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We understand that life can sometimes present unexpected challenges, and having to rehome your pet can be one of them. That’s why we want to highlight our free service, Adoptions by Owner. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend exploring this option before considering a shelter. Not only is it a cost-free solution, but it also ensures a smoother transition for your furry friend by keeping them in a familiar environment during the rehoming process, reducing stress and aiding in their adjustment.

We acknowledge that it’s not always possible, but when it is, Adoptions by Owner stands as a great alternative. Your decision to find a caring new home for your pet is an act of love, and Adoptions by Owner is here to support you.

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There's no place like home. (photo of collie sitting on a couch) Our Adoptions By Owner page provides a free-of-cost solution, providing a seamless transition for your furry friend whenever possible. By keeping them in a familiar environment during the rehoming process, the aim is to reduce stress and facilitate a smooth adjustment.
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February 16, 2024

Four kittens looking for homes

It’s been 5 months since we rescued kittens. They were found in an alley and after monitoring them to see if their momma was around; we found out they were on their own so we took them in. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep them. We already have a cat (tortie named Sen) who doesn’t get along with other animals or people, and it is extremely hard for her to bond with other cats. Due to our living situation, it is getting harder to provide for them. We are trying to reach out to organizations, but have not had any luck. These furry babies are wonderful, and energetic. Although we love them, and have enjoyed watching them grow; they deserve a loving home. A home where they can be free, and get the attention they need. Contact: or (707) 623-0263.
February 16, 2024

Handsome lap kitty looking for home!

This very handsome, sweet kitty is looking for a home! Unfortunately he does not get along with my other cat. His play style is a bit too rough for him. He is a failed barn cat, so I took him home with me. Violet (we were told he was a female as a kitten and the name stuck…) is super snuggly, floppy, squishy and sweet. He gets along great with dogs and I’m sure he’d be fine with another cat as well (just not my sensitive boy). HE IS AVAILABLE AS AN INDOOR ONLY CAT! I will not let him go to a home who wants an indoor/outdoor cat. He is not the brightest and I would hate for him to get hit by a car. He also has lighter pigment on his face, so it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to go outdoors anyway. He is a medium haired cat, neutered, uses a litter box and up to date on all vaccines. I don’t have an exact date of birth for him, but he is about 10-11 months old. Let me know if you have any questions!  Contact:
February 16, 2024

Handsome Doggo looking for love

Are you ready to meet the most handsome Doggo you’ve ever laid eyes on!? Well he’s here! And he looking for love!…..& a forever home! Fidget’s the name, but I’m also called Fidgee Foo Foo! I’m approximately 3 years old. Altered Male. 55 lbs. I’m a real friendly cuddlebug, and could spend hours just holding your hand (litterally, he loves to hold hands!). I’m a zoomie master. And a real catch. I was pulled from a high killed shelter that was extremely overcrowded. And yes, I have a cleft lip! It’s one of my dashing features and goes perfectly with my croaked tail. Foster mama says I’m one of a kind. Incredibly loving, enthusiastic, with unique personality. Very goofy & keeps you laughing all the time. He’s so easy to fall in love with! Fidget gets along with other dogs, But cannot live in a home that has cats. There will be a rehoming fee which will be donated to the shelter he came from. If you’re interested in finding out more information about this gorgeous guy, please text me at 707-591-6850.
February 15, 2024

Gorgeous Siberian can’t handle sisters scent

Toby is a beautiful Siberian that my mother in law got from a breeder with papers. He has a great personality but developed a habit of marking inside the home as he grew up around his sister who is full time indoors. Our vet said that this may be solely because her scent is dominant in the house. We are looking for a good home for Toby as his owner will be going to assisted living shortly. Toby has spent a fair bit of time outside of late, because of his recent habit, and we would like to find him a home that he is comfortable in. He is super soft and a gorgeous boy.  Contact: or (707) 338-1851.
February 12, 2024

Friendly Feline Brothers Ivan & Whiskers Looking For New Happy Home

We are looking for a new happy home for our feline companions Ivan & Whiskers. We have had these now 6-year-old bonded brothers since their births and they are super sweet and lovie. They are both neutered and are INDOOR ONLY cats. They prefer a quite environment, are mellow and sleep a lot, but love to play too. Seeking a new home for them is a very hard decision to make but we need to put their happiness over ours and find them a home where people are present more often than we are. However, we are seeking the ‘Right-Fit’ home for our fur babies, so we will not just give them to anyone or separate them. If you are interested in hearing more about Ivan & Whiskers, please send an email with any questions. Contact:
February 12, 2024

Very Special Bull Terrier

Are you dreaming of the most loyal, snuggly and smart dog to complete your family and home? Sugar wants and needs a calm and engaging family or individual and specifically someone who appreciates her smart, attentive nature and willingness to learn; someone committed & who enjoys working with bullies and wants the experience of supporting and nurturing her confidence and skills. She’s super trainable and eager to please. Sugar will do best in a home without cats; though she’s not shown a prey drive for any critters or cats, she is curious. But she listens well when told to “leave it.” And she’s dog-specific and does best with male dogs, though does have 2 female bff’s. She’s happily crate trained. It’s her safe & cozy place where she spends lots of her time. She’s super loyal, snuggly, really smart and a homebody. She’s happiest when she’s with her primary person. She loves and needs her daily walks but is not a high-energy dog – she’s mellow. The beach is her happiest place (but she does not like water) and she’s very easy to walk on leash. She’s 4.5yrs old She’s 48-50lbs depending on the day! She’s a major snuggler and lap dog and will sleep as long as you do. She won’t wake you up. She rarely barks. She’s a great guard dog; wants to know who’s coming into the house. She’ll never take off/run off even if front door or gate is open. She bonds deeply ❣️ She needs a home where she won’t be left alone for too many hours at a time❣️🐶 Please, only those people specifically interested in a bully-breed and their smart, tenacious personalities need apply. Contact: or (707) 318-0220.
February 9, 2024

Sweet Energetic Puppy

Zana is a 10 month old puppy we took in as a foster. Her foster family backed out and we are now in search of her forever home. She was given to us as a Australian Shepherd/Pit mix but believe she is Dalmatian due to characteristics. She is hard of hearing as dalmatians tend to be. She is up to date with vaccinations and microchiped. She likes to chase cats and birds so she would not do well with them. We currently have 3 dogs that she does get along with and 2 children that she loves to play with. She is still a puppy so lots of chewing and soft bitting as she is learning right from wrong. We received her as a outdoor dog and have indoor trained her. We have also crate trained her. She will need someone willing to puppy train or be patient and willing to learn with her. She can be fearful of strangers but with the right training she will do great. Contact: or (510) 409-8315.
February 9, 2024

Sweet, complex Basenji/Heeler mix

Dear friends, fellow animal lovers, and kind-hearted community members, Our hearts are heavy as we navigate a difficult chapter with our cherished 4.5-year-old family dog, a delightful Basenji/Heeler mix. While he brings immense love and joy within our family, his unpredictable aggression towards strangers, including instances of biting, leaves us with no choice but to seek a new home for him. As a single mother with two sons, I am unable to afford his care, and our living situation prohibits us from keeping him. Shelters, unfortunately, cannot provide a solution, and the prospect of behavioral euthanasia is something we vehemently oppose. We reach out to you, our extended community, in the hope that someone with the compassion and resources can offer him the new home and behavioral modification he so desperately needs. He’s more than a dog; he’s a cherished member of our family, deserving of a chance at a happy and fulfilling life. If you or someone you know possesses the means and expertise to help, please reach out. Together, let’s provide him with a second chance and prevent an unthinkable tragedy. Your support in sharing this plea is our lifeline. Let’s unite and find a loving home where he can thrive. Your help is invaluable. 🙏🏼🐶❤️ **#SaveOurDog #SecondChance #HelpNeeded #NewForeverHome** Contact: or (408) 782-4637.
February 7, 2024

Husky/Bulldog 1 year pup needs new home

A good dog named Freya needs a fresh start and a new home. Freya is a 1 year old spayed, vaccinated Husky/Bulldog mix. She is a fun, energetic, sweet, and playful dog who loves to run and play with other dogs. Freya loves people and wants to say high to everyone! She’d be thrilled to attend a reward based training class with her new family and impress them with her big beautiful brain and athleticism. This youngster will happily work for treats! Freya is an expert at the game of catch (the fetch part could use a little practice). she might not be an ideal match for small kiddos who might get tackled on accident. Freya has no cat experience. It’s important that she find a home where she will get exercise and attention so she doesn’t resort to destruction out of boredom. She’s at a great age for attending classes with an active, fun human or two!  Contact: or (707) 490-4774.
February 5, 2024

Gideon and Tucker bonded pair

Urgent : I have 3 weeks to find a home for my beautiful babies. They are extremely bonded and need to stay together. The boy would be lost without his friend because he is incredibly shy. They are 2.5, spayed /neauterd, different mothers, leukemia negative, potty trained and no bad habits, indoor only but would love to explore outside, never been around dogs or kids . The roommate that was going to adopt them moved to Florida. I have not had them since June because I moved back to Napa to take care of my parents. My fiance is very allergic to them and it has developed into asthma. We now live in a studio and can not have a separate bedroom from the cats. I was going to bring them here and keep them innsps until I find a home but my parents said they don’t want them here and to take them to the pound. I have 3 weeks till the other roommate moves out. Contct: or (707) 815-3166.
February 5, 2024

Kevin (the cat) lost his mom and needs a home

Kevin’s person passed away Feb 1 in Graton and we need to find him a new home. He is very sweet, cuddles and sleeps a lot, loves being brushed and adored – one of the sweetest cats ever. He is 11, neutered, semi long hair, and in good health. I have vet records and he’s up to date. He lived with a service dog who we had to surrender. He needs a quiet home, has been used to going out, but should become an indoor cat when he is moved at least for 6 weeks per protocol. Contact:
February 5, 2024

Playful Snuggly Lab/Pit Mix

This baby needs a loving home with lots of cuddles. Atlas is 1 year 4 months old. We’ve had him for a year. He was severely abused as a newborn and as such would do best in a home where he is the only dog. He has no experience with cats, so I can’t speak to that. He is the sweetest, snuggliest, goodest boy. We adopted 2 dogs together and as they grew there was animosity between them. We have worked towards tolerance but ultimately they both would be happier in a home where they each are the only dog. He will let you pick him up and carry him like a baby. Atlas knows “sit”, “stay”, “wait” (for when doors are open and you don’t want him going through it), “come”, and “crate”. He will do almost anything for a treat and knows the words “treat” and “cookie”. Admittedly, he will expect a treat for performance but we use a single piece of kibble for his treats. He is crate trained for during the day while we are out of the house but prefers to sleep with our kids at night. He is a chewer and no cardboard box is safe near him. He loves nylon chews and rope toys. He is a very smart dog and can open lever doorhandles. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. I can put you in touch with his current veterinarian to get all records. He has a current registration with Sonoma County theat will come due in April. His crate will go with him. We would love for you to come and meet him a few times before adopting him. We are happy to take him back if you cannot keep him for any reason. $100 rehoming fee. Contact: or (707) 570-6990.
February 3, 2024

New home needed for an active puppy

We are looking to rehome our 10 month old golden retriever/border collie mix. She needs an active family with a large yard or lots of walks. She is smart and is house trained, sits and waits for food but could use some more work with her manners like jumping up on kiddos. Contact: or (707) 931-8867.
February 3, 2024

Luca Siberian husky

Hi meet Luca a 4.5 year old Siberian husky. His a great family dog very playfully, enjoys the outdoors walking going for runs. Unfortunately do to personal medical reasons I’m unable to give Luca the time and care he needs. Therefore I believe it is best to find a loving family that can give him the love and attention he needs. Contact: or (707) 484-5443.
February 1, 2024

Amazing family dog needs new home

Yofi is a 5.5 year old American Pitbull Terrier sweetheart who has lived with us since she was 4 months old when we bought her from a breeder. She is 60 lbs and a kind nanny dog to our 6 month old. She is also an amazing guard dog and good with our chickens who she has saved from many predators; including one chick that was already in a coyote’s mouth.  She is spayed and has had regular vet visits. She has had acres to run around our apple orchard and even got along with our cat. She loves children, is super friendly to people, and is a blanket-hogging lickalotupus who loves to snuggle up on our couch with us on rainy days. Yofi would do well in a home that can provide her with the structure and boundaries she craves. She is athletic and is an enthusiastic hiker; although needs to be leashed because she can be protective when around other dogs. We believe she will do better in a home without dogs because she has become more protective since the birth of our baby girl. And may even get along with cats once she gets to know them.   Our sincere wish is to find her a home that is a better fit for her; where her new family can love her and cherish the fur baby that she is. There is a $50 rehoming fee that includes her current flea and anti-heartworm medication.   We wish we could keep her but the landlord asked us to rehome her because she does not get along with our neighbors dogs. Please call or text for more info Joti 510-847-6543.
February 1, 2024

Happy middle-aged pup looking for new home

Kai is a 6-year-old Husky/Border Collie mix. We adopted him at 4 months old from another family, and he has been a very loved member of our family since. He is fully trained- knows sit, stay, come, down, leave it, and “bed” for place. He has had no accidents since he was a puppy. While the husky in him causes him to pull a bit on the leash, he has done wonderfully with additional training using a slip lead. He is playful, intelligent, and loving. He does well at the dog park, loves being chased by other dogs and playing fetch. He does get a bit territorial over his food and toys with puppies and little kids (not adults), but we think he would do well in a home with an older, smaller (preferably female) dog. He cannot be in a home with cats. Unfortunately, he has become increasingly stressed as our 18-month-old son becomes more active. We really think Kai would be much happier in a home without little kids or babies. He has always done great around kids- seems very relaxed when our nieces and nephews visit. But we think it’s too much for him to live full-time with a child. He had pretty bad separation anxiety as a puppy. We have done a lot of work with him on this and now he barks and whines when we leave, but settles quickly. Kai is an amazing dog and we think he will be the perfect pet for someone who can provide the right home. Contact:
February 1, 2024

Cuddly Dog Looking For Fur-Ever Home

Mellie is the sweetest little ball of energy. She’s been keeping her mom company through the end of her life and is now looking for a new family to join. Mellie is super smart and treat motivated. She loves walks and playing with other dogs. After a good day of walking and playing, she loves to end her day cuddling and getting scratches. She is a really high energy dog that needs a household that can give her a lot of attention and love. More Info: Female. American Pitbull Terrier Mix. 5 years. 45 lbs. House trained. Shots Current. Spayed. Good with Dogs. Good with Kids. NOT Good with Cats. Contact: or (650) 906-2052.
January 30, 2024

Milo needs a home

Milo would do best in a home with older humans , he is not sure about young children . He growls at other dogs on walks and does not like neighbor dogs touching his fence . He loves to sleep with me and cuddle on the couch but is pretty happy by himself so he doesn’t become reactive. Contact: or (707) 696-8228.
January 26, 2024

Louisiana grown, Fred is as sweet and gentle as a Southern breeze

Our family adopted him from a rescue in New Orleans just about 3 years ago. He had spent most of his life in shelters and foster homes, and we immediately fell in love with his loving disposition. My family and I have had to make the extremely hard decision to rehome him, but we feel it is best for our Fred. We’ve been hit pretty hard since moving back to California. We no longer have the financial resources to care for him, nor can we give him the time and attention he needs to thrive in life. He is a 5 year old (7/7/18) Plott Hound/Boxer Mix, and weighs a little over 60 lbs. He is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm & flea medication. He is potty trained, crate trained (prefers to be in his crate as a safe space), knows the commands “sit” & “down”, walks pretty well on a leash and is very food motivated with training (very smart, responsive and picks things up easily). He has been amazing with our daughter (we have a 9 year old), though he prefers a more relaxed environment as he gets nervous with crazy kid antics and loudness. We have a cat as well that he gets along fine with; he tends to be friendlier towards the cat than the cat is to him. He does get nervous, excited and can be a little vocal when meeting another dog but tends to mellow after proper introductions have been made, and falls inline with the pack pretty readily. He has lived with other dogs for most of his life so we feel adding him to a dog family would be good for him (currently the only dog in house). His general temperament is very sweet and easy going, preferring to laze in the sun on the deck, though he does enjoy the occasional crazy run around the yard when he’s happy, and of course loves walkies in the forest. He does get nervous easily and can be reserved when meeting new people or animals and in new places; we believe this is from possible previous abuse/neglect, living most of his life in foster/shelter care, and maybe not getting important life experiences/socialization when he was younger. He doesn’t react all that much to loud environmental noises such as fireworks, thunder, etc. and even slept through a very large hurricane passing directly over our house. We feel he would do well in a more relaxed and calming home environment, maybe older kids, with lots of gentle love, car rides, a big yard to run and explore in, and walkies out in nature. Please contact me at for more information or for questions. We would like to physically see where he will be, as well as meet any other pets that are in the household and make proper introductions with them. We will also supply all his things (bowls, food, crate, etc.) and are not looking for any sort of monetary compensation for rehoming. Thank you!
January 26, 2024

Shepherd/Corgi Mix looking for a new home

**Hi, I’m Zeus! 🐾** Age: 6 Years Young Breed: Shepherd/Corgi Mix Weight: A Perfect 35 Pounds **About Me:** Hello there, future best friend! My name is Zeus, and I’m a unique blend of a Shepherd and a Corgi. This means I’ve got the wisdom of a Shepherd and the fun-size of a Corgi, all packed into 35 pounds of love and energy. **What I Love:** – **Cuddles and Snuggles:** I’m a professional when it comes to cuddling. If you’re looking for a warm, furry buddy to snuggle up with, I’m your guy! – **Playing Fetch:** I could play fetch all day! It’s my favorite game, and I’m pretty good at it too. – **Walks:** I love going for walks! It’s my time to explore and sniff around. I’m always ready for an adventure. I do need to practice better leash manners. I just get so excited! – **Socializing (Sometimes):** I do enjoy playing with other dogs occasionally. It’s fun to make friends! **My Ideal Home:** – **Adults Only:** I’m looking for a home with adults only. Kids aren’t really my thing – I prefer the company of grown-ups. – **Maybe Cats?:** I’m not sure how I feel about cats. I haven’t had much experience with them, so I’m open to finding out! – **Love and Attention:** I thrive in an environment where I can get lots of love and attention. If you have room in your heart and home for a cuddly companion, I promise to fill your days with joy and loyalty. **A Little More About Me:** I’m a well-behaved boy who knows basic commands and is always eager to learn more. I’m looking for someone who understands my need for both playtime and relaxation. If you’re looking for a loving and loyal companion to share your life with, I’m your guy! **Are You My Forever Family?** If you think we might be a perfect match, please contact my owner. I can’t wait to meet you and start our wonderful life together! With tail wags and puppy kisses, Zeus 🐕💕 Contact: or (650) 863-1404.
January 25, 2024

Senior Sisters looking for new home

It breaks my heart but we have to rehome our two senior cats. They are amazing with dogs cats and babies. We want them to stay together and indoors. Both healthy calm cats. They still act like kittens, Daisy likes to sing and blop will headbutt you to show love. Nala is quite, likes to sit on your arm and cuddles. They have two litter boxes (one self cleaning) 2 hard cat carriers 2 cat trees (one old and one new) And 1 1/2 bags of food. We want them to go to a good home with people we trust. Please feel free to email me or Txt (im a student so might not pick up phone). Contact: or (707) 791-9323.
January 25, 2024

Looking for a loving home for my 3 year old pitbull

🐾 Seeking a Loving Home for Our Adorable 3-Year-Old Female Pitbull 🏡 Hello Pet Lovers, We are looking for a caring and responsible family to rehome our beloved 3-year-old female Pitbull. She is an absolute sweetheart, great with kids, and gets along well with other dogs. Her loyalty knows no bounds, and she is quick to listen and follow commands. Key Traits: 🐶 Extremely sweet and gentle 👶 Excellent with children 🐕 Gets along well with other dogs 💖 Incredibly loyal 👂 Listens well to commands We believe she deserves a loving forever home that appreciates her wonderful qualities. If you have a warm heart and a welcoming home, please reach out to us. We want to ensure she continues to receive the love and care she deserves. Serious inquiries only. Please contact or (707) 241-0538 to schedule a meet-and-greet. Let’s find our furry friend the perfect forever home! 🏡🐾
January 22, 2024

Boy rats in need of good home

I have 3 five week old babies and one 5ish month old boy. I get my pet rats as feeders, and I accidentally got a boy and girl instead of two boys. They had a litter of babies, so i’m looking to find all the boys homes. They go out in pairs (or all four), since rats need a buddy to socialize with. The dad is Eddie, and the babies are Fig, Lemon, and Kiwi. The babies are all very social, but the dad is a bit shy since I had to separate him from the rest of the ratties a for awhile. It’s hard to get a clear photo with all them in it, so I can provide better pictures of them individually if you text me! (707)478-8835
January 22, 2024

BuBu need patient family

Hello! 🌸 I’m BuBu, a happy and healthy three-year-old girl who found a forever home at the Human Society of Sonoma County two and a half years ago. I love cans of food and treats – they’re my absolute favorites! 😺 Regular check-ups keep me in great health. I enjoy lounging around and playing with cat wands – it’s so much fun! Recently, my human had a family emergency in our hometown, and I had to go back for a while. The family there has a big dog (Tibetan Mastiff mix), and I’m worried about adjusting to the change. This year has been tough for my family, and I sadly need a new loving home. I’m a girl who loves attention, pats, and playtime. If you can help me find a new home, I’d be so grateful. I might take a little time to get used to a new place, but I’ll bring all my belongings to make it easier. There’s no adoption fee – what I really want is a home filled with care and love. Your commitment to providing a nurturing environment means a lot. If you decide to welcome me into your family, please keep my Janice in touch. Thanks for thinking about opening your heart and home to me. Let’s make beautiful memories together! 🐾💕 Contact:
January 22, 2024

2 yrs, 15 lbs – A perfect, loyal and quiet companion

Bacchus – This gentle guy is two years old and is a small dog, perfect size at just 15 lbs. He is loyal, quiet, gentle, chill, and funny. Due to his owner’s passing, he is looking for a new home. He is excellent with other dogs and mellow cats. He is currently being fostered with another mellow dog, an older cat (they get along great), and a kitten (he is not a fan of the rumbustious kitten 🙂 Bacchus is the perfect dog for a home office because he is quiet and patient. Not a barker at all. He does not have anxiety. He is low-maintenance – a couple of trips to the dog park or a few walks a day is all he needs. He loves the beach and walking. Bacchus is great and gentle on the leash – a mellow walker. He is easy to pick up at just 15 lbs and rides well in cars and planes. He is used to traveling. He loves to snuggle and will follow you around the house. Bacchus absolutely adores his human and will love you within hours! Up to date on vaccinations and vet check-ups. He is microchipped and neutered. Contact: or (415) 694-0460.
January 22, 2024

Blue 10 months

This is Blue, He’s a 10 month old sweet puppy. He’s looking for a forever home that’s without cats. He isn’t fixed, currently needs his last shot, and he’s potty trained. He gets along with other dogs and people. He especially loves to cuddle and play. Rehoming fee: 90.00 Located in Santa Rosa,CA.  Contact:
January 22, 2024

Apollo, a good boy rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico

Meet Apollo, a resilient and sweet rescue dog with a heart as big as his journey. Found on the streets of Puerto Rico, Apollo has not only overcome adversity but has blossomed into a well-trained and affectionate companion. With a temperament that matches his charming personality, Apollo is a quick learner and an all-around good boy. He is already well trained. He can sit, stay, down, heel, and is a great loose leash walker. His temperament and training is so good he was able to fly from Puerto Rico to San Francisco inside the cabin with no issues. I am always getting compliments about how well trained he is. I wish I could keep him for myself! He is non-reactive and does not bark unless there is a good reason. Adopt this wonderful canine companion and make a lasting connection with a dog who has triumphed against the odds. He is getting neutered January 3rd and will be ready for a forever home after that! He comes with all necessary equipment, toys, leashes, crates etc.  Contact: or (707) 972-3409.
January 19, 2024


Hello this is Buster he’s a cute spunky and loving chunky happy Guinea pig. He’s almost a year old, unfortunately we need to re-home this little guy, I am severely allergic to him and can’t keep him. I have sneeze attacks and get itchy and get very congested when I touch/handle him. I don’t want to get any money for him I just want him to go to a good home where he’s loved. He will come with everything he needs. Please message me for any questions or if you are interested in adopting him. He doesn’t bite and loves to be held and played with, friendly with dogs as well. Contact: or (707) 393-8544.
January 17, 2024

Baloo – sensitive, sweet, high energy 1-year old Pitt mix looking for a new home

We adopted our sweetheart of a Pit Bull puppy mix, Baloo, from a litter posted on Craigslist when he was 2 months old in December. Baloo was supposed to be a small lab mix, but turned into a big ol’ Pitty mix. He and our other pup Butterscotch have been best friends since he came home at 6 lbs. Unfortunately we were not expecting him to get this big (already 60 lbs. at 1 year) and Butterscotch has had surgeries on both knees and is only getting older. He will not be a good long-term fit for our home. Baloo is an amazing pooch and we adore him. He’s a sensitive little guy who will curl up in your lap (does not matter that he no longer fits!) and at your feet whenever possible. He and his sister are really affectionate- most people call it “kisses” but we know the truth (it is more “hmmm… what food bits do you have in YOUR teeth today?”) 😉 He is both house trained and crate trained, he is fixed, microchipped and all his shots are up to date. He has attended Petco and Marin Humane puppy training series classes, is smart and easily trainable (with treats of course!) has “posses” of pups and people at our local parks that he loves to play with, has a lot of puppy energy and is SUCH an adorable cuddle-bug. He follows my husband and me around the house- he really loves to be around his “people.” Because Baloo is more on the sensitive/submissive side he will adjust much better and thrive in a more calm, structured living environment. We love him SO much and want to find him a wonderful new home soon. Stranger anxiety developed about a month ago. We hired a private trainer to help us with curbing the anxious and fearful behavior, and it has pretty much been extinguished at this point. Our vet, trainers, teachers at Marin Humane and dog sitter/walker all think this was part of his adolescent phase. Baloo has gone through the following formal training: Petco Positive Puppy Training- 6 weeks. Marin Humane Family Dog 101- 6 weeks. Marin Humane Family Dog 201- 6 weeks. Private, In-Home Training- 1 month. Contact:
January 14, 2024

MR WOO Siamese Male Cat 10 YEARS

Since Jade will be listing MAT’s house for sale soon, I need to find a very loving home for Mr. Woo, preferably with a single retired woman or man with no other pets who is home all day long and who would allow Mr. Woo to live inside. I have been taking care of him since July 2023 when Trevor passed away. He is a sweet cat and is meticulous about using his cat box. If you know of someone who would give Mr. Woo a wonderful home, please let me know. In the meantime, I will continue to care for him in MAT’s house. Thank you very much. Joan Contact: or (707) 529-9545.
January 14, 2024

Re-homing Ben

Rehoming Ben due to my declining health. I am not able to keep up with him because of advanced arthritis in my knees, neck and shoulders. Ben is a great dog, very loyal, sweet and trainable. He is under 18 months old and has been with me for the last 9 months. He is 32 lbs, ideally Ben would thrive as the only pet in the household with an active person or people, no young children. He seeks his owners undivided attention, he is very healthy, he is a cattle dog mix, loves to go for walks, chase balls, runs, hikes and the dog park. Ben is the best companion, and very loving. Ben sleeps in his bed that I placed in my room. He knows not to jump on my bed, he is house trained and uses a doggie door to go potty, he also likes a crate. I trained Ben to eat on command, he will wait until you say “OK” (he learns very quickly). Ben is low maintenance, does not require much grooming. Ben lets me brush his teeth, he eats Costco premium food. I change his food now and then so he gets to taste different foods, and has never had any allergies. If you think Ben might be the dog for you, please call 707-225-7901.
January 14, 2024

Tigger-Energetic, friendly, smart terrier mix.

Tigger is a smallish (10lbs) 10″ tall terrier mix. Maybe 15 -20 lbs full grown. He is full of energy, loves to snuggle, gets along with my bigger dogs. I got him as a companion for a chi/spaniel puppy but he’s more rough and tumble than she’s comfortable with. Good house manners, doesn’t bark or cry, sleeps in his crate at night. We live on a farm and although he goes out with the other dogs he’s much more comfortable being a house dog. He is neutered, 1st & 2nd puppy shots and I will continue with his vaccinations until adopted. I also have him enrolled in the Humane Society’s puppy class so he’ll be on his way to becoming a solid citizen. I do not know how he is around cats or children.  Contact: or (707) 236-5203.