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September 30, 2023

Chihuahua mix needs new home

This is Coco. She is a female, 5 year old chihuahua mix. She is a really sweet girl, super loving and cuddly and loves to go on adventures. But, she also needs a lot of attention. She needs a home with a yard for her to play in, and someone who can take her places, or be home with her most of the day. She is potty trained, leash trained, and listens pretty well.. but can be stubborn. She is a picky eater, but we have found a food that she eats most of the time. We will provide you with everything she needs that we already have. She is afraid of most children but has never bitten anyone ever. She’s also good with cats and dogs as long as they don’t pester her/bother her all the time. Please let me know if you’re interested and feel free to ask any questions. Contact: or (951) 380-1898.
September 30, 2023

Dynamic Duo

Brother and sister team need loving home with lots of activity. Brother and sister team need a loving home with lots of activity. 12 week old American Staffordshire terrier mix, brother and sister need loving, active home to thrive and show their greatest potential. They are smart enough. They already know their names, but have very strong willed minds. The very handsome boy is Sir Phinnius George and the very pretty little girl is Miss Llayah. They would be wonderful with kids and other animals. I would love for them to be adopted together as they are very close and bonded. They sleep together in one bed even though they have two. They are currently on a mixture of wet food and dry food with some natural food mixed in such as cooked carrots, scrambled eggs and spinach, which they absolutely love, they are in the process of being potty trained, and go out about every 30 to 40 minutes and with that being said we do still have some accidents if the time schedule is not met. but the little speckles on this little girls nose is just absolutely stunning and the royalty that is in this little boys face is just breathtaking. And the one thing that both of them absolutely love jointly is laying in your lap at the same time. Contact: or (209) 912-9512.
September 28, 2023

ADORABLE holland lop bunny

This adorable furry potato is lovingly called Duo in our home. Although he doesn’t really respond to his name so you can easily call him whatever you want. 3 years old. He’s fixed. A bit of a troublemaker; he will try any hiding spot instead of going to bed. He’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen running and jumping around the house. He enjoys cardboard, not doing as he’s told, bunny treats, and suckering you into giving him whatever he wants with a single head nod. He has been known to bite when we clean up his cage, so I don’t think people with really young children should have him. He (like most bunnies) doesn’t enjoy cuddling but is great for running around the house with you and digging at your laundry piles. When I would take him out on his harness, he’s inquisitive hopping around the parks. Generally, he is in the X-pen pictured at night and if we’re not home. If we’re home hanging out, doing whatever, the gate is open, and they’re free to hop around the whole house. You are free to take his X-pen, bag, harness, water bottle, toys, and leftover food and litter. I’ll give you everything bunny-related we have, really. His partner in crime is much older than he is, and she is sadly going over the rainbow soon. I would like a loving, clean, patient, indoor (ONLY INDOOR) home for this little guy. Email, please tell me about your home.  Contact:
September 28, 2023

Sweet, lovable Winnie

Winnie is a sweet, loving boxer mix. She’s estimated between 5-7 years old, and she absolutely loves humans – every human. Her pet sitter, groomer, strangers, and friends alike all call her an “angel.” Her favorite things are her toys (her babies), affection from her humans, and her bed. She does well on walks but prefers sleeping at home and being around us more. We’re heartbroken to rehome her, but we believe she would be best as an only dog/pet. She sniffs and says hi to other dogs on walks (is NOT reactive in any way) but she doesn’t seem to want to share her home with another pet. If we didn’t have another dog, we’d hold onto her with everything we have. She is the sweetest baby. Contact: or (502) 931-0654.
September 28, 2023

Sweet “Ozzy” is looking to be your one and only

“Ozzy” formerly “Dashley” was adopted from SOCO shelter on 7/20/23. Unfortunately one of his owners is allergic to his fur. He is a very curious cat who loves to play. He would do best to be the only cat in the home as he wants all the attention. He can be a little aggressive towards other cats as he demands the alpha position, so really he needs to be your one and only. He really wants to go outside and does well with supervision, unfortunately, we are an indoor-only household. I have a harness that can go with him. He is not timid at all. He allows you to pick him up and will sleep with you at night. He loves to eat so feeding him at designated times is better than filling his dish in the morning. He is a bit chunky, but we don’t mind. He uses his litter box like a champ. He truly is a beautiful boy. I’m hoping someone will scoop him up soon. It breaks my heart to have to surrender him to the shelter. Contact: or (707) 228-0269.
September 28, 2023

Friendly Feline Brothers Ivan & Whiskers Looking For New Happy Home

We are looking for a new happy home for our feline companions Ivan & Whiskers. We have had these now 6-year-old bonded brothers since their births and they are super sweet and lovie. They are both neutered and are INDOOR ONLY cats. They prefer a quite environment, are mellow and sleep a lot, but love to play too. Seeking a new home for them is a very hard decision to make but we need to put their happiness over ours and find them a home where people are present more often than we are. However, we are seeking the ‘Right-Fit’ home for our fur babies, so we will not just give them to anyone or separate them. If you are interested in hearing more about Ivan & Whiskers, please send an email with any questions. Contact:
September 28, 2023

Sweet older boy seeking loving home

Sadly I need to rehome my sweet boy Curry, he’s about 10 years old, neutered and has been an indoor cat only. I am pregnant and rent a room, my roommate has dogs who are not cat friendly so he (and my other cat ,a long haired orange female) have to stay in my bedroom at all times. He has been around my dogs and is fine with them and my other cat. He might be timid at first but once he warms up he is very very sweet. Contact:
September 28, 2023

Fluffy orange girl

Unfortunately I have to rehome my spunky girl Missy. She is a long haired orange female , which is rare for an orange cat to be a girl. She’s about 10 years old and is spayed. I am pregnant and rent a room. She cries at my door to be let out but my roommates dogs are not cat friendly. She needs more space to roam around but she has only been an indoor cat. She is good around my two dogs and my other cat (who I also have to rehome ). Contact:
September 27, 2023

energetic loving puppy for rehome

rehoming our sweet german shepherd border collie mix oso. he is a 7 month old puppy from a litter who was saved from being taken to the pound. we fostered him for 4 months and is now ready for his forever home. we are looking for a good home with lots of space for him to run as he is very energetic. he is approx 55 pounds and is still growing. rehoming fee is $150 but will be waived if seen he is going to a loving household. up to date on all shots and is currently on the waitlist to be neutered for free at the rohnert park shelter. Contact: or (925) 339-6824.
September 27, 2023

Maki and Lucy are looking for a forever home

Meet Maki and Lucy. These two best friends are looking for a new home to live indoors. They are spayed and have all vaccinations to date. Maki (the tuxedo cat) is 3 and a half years old. She loves to sleep next to you. She also loves to find a dark place where she can take a long nap. Lucy ( Domestic short hair) is almost 2 years old. She is more energetic. Likes to play with Maki when she is awake, loves her toys and wand and some cuddle time with her best friend. These two sweet friends are not lap cats but they come to you when you are in bed or on the couch for some cuddles. Lucy loves attention a little more than Maki but both enjoy some pets. Oh, I almost forgot, if you want them to come to you, just shake that bag of treats and they will be at your service. Contact: or (707) 483-8320.
September 26, 2023

Sweet Energetic Puppy

Zana is a 10 month old puppy we took in as a foster. Her foster family backed out and we are now in search of her forever home. She was given to us as a Australian Shepherd/Pit mix but believe she is Dalmatian due to characteristics. She is hard of hearing as dalmatians tend to be. She is up to date with vaccinations and microchiped. She likes to chase cats and birds so she would not do well with them. We currently have 3 dogs that she does get along with and 2 children that she loves to play with. She is still a puppy so lots of chewing and soft bitting as she is learning right from wrong. We received her as a outdoor dog and have indoor trained her. We have also crate trained her. She will need someone willing to puppy train or be patient and willing to learn with her. She can be fearful of strangers but with the right training she will do great. Contact: or (510) 409-8315.
September 26, 2023

Looking for Love

Hello! My name is Mochi! I am a lover. I am about 5 years old and 45 pounds. I’m up to date on shots and neutered, I even have my own doggo insurance! I’ve had a lot of training in the past but could use a brush up on my skills. I’m seeking an adult only home to call my own. I’m soft as can be with the most royal hair you’ve ever seen. I like walks as much as I like lounging around the house with my person. Dogs.. they make me pretty grumpy, I’ve learned that I don’t really enjoy their company. Cats are okay, but sometimes they run and it’s a bit fun to chase them.. or get a bit too close to my food and it’s mine! Would you like to meet? Go on a date or two? Take it slow? Or let me sweep you off your feet. Contact: or (707) 327-6240.
September 25, 2023

Faith Female Frenchie French Bulldog for Adoption

Meet Faith, our charming French Bulldog with a sprinkle of sass and a whole lot of love to give! This special lady has a heart as big as her personality. Faith, a captivating French Bulldog, is currently residing at our home in Petaluma and is eagerly waiting to find her forever home. With her bat-like ears, expressive round eyes, and a coat as soft as silk, Faith embodies all the adorable characteristics of her breed. But her appeal goes far beyond her looks. This little lady is a bundle of joy, with a playful spirit that’s sure to brighten up your days. Faith is a social butterfly, she adores being around people and thrives on attention. She has a friendly and patient nature that makes her perfect for a family with children or other pets. However, despite her outgoing personality, Faith also enjoys her quiet moments and would love nothing more than to curl up next to you on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Faith is not just a pet; she is a loyal friend, an avid explorer, and a never-ending source of affection. She has a heart full of love and is ready to share it with someone who will cherish her as much as she will them. So, if you’re looking for a companion that will make every day a little brighter come and meet Faith. Up to date on all shots and worming will require being spayed and an adoption fee to cover some of her vet bills. She is 1.5 years old, never been bred, our family will be spending half the year in Puerto Rico and we can sadly only keep one of our dogs.  Contact: or (707) 347-9833.
September 23, 2023

Bonded Sisters Will Melt Your Heart

Introducing Alicia and Leticia! Alicia (or Alli) is a lovely female domestic shorthair grey and black tabby cat with beautiful green eyes. She is very sweet and friendly, loves lap and cuddle time and is the first at everything. Alicia is bonded with her twin sister, Leticia, (Leti) so they will be adopted together. She is the more outgoing and independent of the two but Leticia is not far behind her. Leticia (Leti) is also a beautiful female domestic shorthair grey and black tabby cat with gorgeous green eyes. Her face is more angular (reminds her foster mom of a coyote), Alicia’s is rounder. You will soon be able to tell them apart as you get to know them. When the two kittens first arrived at their foster’s home, Leticia was quite shy and had to be coaxed to join the others at mealtime and such, but now she has blossomed into a loving sweet and friendly kitten. They were rescued from a yard in Vallejo where the people did not want them and although they were fed (just dry food), they had to live outside, even as tiny kittens, and may not have survived had they not been taken into foster care. The sisters are 5 months old. They love each other, and play and sleep together. And they love their foster mom and usually want to be wherever she is, if they aren’t thoroughly busy romping and playing. They play independently as well but mostly together. They are both curious and adamant play-mongers. They romp and run and jump and explore as most kittens do and are very cute doing it. They like to be ‘in on stuff’, whatever their foster mom is doing, they are there too. They like the ball toys and the small plush toys, they also like the cat teaser string toys and mylar fringe toys. They love cat trees and lounging at kitten-nap-time in the sun at the highest-most top shelf of the cat tree. They like sitting in the window to catch the morning sunshine as it beams through. They are friendly with the other resident cats and like to play if the older cats will. They would be good in a household with other cats. They both love kitty social and lap time and get it at least once, most often twice, a day. Foster mom sits on the sofa and they both come and make many biscuits and turn on their purring machines, revving them up to full volume. These sisters are spayed, up to date on rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, and microchipped, ensuring their health and safety and tested for FELV/FIV. Consider opening your heart and home to Alicia and Leticia, and you’ll be rewarded with the endless love and companionship of this loving affectionate duo. Don’t miss this opportunity to make them cherished members of your household. Schedule a meet and greet with Donya
September 23, 2023

Sweet and Playful Pair Looking for a Forever Home

Introducing Frida and Henri, stunning kitties who come from a loving foster home in Vallejo, CA. They can’t wait to meet you! Frida, approximately 1 year old, is looking for a forever home alongside her bestie, Henri. Prepare to be enchanted by Frida’s sweet and outgoing personality, while Henri will steal your heart with his endearing sweetness. These two darlings will bring you endless entertainment, comfort, and joy. As best friends, Henri and Frida do everything together. They romp, play, lounge, and groom each other. They are the most outgoing duo of their litter, constantly engaged in playful antics like zooming around the house in their own Feline Wrestling Federation (FWF). When it’s time to relax, they cuddle with their foster and happily snuggle up for a nap while she reads on the couch. They absolutely adore cat teaser toys, particularly the electronic teaser-with-the-skirt toy. Henri’s playful quirk is grabbing the feathers in his mouth and dragging the entire toy around. When they’re not goofing around, they love to find solace in high places like cat trees and enjoy the comfort of cushiony cat beds. Frida and Henri are up to date on their FVRCP vaccinations, have been microchipped, neutered, dewormed, and tested for FELV/FIV. Please schedule a meet and greet with Donya Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have Frida and Henri light up your life. Contact Donya today and embark on a wonderful journey of love and companionship with these incredible kitties, email
September 23, 2023

Handsome Charming Kitty Needs a Forever Home

Introducing Willy! This super friendly/sweet guy we rescued off the streets of Vallejo will absolutely charm the pants off you! Don’t be fooled by Willy’s rough-n-tumble one-eyed street looks—he couldn’t be more cuddly and loving. He adores full-body rubs and strokes and absolutely lives for head and chin scratches. He purrs easily and is quite talkative, especially when seeking pets or at mealtime. Have you ever been hugged by a cat? This is one of Willy’s favorite moves to people he loves. Even when he was stuck in a cage in a garage, he took time to stand up on his hind legs and place his arms on his foster’s chest. Willy certainly appreciates the finer things indoor life has to offer—spending his days lounging in his cushy cat bed as if on vacation—the only thing missing, a good book to read. When not on staycay you will find him grooming and bathing himself squeaky clean or napping to while away the days. He’s a real people person and will accommodate being picked up. (We’re thinking he probably lived with people at some point, but was abandoned and left to live on his own on the streets. They’re loss, your gain!) And doesn’t Willy’s tipped ear add to his charm? It just means he got swept up in a community cats TNR program, but we realized that some person or family deserved this sweet guy once we got a chance to see how charming he is. But, “What’s up with his eye?” you ask. When he came to us, he had what is called a ‘tiny eye,’ which needed to be surgically removed (or “enucleated”) so that it didn’t become cancerous. Despite the hardship this little guy has endured, he is a total love-bug and has one of the most endearingly positive attitudes toward life we have met! Willy has been tested for FIV/FeLV and is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. Schedule a meet and greet with Donya, Can you give Willy a loving forever home? He will give you much love in return ❤️❤️❤️
September 23, 2023

Nala – Kitty Cat

Hi! This is Nala. She is a 10 year old kitty (declawed). She is very independent and loves hanging outside on the deck of our apartment. Litter box trained. Loves to give kisses and snuggles when she is ready for them. LOL. She is good with kids. A little tentative with dogs but she can get along with one over time. Contact: or (303) 803-0053.
September 23, 2023

Ecko – 5 month old puppy needs a good home

Hi! This is Ecko. He is my male dogs’ son. My male dog had puppies with a dog in our neighborhood dog park and we have one puppy left to find the best home. He is a snuggle bug, loves sticks and bones, very sweet and good with kids. Potty trained for 4 hours at a time in the kennel. In the picture he is the one laying down. Contact: or (303) 803-0053.
September 23, 2023

Sweet Soul Kiko need forever home

Kiko will be 3 in September. She is a 70 pound, long haired American Akita. Mostly fluff! She is a gentle giant with love and loyalty to give. She is my 3rd Akita and she is the most playfu! She likes chasing a ball, up to 10 times, when in the mood. If she wants to play, she will bring her stuffy to you. She has the same toys that she got as a puppy. She really just likes to teethe on them. She has been raised in a loving home with my 13 year old daughter. Our family is going through several difficult transitions and we are unable to provide Kiko with the life she has been accustomed to and still deserves. She has been well socialized with other dogs and humans. She particularly likes a walk to Starbucks for her pup cup. She went to doggie daycare until about 6 months ago. As a typical Akita, Kiko can be dog aggressive with certain other female dogs, but not all. She has played and boarded with males and might really do well with another male dog. She is very playful and has medium energy. She walks well on a leash and can pass other dogs on a single trail with a cue to leave it. She has a moderate prey drive for small animals and would not do well with a cat. She has grown up with my grand kids, now 4 and 7 and generally likes all children. She is gentle when taking treats and can wait until cued to take her treats. She is not food motivated or possessive. Kiko loves being part of our family, she typically likes to save eating when we are all in the home. She is most comfortable with someone being in the home most of the time, although she can be left alone for hours. She did not do well when left with a house sitter that worked while we were away for 10 days. We attempted crate training, but somehow, she escaped. Akita’s are known to be escape artist! She is potty trained, UTD on shots and is microchipped. We do not have a yard, but she enjoys surveying the open outdoor space off our deck. We do not have a yard so we walk her 3 times a day to do her business. Kiko would love a secure yard to play in. She is playful, loving and the sweetest soul. She loves going in the car, even for errands. She particularly loves the beach and enjoyed all the creeks this last winter. You should have good knowledge of the Akita breed, it is not a dog for everyone. I’m looking for just the right home. If you are interested and think Kiko might be a good fit, I would be happy to connect. Thank you. Contact: or (707) 495-5192.
September 23, 2023

Sweet Shepard Pit Mix Needs New Home

This is Pebbles an 8 month old beautiful Shepard pit mix. He is up to date on all vaccines and neutered. Pebbles is a huge ball of energy and sweet as can be. He is AMAZING with our 3year old wild son and also our other dog! He loves to cuddle on the couch but is fine playing with his toys outside alone too. Pebbles needs a home with more land so he can roam and explore. We are looking to rehome him because we cannot seem to keep him in our yard, he only want to escape by either digging out or breaking through fences and it has gotten too much. He is not an aggressive dog in the slightest he just needs a larger place to roam. Contact: or (707) 492-7070.
September 21, 2023

Pit Mix Puppy Needs a New Home

Clover was found abandoned at approx 10 weeks old in Cloverdale last December. A friend fostered him and got him vet care until we adopted him in January 2023. We believe he will be a year old in October. He is current on his shots and crate trained, potty trained, will follow simple commands like sit & shake. We don’t have any other pets so it would need to be a cautious introduction. He loves being part of our family pack and wants to be wherever we are. He loves to run and play. If you have the time and space he could probably excel in agility courses. He barks at strangers and dogs on walks and guests in our home. If you live alone and need a good guard dog to alert you of anything on your property, Clover would be perfect. He has a lot of love to give and is extremely loyal. Please consider him if you’re looking to add a dog to your family. Contact: or (562) 607-4759.
September 21, 2023

Sweet, Floofy Cat in Need of a Home

About three weeks ago, I found this beautiful creature on the side of the road not moving, was clearly lost and/or abandoned, and I couldn’t leave her, so we took her in, put up signs, posted to the appropriate places and no one has claimed her. She thankfully wasn’t hurt as I initially thought but we unfortunately cannot keep her (we have a dog and two cats and she’s not super crazy about any of them and vice versa), but she is so sweet and loving, very friendly, not really a lap cat but loves to be close by. I’m estimating she’s about 5-6 years old, possibly some Norwegian Forest Cat in her, she has a cute little chirpy meow, likes to play with strings (as cats do) and loves her catnip banana. She is spayed, not microchipped at the moment but I will take her next week to do that. She would probably do best as being the only cat or maybe could work with another confident cat, probably no dogs would be best. She’s a bit on the full figured side, so we’ve been feeding her a weight control diet and I think she’s lost a bit of weight since we took her in. We have two girls ages 9 and 6 and she’s been great with them (they named her Margot), she sleeps in their beds at night. She’s been given flea meds and I combed her out pretty well, her fur is very soft, she’s just such a love and we really just want to find the right home for her. Let me know if you’re interested! Contact: or (505) 400-5069.
September 19, 2023

Guinea Pig Bom Bom

We adopted Bom Bom from the Healdsburg Animal Shelter a couple years ago and we no longer have the time to give him all the attention he deserves. Looking for someone that has the time to give him lots of love, hold him and give him time to roam around in his playpen every day. He prefers to live alone unlike most guinea pigs, which makes him easier to care for. We have continued his healthy diet as advised from the shelter; a slice of orange in the morning; a handful of spring mix and romaine lettuce for dinner along with a slice of bell pepper. He also has hay and pellets every day along with the occasional “cookie” or other fruits and vegetables. Continuing this diet is important for his new owner to maintain. Bom Bom is friendly and talkative especially when he is ready to eat! We will include his playpen, waterproof mat, cage, water bottle and any leftover pellets, hay, bedding and treats we have at the time of adoption. Adoption fee is $20. Contact:
September 16, 2023

Sweet Black lab golden retriever mix who loves cuddles

August is a one and a half year old half black lab/half golden retriever from pure breed parents. Has all her shots and is neutered. She is very well trained when it comes to being on and off leash, she has great recall, sitting, staying, house trained and goes to her bed when told. She loves playing fetch at the beach! She is overall a great dog but the reason we are looking to re home her is because she is jealous of our other animals. She plays very well with other dogs, has never bitten another dog, but we have found it difficult to give our other animals attention without her getting jealous. The perfect home would be with someone that doesn’t have other animals and loves to hike and go to the beach! Contact:
September 16, 2023

The Night King

The Night King is nothing like his namesake, he just has eyes bluer than ice. He is the sweetest cat and only wants to sit on your feet and be held. He has the biggest purr that he uses all the time. He loves belly rubs, playing with his siblings and loves to be near humans. We found him and his siblings, Bobbi and Jan, also listed here, a few months ago and would love to adopt him with 1 or 2 of his siblings if possible. We sadly cannot keep these babies because we have too many kitties of our own. Night King has been neutered, received his first round of FVRCP, flea meds and has been microchipped. He has been staying inside with a 60 pound dog, but they haven’t interacted much. Contact: or (607) 342-6821.
September 16, 2023

Jan Levinson-Gould

Jan is a lady of business who takes her job of playing with her two brothers very seriously. She has fun after work though and loves belly rubs and chin scratchies. We would love to adopt her with 1 or 2 of her siblings, Night King and Bobbi, also listed here. We found her and her siblings in our backyard a few months ago, but unfortunately have too many kitties of our own to keep her and her siblings. She has been fixed, received her first round of FVRCP and flea medicine and had been microchipped. She and her brother Night King are also known as the creamsicles. She has been staying inside with a 60 pound dog, but has not interacted with him much. Contact: or (607) 342-6821.
September 16, 2023

Bobbi Panter

Bobbi is a sweet and social boy who loves to chirp hello at you. He demands pets and loves to say hello with a headbutt. If you need a kitty who would love to be by your side all day, this is your boy. We found him and his siblings in our back yard a few months ago and unfortunately have too many kitties of our own to keep him and his siblings. Ideally he would be adopted with 1 or 2 of his siblings, Night King and Jan, also listed here. He has been fixed, received his first round of FVRCP, flea meds and has been microchipped. He has been staying inside with a dog, but they have not interacted too much. Contact: or (607) 342-6821.
September 15, 2023

Meet Kiba – he’s looking for his forever home

Kiba is a handsome neutered 3-year old Shepherd Rottweiler mix, probably around 85 lbs. He loves cuddling on the couch with his humans, and he loves loves loves to play with his ball. He is a big, happy, bouncy guy with lots of energy, and likes to be in water. He’s housetrained, crate trained and doesn’t jump up on people or guard food – and he has never bitten anyone. He needs a situation where he gets lots of attention and exercise and has space to move around (we live in a trailer park in a small home). He is smart as a whip and trainable, for someone who has the time to invest in him. He’s just too much dog for our family and small space. He is great with toddlers and people he’s just meeting for the first time, is fine with the several cats in our house, likes farm animals, but totally loses it when he sees other dogs in the street or passing by (or squirrels in trees). He’s not great in dog parks because he’s so dog-reactive, but this could be remedied by training with a firm but patient owner. He gets anxious being in the car – we’ve tried all kinds of things, but he gets upset, whines, circles, and paces. We think that with the right person, he could become his best and happiest self, where he could be super active and get lots of 1:1 attention. We are wanting to rehome him gently and not just return him to the Humane Society. Could he be right for you? Contact Ayah at
September 13, 2023

Looking for a New Home for a Husky!

Are you searching for a furry friend who is as loyal as they are gentle? Look no further than Oso, a 6-year-old husky who is in need of a new loving home. Oso is a unique and special husky who deserves a second chance at happiness. He is currently at risk of being euthanized if surrendered to a shelter due to a previous bite experience, but Oso has so much love to offer the right family. About Oso: 🐺 Breed: Siberian Husky 🎂 Age: 6 years 🐾 Personality: Oso is a sweet and independent boy who enjoys his own space but also loves human companionship. He’s a gentle soul who has a special affinity for children, making him an ideal family pet. Oso’s Likes: 🌞 Sunbathing: Oso adores soaking up the sun, so make sure to have a cozy spot by the window or in the yard for him to relax in. 🚶 Walks: He loves going for walks and exploring the great outdoors. Oso is a great companion for anyone who enjoys staying active. 💆 Butt Scratches: Oso can’t resist a good butt scratch – it’s one of his favorite things in the world! What Oso Needs: 🏡 Loving Home: Oso is seeking a forever home with patient and understanding owners who can provide him with a calm and secure environment. 👪 Family: He does well with children and enjoys their company. Oso would thrive in a home with a family that can give him the love and attention he craves. 🐕 Single-Pet Household: Oso would be best suited as the only pet in the household to avoid any potential conflicts. Oso has so much love to give, and he’s ready to become your loyal companion. With the right family, he can overcome his past experiences and enjoy a happy, fulfilling life. If you’re interested in giving Oso a second chance and providing him with the loving home he deserves, please reach out to us at or (707) 492-0625.  Let’s work together to ensure Oso’s future is filled with love, sunshine, and wagging tails.
September 13, 2023


Hi all! My name is Lilo (ridgeback mix), and am looking for a new home as my current owner is going to serve our country. I’m a very sweet and loving dog that loves snuggles but also loves my alone time. I’m currently 8 years old and am kind of a lazy butt! I don’t do the best around children because of my past trauma with them (I was beaten by my old owners kids with pillows etc) as I have some anxiety that came from that. I’m okay around other dogs but the older I get the less I care about them. Please call this number to find out more about me! 661-369-5075
September 10, 2023

Sweet Whippet Mix Looking For Furever Home

Rosie is a goofy and playful 9-year-old hefty whippet mix (about 35-40 lbs). Despite her size, she thinks she’s a lap dog. She loves to cuddle and usually seeks out the softest spot in the house for curling up. She’s had 4 doggy roommates previously and loves playing with bigger dogs. She’s been part of our family since she was 1-year-old, and we are heartbroken for her leave us. Sadly, she’s anxious around children and our growing family of soon to be 3 boys under 3 is not a good fit for her. While she’s never been aggressive towards anyone, we haven’t taken any chances to allow her the opportunity with kids. When older kids are in the house, she prefers to hide in her safe place like a bedroom. We know that we can’t trust our boys to give her the space she needs and fear that it could become an unsafe environment. We are hoping to find a more comfortable home for her. Thank you for considering our girl! Contact: or (404) 702-8258.
September 10, 2023

Spork the Dog Seeking Human to Love

Meet Spork. He’s a dog. But he’s so much more than a dog! Spork is a 3-year old, 40 lb heeler-kelpie-terrier-boxer. But Spork defies labels. Spork is a lover, gives and seeks it in equally abundant measure whose big brown eyes will stare deep into your soul until you can hardly stand it. And right now, Spork is looking for a cozy new home and a human companion with a heart big enough to give and receive that bottomless love in return.  Spork enjoys walks and the outdoors, though you’ll most often find him inside. Spork loves nothing more than a good snuggle, napping, and lying sprawled out in a sunbeam. Spork is an odd creature, to be sure, and will bring silliness wherever he goes. Spork lives for human affection. Though it does take time for him to warm up to strangers, as he’s keen on protecting his homefront from danger, and he’s been known to get jealous of competitions for attention too. Therefore Spork’s ideal future home features a smaller cast of familiar characters rather than one with frequent visitors, kids and others dogs.  So if you’re looking for an oddball companion and think you can match Spork’s appetite for affection, please get in touch. We trust that with the right human, Spork will find true happiness. And that he’ll bestow true happiness upon the right human too.  Contact: or (415) 710-5692.
September 10, 2023

2 Leopard Geckos

We have 2 geckos in need of a new home. Gypsy is full grown and a 15 year old (ish?) senior. She is shy but does like to be held. She needs a mature gentle human. Noodle is a 1 year old female very healthy. They have separate cages and can not be put together. We are looking for someone that has experience with geckos. They are eating crickets and love the chase. They come with cages and lights. We are moving and unfortunately can not bring them. Leopard Geckos do not smell or carry semolina making them a good cold blooded pet. Contact: or (707) 548-4172.
September 8, 2023

Please help my wonderful Gizzmo find a loving home with you

Meet my sweet and spunky Cat Gizzmo. Gizzmo is good natured, loving and a great companion. He used to be an inside/outside cat until he lost most of his hearing. Although, he is a 17 year old neutered senior; he has lots of life left in him. His favorite hobby is looking out the window and watching the world go by. In his younger days (just a year ago) he knew everyone in the neighborhood; from dogs, cats, neighbors and kids walking to and from school. Some considered him their mascot! Occasionally, I would see him on my front lawn semi-hiding in a bush and stick his leg out just in time to startle a dog on a leash walking by. My children had a good time growing up with Gizzmo. He will sit on your lap, perhaps sleep with you in bed and keep you warm. He loves treats and to be held or petted. He has no movement issues and walks and jumps easily. Unfortunately, due to new circumstances in my retired life, I am with a very sad heart looking for a good person to love Gizzmo as I have. He probably will do best in a home without a dog or a small dog only. Contact: or (707) 364-3448.
September 8, 2023

Two 5 month old puppies

Looking for a forever home Two 5-month-old puppies. female and male. They are amazing; very smart, cuddly, and high-energy. They are good with other dogs. I have had them for a month, they were found in a field on 116. I have too many dogs and they will be outgrowing my fencing; I live in a mobile home park. They have all their vaccines and are microchipped. They need someone with an active life, someone who knows how to train dogs, agility would be ideal. Contact: or (415) 328-0017.
September 8, 2023

Meet Lady!

Cute, sweet, and full of love, Lady is the definition of a sweetheart. Lady is one of those rare dogs that strikes a great balance between playful and affectionate. While she loves chasing toys, going on walks, and playing tag in the park, Lady also loves getting to cuddle up on the couch and just spending time relaxing with you. If you’re looking for a loving, intelligent, and fun canine companion, you can’t go wrong with Lady. She is wonderful. *we are located in Davis, CA. Contact: or (831) 515-2666.
September 6, 2023

Mookie, Mini-Aussie

Our hearts are breaking but we need to re-home our mini-Aussie, Mookie. She is almost three years old, weighs about 40 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, potty trained, crate trained, and vaccinated. Our lifestyle and her needs are not matched and it is causing her to have aggression issues—and with children coming in and out of our house on a regular basis, we cannot take this risk anymore. To be fully candid, Mookie bites. She feels like her entire job in life is to protect her family and our home. With people she’s comfortable with this isn’t a problem, and under watchful eye when we have guests, she will be okay as long as they don’t make a sudden movement next to her, or reach down to pet her. Otherwise, she had bitten 20+ people in the three years we’ve had her. She doesn’t latch, it’s a stern warning, but she does break skin. She’s bitten children, women, men alike. She has never bitten any of our family members (our kids are 11 and 12), and around us she is the perfect dog. Loving, snuggly, loyal, funny, smart, sweet and as cute as they get. Out of the house, she is mostly good on walks, but if something spooks her or she feels threatened, she will lunge / bark. She also does not like delivery folks or vehicles. We run her or take her on a walk each day, and we have a fenced in backyard. I do feel like she is getting enough exercise. We’ve also put her in an immersive training program, and have put her on prozac. None of these things seem to help. She is affected by the Pet Corrector hiss noise and it will break her out of any aggression, and we have seen some progress with change when the can is in hand. She is good with other dogs unless they get around us, or her food. Then she will warn them to back off. I think Mookie would be good in a quiet house without a lot of people coming in and out. I am not sure how she would do on a large piece of land. I think she would appreciate routine and quiet, which is not our environment, unfortunately. Contact:
September 5, 2023

Handsome Bonded Brothers, Claude and Vincent

Meet Vincent! Bonded with Claude, they are affectionately known as ‘The Twins.’ These two kitties share an unbreakable bond and were rescued alongside their siblings Frida and Henri as part of the adorable “Artist Kitties” group. They are approximately one year old. Although not initially outgoing, Vincent and Claude warm up with time and are incredibly playful and cuddly. Claude’s irresistible ‘baby face’ will melt your heart, and his sweet nature is simply endearing. Vincent, on the other hand, exudes a sense of depth and wisdom through his eyes, making him a true charmer. It’s hard to choose favorites among the four, but Vincent might just hold a special place in their foster’s heart. They both find joy in cat teaser toys and the electronic teaser-with-the-skirt toy. When they’re not engaged in playtime, they prefer finding solace in high places like cat trees and snuggling up in plush cat beds. Vincent and Claude are up to date on their FVRCP vaccinations, microchipped, neutered, dewormed, and tested for FELV/FIV. Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome these delightful twins into your home. Contact us today to embark on a journey of love, laughter, and companionship with Vincent and Claude. Contact Donya via email at to learn more about these sweeties.
September 4, 2023

Meet Kona!

She’s a mix of 50% German Shepard and the other two major breeds are Chow Chow as well as Australian Cattle Dog! Her birthday is January 15th, 2019. She’s 71 Pounds and up to date on her all her shots as of July 2023. Potty trained + Knows commands *food motivated/easy to train. She’s microchipped and we spayed + we have her papers. Kona has been the center of the Garcia family pack for many years, holding a zest for life like no other. She’s energetic, loving, and intelligent. Kona is a hiker’s dream trail partner; this dog won’t stop (unless told to) and loves all things outdoors! Kona will keep you safe as she keeps a careful eye and knows how to stay out of danger! A perfect fit for any active family. Sadly, the untimely passing of Karen Garcia to cancer has left the family devastated and unable to take care of this gem that is Kona. We still want her to have the life she deserves and that’s where hopefully you come in! She has lived in a house with a cat and two other dogs. Has not been around children so unsure how she would be. Kona was raised as a puppy from the pound and given all the love and training she needed to bloom. Now all she needs someone to keep her in the sunshine. Please message if you are interested. Contact:
September 1, 2023

Sweet sweet Scooter

Scooter is so sweet and adoring. He loves to sit on your lap to fall asleep . He is smart, crate trained, 90% potty trained. He doesn’t shed much at all.We love Scooter and would love to keep him but our house is not the best place for him. We live along the main stairway to town so people and dogs walk along our property all day and night. Scooter, feels that he must protect his home so he barks and gets really riled up being outside. He was doing great with leash training with a lot of structure but as soon as we get home he goes into protect mode and surveys the stairs. Sadly because he is so riled up in our yard, he has gotten leash reactive. He gets along with dogs of all sizes but not on a leash. He is very food motivated so he is doing well on his training walks but as soon as he gets home he goes into protect mode so he is riled up on his walks again. His ideal home is with a solid fence yard and not a lot of traffic. Contact:
September 1, 2023


Scout is a terrier mix, 12.5 lbs., 5 years old, neutered, & housebroken. He loves to snuggle, play with toys and go on walks. He doesn’t mind baths or nail trims. BUT he is eager to bark at unfamiliar people, dogs, loud noises, etc. After an unexpected move from a rural home with fenced yard and someone home most of the time to an apartment with owners that need to go to work full-time, he’s not okay being alone so much (barks, jumps & scratches at door). Contact:
September 1, 2023

Mitzi needing home asap

Hello sad to say but my dad passed away and we looking for a loving home for his 3 cats. This one is mitzi she black and white tuxedo. Long hair. She indoor/outdoor cat. Recommend home as only cat or if she is with her other sisters that she has been with. She 8-10 years old she is spayed unsure on shots if they are current or not but she has had some previous in pass.  Contact: or (707) 528-3416.
September 1, 2023

Honey needing home asap

Hello I’m sad to say but this was my dad’s cats and he has passed away and we need to find her a loving home asap. Her name is honey she sweet girl once she warms up to you She loves to lay on your shoulders and around neck and can just walk around with her hilling or she will curl up on lap. She also a great mouse hunter ! She is about 8-10 years old. She indoor/ out door cat. Looking for a home without other cats. Text is best! Contact: or (707) 079-7807.
August 30, 2023

Liberace (Libby)

Libby was my Mom’s cat who has since passed away. Unfortunately we cannot keep him since I am student and I need to go back to on campus living. He is a 10 year old indoor and outdoor cat, but for the past few years has been strictly outdoor. We have two other cats but my Mom treated Libby a little more special by letting him in every night to enjoy her nighttime tv with him. He is very loving and social and a self acclaimed lap cat. He will lay on you any chance he gets! Personally, I think Libby is different from other cats because he seems to be aware of his kitty life. He is up to date on his vaccines and just had his yearly check up with Windsor VCA. I am looking for a home to love Libby just as much as we love him. Contact: or (707) 508-6118.
August 30, 2023

Brother and Sister, Mickey and Zoe

These two are my Mom’s cats whom has since passed away. They were found as kittens on our property 8 years ago and have been outdoor kitties here ever since. She LOVED these cats and unfortunately we cannot keep their home since I am a student and have to go back to school. They are very loving cats and are very social, I owe that to us bottle feeding them. I am looking for someone who has land for these two to roam and help with any ‘land invaders’ (they’re great hunters) They have been together since birth and ideally I don’t want them to lose each other, cuddling together at night is their thing. This is a hard post to make since they have been with me throughout hard times, I want them to find a home that will love them as much as we did. They are up to date with all vaccines, recently had their yearly check up with Windsor VCA. Mickey has just had teeth removal surgery, so there shouldn’t be any new issues with the two of them. Contact: or (707) 508-6118.
August 30, 2023

Our sweet English Bulldog needs a new loving family

It saddens me to have to find a new home for our English bulldog Lola who is 6 years old. Unfortunately after having kids we came to realization that they are allergic to dogs. Not only that but unfortunately I do not have the time that I use to. Would love a family who just absolutely love English bulldogs and dogs in general. Contact: or (707) 235-4437.
August 29, 2023

Collie mix male neutered, all shots current.

It breaks my heart having to look to rehome Odie. He is 1 year old, weighs 48lbs, potty trainer. He loves attention and is very smart!!. He loves to go on car rides and walks. Very energetic, friendly, explorer, curious dog. He loves the outdoors! He likes to swim,he likes to fetch, he enjoys the snow and he knows some commands. Odie is not cat friendly Contact:
August 29, 2023

Rehoming Loki

Unfortunately, I’m in need of help with my dog Loki , DOB 9/2/21, whom I adopted on 1/8/22.  I had an unexpectant shoulder surgery a few weeks after (still messed up!) and my husband had another spinal infection and was in the hospital a few weeks then nursing home for a month.  I never was able to take him to obedience school, so he still pulls on leash.  My husband was going to work with him walking with his wheelchair, however, things have gone downhill with him, and his memory is all not that good (multiple spine surgeries and infections).  He’s home with him 24/7 and is too much for my husband now.  Loki deserves so much better and would be an amazing dog for someone with a fenced in yard to get his energy out… He’s been around my granddaughter and is fine, just excited to be out when he’s out. It breaks my heart to write this as I keep trying to think it will get better, but it’s not and I don’t want Loki to be stuck inside all of the time. I’m about to have my ankle replaced again (ankle replacements only last up to 10 years).  I’m hoping to find him a new home while he is still young enough.  I can be reached at
August 27, 2023

Border collie / black lab / German shepherd mix

My dog Buck is about 3 and a half years old. He is a black lab / border collie / German shepherd mix. Buck is extremely active, loves long walks, playing in the water, and is great with kids (I have a toddler and Buck has been great around her since she was born). He is good with other dogs but is very vocal when he plays so it does throw people off sometimes. He knows some commands like sit / stay / come (here) / gentle (when giving him treats). He is not the most well trained dog as before I had to move he mostly just had free roam of the house as I work long hours. I am in a tight position where I am unable to care for my dog. The place I am staying at does not allow dogs but unfortunately it is my only option for living at the moment for financial reasons. I hate to see him go and it hurts but I want the best for him and want him to be happy. Contact: or (707) 775-1938.
August 24, 2023

Baloo the 10-month Sweetie Poo

We adopted our sweetheart of a Pit Bull puppy, Baloo, from a litter posted on Craigslist when he was 2 months old in December. Baloo was supposed to be a small lab mix, but turned into a big ol’ Pitty. He and our other pup Butterscotch have been best friends since he came home, but now he is too big (already 60 lbs at 10 months) and too energetic for us to keep him. As he has entered his adolescence phase Baloo has developed stranger anxiety and we are working with behavior trainers to curb this behavior/fear as quickly as possible. Unfortunately he now plays too roughly with his elderly sis- she tries to hold her own but as she continues to age she will not be able to. He has attended Petco and Marin Humane puppy training series classes, is smart and easily trainable (with treats of course!) has “posses” of pups and people at our local parks, and is SUCH an adorable cuddle-bug. He follows my husband and me around the house- he really loves to be around his “people.” We love him SO much and want to find him a wonderful new home soon. Contact: or (916) 716-6489.
August 23, 2023

Rehoming Sweet girl Primrose

Primrose is a 2 year old female calico cat. She is very social and sweet to people, she does well with other cats but doesn’t have an experience with dogs, however I do believe she would do well with a gentle smaller dog. She has a huge personality and loves to play! She needs a home that is energetic with lots of love!  Contact: or (707) 548-0585.
August 23, 2023

Rescue dog needs a new home

Pippin is a male Jack Russell terrier who is good with kids and other dogs. He’s house trained, loving, and can sleep with you or your kid at night, if you want. He needs a home where he’s the only dog. He’s healthy, neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and flea meds. He comes with doggy door, bed and miscellaneous. Contact: or (707) 495-9385.