time with them they could be in the same cage together. They talk and play through the fence, but only when we do out door time do I have them in the same pen. I am asking for a rehoming fee because I want to make sure they go to a family that will love them. Contact: or (707) 347-6902.
July 11, 2022

Two Adorable Bunnies Looking for Forever Home

Mocha and Buttercup are a couple of sprightly, sweet bunnies in need of a loving, attentive home. They are a bonded pair of Lion’s Head Rabbits, the only two of their litter, and cannot be separated. They are partially house-broken, enjoy being fed treats by hand, and would prefer a quiet, rabbit-only home. Mocha is a sassy, confident lady who enjoys lounging and eating as much banana as she is allowed. She has a re-occuring dental condition that will require her to get her teeth clipped at a qualified vet every 4-6 weeks. Buttercup is a handsome, frisky little man who performs his best zoomies at 0530 in the morning, and fresh apple leaves are his very favorite food. He is a nibbler, who explores his world with his mouth, and will need to be in an environment (like apple twigs) that he can actively destroy. We are sad to see them move on to a new home, but we know that there’s a perfect place for them somewhere. We’re asking an adoption fee of $70 for both rabbits, and their accoutrements. Please be warned that rabbits are a wonderful addition to any home, but have very specific needs, and are not a good fit as a casual pet. Feel free to text (707) 480-8622 with any questions.
July 11, 2022

Pepe the Siamese needs indoor home!

Pepe who is young and handsome Siamese stray I trapped last week. He didn’t have a chip so I got him neutered, tested for disease, vaccinated, and microchipped. Turns out he has FIV [Felive Immunodeficiency Virus, not contagious to people or dogs], so now he needs to be an indoor cat who is either the only one in the household or with other FIV cats.  Contact: or (510) 601-8883.
July 11, 2022

Beautiful Olive

Olive:  l year old.  37 Pounds. Spayed. Microchipped. Vaccinations are up to date. Size:  Medium. Contact Cindi @ 415-302-0220. Olive is a herding mixed breed, resembling a small version of a Catahoula Leopard Dog.  She lives in a mellow household environment and enjoys daily walks/runs. She is social with other dogs and thoroughly enjoys her morning exercise.   She would do best having two people in the home, if possible, as she loves checking in with everyone during the day.  She enjoys when people are over and is excited to see family and friends. When she is at the park off lease, she loves running with other dogs and is fast running straight ahead and making quick turns.  She has a high drive instinct being a herding mix and is very athletic. She is beautiful to watch run and she is proud of her fetching skills.  She would do well with a jogger, hiker or anyone with an active lifestyle. After a long walk or run, she settles down nicely for the day.  Olive goes to Rodeo Beach twice a week with her dog walker and does great off leash with the other dogs. She is also working with a trainer twice a week for leash training, sit, down, stay, leave it and wait, which are all going well. She is crate trained and enjoys the security of her dog crate. She is well trained in the house, does not get on any furniture besides the bed in the early morning or before going into her crate at night. This is her special time to have her belly rubbed and to give her loving affection. Dog parks are not encouraged as she does not like being approached by several dogs all at once. She is recommended for children over 12 with dog experience. She sometimes lacks confidence in new environments and needs reassurance while she warms up to the situation.  Besides running on the beach or a grassy field, her favorite activity is fetching the ball.
July 11, 2022

Rescued kittens

A litter of rescued kittens looking for homes. 8 weeks old, they are not neutered yet. Black/grey medium-haired female, black/white tuxedo boys. They were living outside with a feral mom after my neighbors moved away. They are friendly, playful, and purr in your lap. Contact:
July 11, 2022

Cuddly, and energetic boy needs active family

Thor is a very affectionate and cuddly dog, with simply too much energy for our family’s lifestyle. We have had him for 5 years and have attempted to work on his behaviors issues with little luck. We have taken him to manners class, he goes to doggy daycare several times a week, and we have a half acre property he is free to roam on all day. This is unfortunately not enough for him. An ideal home for Thor would be a family with another dog who is regularly active. Thor needs to go on hikes, swims, or walks regularly. He responds very well to a trained hand, and would benefit from someone who is experienced with dog training and can follow through. He also has a prey drive which has led him to kill all of our chickens in one fell swoop. He would need a home with no cats or small animals around. He does get along with other dogs, and is friendly with all adults he has encountered. Thor loves to sleep on the bed with us under the blankets, and loves to cuddle on the couch. He is somewhat of a “Velcro” dog and just wants to be near someone at all times. Left to his own devices, Thor can be very destructive and because of this needs to be crated while nobody is home with him. This is a very difficult decision we have had to make, but ultimately it is not fair to Thor that he is not getting the kind of life he needs and deserves. I believe that the right family for Thor is out there, and he would make a perfect companion to the right family.  Contact: or (707) 496-2112.
July 8, 2022

Shy Sweet Special Kitty Will Love You Furrrever

Summer is a sweet 6-year-old girl who was living outside for the last few years. Her person moved, couldn’t take her, and surrendered her to our rescue. She is a long-haired kitty and when she came to us, she had many mats and needed to be groomed, so her fur is still growing out. When she first was brought to us, there were no available foster homes so she was in the Pet Food Express cat center for a few months and the transition was difficult. Now she is in a foster home and adjusting to life indoors with a single person caring for her. Everyday she comes out of her shell a little more. She is a shy kitty and still getting used to the indoor environment.  She demonstrates her enjoyment of chin scratches, head and full-body rubs with lots of purring and leaning into the pets. She likes being brushed grently as well. She does get over-stimulated quickly and therefore breaks are needed to help her feel comfortable. In between petting sessions, she loves to play by following cat teasers on a stick and the lazer toy. She enjoys independent relaxing in her own space but will also cuddle up next to her foster for a cat nap. Summer is FIV positive which just means that she will need to be fed healthy food and have her health monitored with annual vet visits. Transmission of FIV is only possible through deep puncture wounds (if she were to get into a fight with another cat) and is not transferable to humans. Summer will need to be an indoor only cat.  Otherwise, Summer will live a normal life. She doesn’t get along with other cats so she needs to be the only cat in the household.  If you have any questions or would like to meet Summer, please contact her foster Donya, and we can arrange a meet/greet at Pet Food Express Benicia. Can you give Summer a furrever home? She will be grateful for a new indoor home and family and will give you much love in return.
July 8, 2022

Mister Fred Looking for Forever Loving Home

Fred is a super special, social and loving boy cat, who is 6 years of age and is primarily an indoor only cat (with the exception of going in an enclosed backyard for sunshine). He is neutered, litter box trained, loves both wet and dry food, is FIV negative, up to date on shots and is microchipped. He needs to find someone who is home a lot, or perhaps works from home. Fred loves a quiet and peaceful living environment because he has anxiety when anything in his life changes or his person isn’t around . He will spend a lot of the day sleeping close to you or near you, loves to play, but mostly just wants to lounge around near his person. It is preferred that he be at a single cat household because he love to be the man of the house. If you want a great companion then Fred is the perfect boy for you. If you are lying down or in your office chair he will come up and suck on your neck and let you hold him. I rescued him and was told he was weened too early, so that makes him extra affectionate. He has some dandruff so he loves regular brushing, nail trims and regular oatmeal baths. (he doesn’t love the bath, but it is doable). I did not adopt him in thought that I would ever have to re-home him, but my parents are allergic and I won’t always have the time to spend. I am asking for a $75 adoption fee for him. I mostly want to ensure he goes to an extremely clean and loving home where he can live the rest of his life and not have to move around. Please Contact: or (310) 980-6320.
July 8, 2022


Hello I am moving and were we are going we cannot have pets.  Contact:
July 8, 2022


Scarlet is a sweet and independent 5 year old girl cat. She is more chocolate color than black! She prefers to have access to the outside most of the time as that is her preferred method for using the ladies room. She is house trained and will use the litter box if need be which she uses when I won’t let her outside if the weather is unsafe. She likes to climb her perch and will play with wand toys. Scarlet really likes to be the only cat unless she is adopted with another cat who is accepting of her. She will lay on your chest and give you kitty kisses. She is up to date on her shots, spayed, microchipped, and FIV negative. She will let you trim her nails and loves to be brushed! Asking for a $75 fee, but most importantly I jus want her to go to a safe home where she is safe from mountain lions or other predators because she does like to go outside around the neighborhood. She might stay inside more if she is the only cat in the house. Please contact: or call at 310-980-6320
July 8, 2022


I have 2 male lab pups, they are about 4 months old. I was holding them for a family member, but due to emergency medical issues they can no longer take them. I cannot keep them because I don’t have a yard or the time. They have been around adults, kids (small kids) teenagers, cats, other dogs…They are absolutely perfect with everyone very friendly and playful. They sit on command and they are potty trained.  Contact: or (209) 312-5267.
July 8, 2022

German Shepherd Puppy-Astro

German Shepherd puppy-13 weeks old. Very intelligent, has had vaccines, dewormed. Needs a loving home! Rehoming fee applies.  Contact: or (707) 393-7543.
July 7, 2022

Cat named Luna

I have a seven year old grey short hair cat named Luna that needs a new home. She is very friendly towards people and loves chin rubs! She is litter trained, spayed, and up to date on shots/blood work. We unfortunately cannot care for her because she was a stray and we live in a rental with the max amount of animals allowed. We found her as a stray about a year ago, she has a microchip and we found her previous owners who state she used to be indoors until two years ago when she was rehomed and escaped. She does have a slight limp on her right leg but the vet states it seems to be from a previous unknown injury but cannot be helped now. She is a little shy towards other animals upon first meeting, but will get along with them. We have a litter box, food/water bowls, and pet bed that she uses frequently for you if you would like them. Let me know if you are interested! You can call, leave a message, text me, or email, whichever you prefer!  Contact: or (318) 792-0544.
July 6, 2022

2 Male Guinea pigs

I have to male guinea pigs. cutest personalities. They are both dominant so cannot share a cage-need to seperated. They love snuggles and kisses. I work alot and now back in school and I just cant give them the love and attention they deserve. I have cages and all for you if you would like them. I have accessories travel accessories for you for is you travel and need to feed them for a weekend. Travel cases so if you need to evacuate and a whole bunch of other stuff. You will not need to get a thing.  Contact:
July 6, 2022

Cat named Mimi

Mimi is 14, in excellent health. I am moving into an RV and out of the area during fire season each year, and she hates to travel. I’ve had her since she was a kitten I got from the shelter. She doesn’t need any meds but would love to be an only pet, or small dog/s OK. She’s had regular vet and chiropractic visits and should live a long good quality life.  Contact: or (707) 494-1192.
July 5, 2022

Sweet Toby needs a new home

Sweet Tobias (Toby) needs a new home. His mom/owner/my friend died unexpectedly mid-May and my daughter and I trapped him next to her house after he hid from people for nearly two weeks. He is neutered, around 3 years old, UTD with vaccinations and in excellent health. This big Marmalade pushover is a little shy at first, but was quick to warm up to us and is very affectionate and longing to be part of a new family. He is a big boy at 15 pounds or more, gives kisses and hugs, and…while he had no prior contact with other cats or dogs, seems to be playful/curious about most new experiences. From what I can tell, he seems to prefer dogs over other cats. Since he bigger than my older cats, and my cats are pretty territorial and hissy, I haven’t let them be too close together. He has been very loving and vocal…wanting as much attention as possible.. He does ask for a lot of love, but also seems to get a little too stimulated at times when on a lap and I’ve found that letting him be in charge of the snuggle-fest…he can hop off the lap when he wants to. Overall, he was the only pet in a small apartment for most of 3 years and will need a chance to learn about a new family and to get used to new experiences. My friend would have wanted him to have a predominantly inside home (was never an outside cat) with people who can reciprocate all the love that he wants to give. Preferably a family who will let him be part of the household and let him get used to new faces and places. Due to his size (he is a big cat), I recommend no small children. Please email me at and we can arrange a time for you to meet him! I’m hoping that it will be love at first sight.
July 3, 2022


Canelo is a very lovely Siberian husky that is about 4 years old. He is already neutered and chipped. Canelo for being a husky is very quite and loves going on walks. He is good around other dogs and people including children. The only thing to worry about as an owner would be 4th of July when there is a lot of firework’s. Canelo is not a fan of the holiday and gets very stressed if outside alone. Other than that Canelo is the husky an owner can dream of (:     Contact: or (707) 529-0683.
July 3, 2022


Jodi is a 6 year old medium/large dog. She is friendly, is good with kids and other dogs. She is spayed and has had regular care though veterinarian services. She will steal food if given the chase, chase cats and chickens. She needs more time with people which is something we have not been able to give her unfortunately. Contact: or (707) 322-8324..
July 1, 2022


Gomer is a 3 year old shepherd/lab mix looking for a home. Updated on vaccines and neutered. Gets along with other dogs and cats. Has not been exposed to children. He is a very active and loving dog. His favorite thing to do is play fetch. Tennis balls are his best friend. He is house trained as well as crate trained. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding adopting Gomer. We would love to see him go to someone who can give him more attention and love that he deserves.  Contact: or (707) 537-5152.