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Adoptions by Owner

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June 22, 2021

Sweet Gus needs a new loving home ASAP

Gus is 5 years old and very loving. He has a sweet personality and wants to be around people. He loves to snuggle and will always be nearby. At the same time, he can be independent and relaxed too. He’d do great with a family with kids, or also be super happy with any adopter. He is an indoor/outdoor cat. He loves to be outside, but always returns home to the door and waits to come in. He’s quite the hunter too. We are moving and can’t take him with us. We’d love to find him a new home that would take great care of him and love him as much as we do. Contact: or (716) 310-5327.
June 20, 2021

Urgent rehome indoor cat well trained

Having to move to a smaller apartment where no animals allowed. Currently pregnant and found out I was allergic to cats. Hephy is a white 3 year old cat well trained, playful, and very calm. All shots up to date. Has lived with a pug dog and gotten along very well. Contact:
June 20, 2021

Sweet-0 Bandit-0

Bandit is a sweet and protective, around 5 years old, mixed breed neutered and vaccinated male dog looking for a new home. We got him 3 years ago from the Butte County Humane Society (he’s around 80 lbs and his papers say mastiff lab) and we quickly learned he was already trained to be a guard dog. He knows all basic commands and some fun ones, but he has poor recall and poor impulse control. He has gotten extra protective of our 1 year old son and recently attacked a big bearded man when he wasn’t properly leashed (he bit but didn’t break skin thank goodness!) – managing him and our child at the same time out in the world has become too tall a task for our family so we are looking for a new home for him that can provide the love and strong leadership that he needs. He’s an anxious guy, very cuddly in the house and very vigilant whenever he’s assessing new potential threats (unfamiliar big dogs, people behaving strangely or carrying tools, or the infamous “man in a hat”). He does fine with our cats and gets along well with his buddies, but he doesn’t back down from a challenge and he’s powerful, so rehoming with other dogs would take careful consideration and supervision. He’s not an off leash dog! And he is an amazing pet!  Contact:
June 20, 2021

Revoking one year old German Shepard

Hello, I adopted this Shepard six days ago from Craigslist. She is not a good fit for my family and I need to rehome her ASAP. She would do great with someone who has experience with a German Shepard. She’s very loving. Her previous owner said she is good with cats/other dogs I have not had her interact with them yet so I cannot confirm: She is potty trained, up to date on vaccines, not spayed. Knows basic commands. Can walk on a lead but is easily distracted by other dogs/people. She is a bit scared at first. It took us a few days to warm up to each other. Why am I looking to rehome. She’s 90lbs… when walking she will pull towards people or dogs (not always but sometimes). I’m not quite comfortable trying to control her. The idea of a dog was for my daughter and I to walk, hike, camp with and I have a hard time feeling confident with either of us doing it. Please email me if interested.  Contact:
June 19, 2021

Loving Big Guy Needs a Roomy New Home

This is Cylan. We call him Cy. He is a big sweetheart, about 100 lbs. and 4 years old. He is half lab and half pyrenees, neutered and has his shots. He loves his people and lets you know when someone comes onto the property. Good with kiddos. Good around chickens/ducks/other dogs. Will chase cats. He gets excited and can be pushy when he first sees his favorite peeps but settles down and will lay next to you the rest of the day. He needs a lot of room to roam so a large piece of fenced land would be perfect. Unfortunately, we are moving out of state and our new place does not meet his needs. We would love to introduce Cy to someone who has space in their heart and on their land for this big guy!  Contact: or (707) 349-9371.
June 19, 2021

URGENT: Handsome, Healthy Indoor/Outdoor Kitty Frank!

We are being immediately relocated for work to Connecticut in THE NEXT TWO WEEKS(!!), and we are unable to take our sweet kitty with us. Frank is a beautiful “buff” colored 7-year old male who loves to lay in the sun outside and cuddle in your lap inside 🙂 Please help us find him a loving home – he is an easy-going, great housemate with zero bad habits! THANK YOU!  Contact: or (646) 239-2580.
June 19, 2021

Genly Ai and Luna – a sweetly bonded pair

My children and I are moving to Utah unexpectedly and I know both of these kitties will do better relatively locally than traveling to a new state. Both have sweet, gentle temperaments and are very well-mannered kitties. Both respond well to positive reinforcement and have been very easy to get along with. Luna (3 yrs, female, spayed) has been with Genly (6 yrs, male, neutered) since we adopted her as a kitten and they quickly formed a close bond. Genly Ai is a one-eyed cat but nonetheless handsome for it! Neither cat has ever lived with a dog, and I don’t think they would adapt well to living with one. A modest rehoming fee of 100$ asked to insure serious, responsible inquiries. Both cats have carriers, bowls, litterbox, and grooming supplies that can accompany them to their new home.  Contact: or (415) 407-1724.
June 18, 2021

Sweet 11-year-old boy dog loves to snuggle

Dusty loves people and other dogs. He is accustomed to being on the furniture and loves to snuggle. He snuggles with stuffed toys, chases lizards and anything that scurries. His favorite place is next to you. He is a runner, so he is best kept on leash when walking/hiking and can be off leash in fenced areas. He is happy and healthy and needs a loving home. Contact: or (707) 217-3936.
June 18, 2021

Loving two year old. Needs loving forever home

Looking for a new forever home. Due to an unexpected divorce and having to live in an apartment we can no longer keep our sweet girl. She was just spayed. Her birthday is May 31 2019 she just turned two. She’s ok with cats. She is current with a foster family and they have two cats. She loves kids, we have two that are just devastated. Contact: or (707) 758-4884.
June 15, 2021

Say hi to Tyler

Tyler is a 12 year old boxer mix, weighing 45 lbs. I’ve had him for 9 happy years, but I had a lung transplant last year and now I’m on drugs that suppress my immune system, so I’m no longer allowed to have pets. The hardest part of all of this is giving up Tyler, but I don’t have much of a choice. Tyler is good with other dogs, cats, kids, and adults. He has never bitten a human or a dog. He has slowed down a little as he’s gotten older and is very chill and calm. He doesn’t chew anything that’s not his and hasn’t been allowed on furniture or in certain parts of the house so he’s trained for that. He sleeps in his crate so he’s trained for that too. He likes it in there. He has recently started having a hard time holding his pee and we will find puddles in the morning on the floor. He never wets his bed and I think he would go outside if given the opportunity, like a dog door. He has some arthritis for which we give him a pain killer twice a day. It’s very easy; he just eats the pill out of my hand. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots. Full vet records available upon request. We’ll provide a crate, bed, leashes, toys, treats, food, dog bags, etc. He has lots of love and loves to get scratched on the side of his rump. It’s really funny, he twists his whole body around so you can get at exactly the right spot. I’m really hoping to find him a loving home. I can’t bear the thought of him going to a shelter.  Contact: or (913) 956-8915.
June 15, 2021

Sweetest Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

We are broken hearted at the thought of having to rehome our puppy because we all love him greatly. Hardest decision for us, but best for him. Trout is just under 10 months (bday 8/24/2020). He is extremely well-behaved for a puppy and knows all his basic commands and also eager to learn more. He is crate trained, loves his doggie siblings and just wants to play and run all day. He requires at minimum 40mins of exercise a day. He is neutered and current. He LOVES children. He goes ga-ga for our’s and our friend’s kids, of various ages (fyi have never had around babies). His downside – NO CATS and unfortunately we have 4. He grew up with our’s and has always gotten along with them, but recently he’s been a little too interested in them and has scuffled with one of them. It could be his age and stage, but it’s something we won’t be able to do anything about if it becomes a permanent issue.  Contact: or (707) 853-4954.
June 15, 2021

Good girl Amy

Amy is a sweet and gentle dog that is great with kids. She is very gentle and loving to our 8 year old and 5 year old. She is not nippy or mouthy. She doesn’t jump very much and very rarely barks. She is a good dog for a home with kids. She is 4 years old and was found on the street with no background information so the last month has been a learning curve. Amy is deaf! We learned this after a few weeks and now many things make sense! Amy is very alert and can follow lots of hand signals. We have taken her to obedience class and have a private trainer once a week as well. She can sit, lay down, twirl around, wait, shake, and catch treats in the air.  Amy is working on getting used to being separated from us when we leave. She likes to play with a kong full of peanut butter or a food puzzle while she waits. She needs to learn manners about not searching for human food when she is alone but other than that, she is getting better about being alone. Amy is not good with cats or other dogs. We have a cat and Amy continues to be too sniffy and excited to hang with the cat. When we see dogs on a walk, we just cross the street and Amy is alert and pulls but is not aggressive. Most of the time walking her is an absolute pleasure. We also take Amy on the occasional run and she loves it. Amy is excellent at not having accidents in the house, she sleeps through the night every night and is very happy to hang out during the day while we work. Amy doesn’t dig and doesn’t chew things that she should not. She is surprisingly restrained with the kid’s stuffed animals and has never destroyed any of our furniture/shoes/etc. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Amy can’t hang with our senior cat, we have to find a new home for her. What’s it like having a deaf dog? Well, when you call for her, she doesn’t hear you. So, you have to either tap your foot or use a vibration collar if she is not looking at you. She is still new to the vibration collar, but we are currently training her on it. When she sleeps, you can be as loud as you want and she will not wake up unless she feels motion. If you have barking dogs in your neighborhood, Amy will not join in. The only thing you have to remember is to wait for her to look at you before you give her hand signals. Amy is a wonderful dog and she will win you over if you give her a chance. If you would like to meet Amy in person or just have questions about her, please give us a call or email. Contact us at or (415)298-2268. Take a look at a video we made of her seeing and responding to commands:
June 14, 2021

Lovely 13 year old Flower Needs a Home

We took in Flower temporarily when her owner moved out of state and he is now unwilling to take her back. We’d love to keep her but she needs a home with no other animals. We’ve had her for 6 months and we still have to keep her separate from our other pets. She is loving, well behaved and very low maintenance but she needs a home she doesn’t have to share with other animals. She’s spayed, up to date on all of her vaccinations and very healthy. She’s happiest as an indoor/outdoor cat with the ability to come and go as she pleases. Thank you!   Contact:  
June 14, 2021

Bella & Brewer (Siblings)

My husband and I have an unexpected opportunity to work overseas for a few years and need to rehome our two precious little lovers. We adopted them at 8 weeks old and they have been inseparable ever since. They are very good with kids and adults. They love to be pet and have their belly’s rubbed or snuggle on the couch. Both of them are hypoallergic, my husband is extremely allergic to cats and has not had an issue with these two. The mom was a bengal but we are not sure what the father was. General: Indoor and outdoor. Not very friendly towards dogs. Both micro-chipped, spayed and/or neutured. All shots are current. Included: Plenty of toys (large cat tree if wanted), treats, and their favorite blanket. Grooming brush. Mid-sized crate if wanted. More pictures available if needed. Brewer: 7 years old Our male cate. Long haired Brewer is an energic cat, he loves to be loved and be around his owner as much as possible. He loves to play with his toys (or owner) and watch TV. During the summer, he loves to sit on the cold tile in our kitchen. During the winter, he loves to sit near a heating vent or fireplace. Bella: 7 years old Our female cat. Short haired Bella is more independent. She likes to sun bath near a window or outside in the sun. Her favorite sleep spots are usually on a soft blanket or on top of her cat tree. She absolutely loves to have her belly rubbed and be brushed. She also loves a good cuddle session in bed or on the couch. Contact: or (805) 350-8017.
June 13, 2021

Lover Boy Goof Pitty – Cable

I am truly sad to say we need to re-home Cable. He is an AMAZING dog. A total goof and lover. He is currently not handling our kids 16monhts and 4 year old) well and has become food aggressive. He is GREAT with other dogs. Him and Storm (our other pit) play like crazy. Great with small dogs as well. Cable would do absolutely amazing with a family that had older kids. Cable is almost 2 1/2 years old, 85 pounds. Pit Mix. He’s fixed, chipped, and up on his vaccinations. Loves people!!! Knows how to sit and stay. Crate trained. Just an all-around great dog. He is a great companion and just wants to hang with his people. Good on walks and in the car. Cable thinks he is a lap dog. He’s my sweet boy.  Contact: or (707) 536-5869.
June 12, 2021

Older female cat

Jasmine,  13.5 years young.  Long hair.  Loves being indoors will go outside for fresh air but doesn’t like living outdoors.  Spayed.  Is ok with nice dogs.  Has love me attitude.  Doesn’t do well around toddlers.  Prefers quiet home.  My dad unfortunately needs to move where they don’t allow indoor cats. He is getting older with a lot of health issues and has been having hard time caring for cats. We are looking to rehome JAZ for free. All my dads adult kids have toddlers at home. She doesn’t like how unpredictable toddlers are. Located in Santa Rosa. If u want more pictures or to meet her let me know.  Contact:
June 10, 2021

Handsome Ginger Kitty will make you laugh and sing

Freddie is a charming, funny and energetic kitty who needs a forever home with people who will match his high-spirited nature. Freddie can be shy with strangers but soon warms up with reassurance and love. He loves to play and explore! He especially loves the cat teasers on a stick and will also play independently with his electronic cat teaser and with balls and plush toys. Freddie will definitely be comic relief for his new forever family. He makes his fosterer laugh just sitting looking out at the world. But he also loves to run, jump and pounce on his toys. Freddie’s a 8-12 month old neutered male, short haired orange tabby cat. He’s current on his vaccinations (FVRCP & rabies), is microchipped and tested negative for Feline Leukemia, FIV and parasites. Vaccinations up to date, neutered, and special needs. Freddie’s had digestion issues (diarrhea) and has been on a specific diet of boiled chicken which alleviated the problem. Slowly his foster is incorporating one of the better quality commercial cat foods, FreshPet (wet but in kibble shapes), to his diet and he seems to be doing OK. He was on commercial cat food (wet food) earlier in the fostering but when he was given dry food, that’s when the trouble happened and couldn’t be corrected until he was given boiled chicken. It appears that his system can’t tolerate dry food but may be able to go back to wet food with a slow patient transition period. Freddie loves people and follows his fosterer around wherever she goes. He enjoys being close including lap time and lounging with his foster on the sofa or bed. He also loves affection such as chin scratches body rubs, head pets, hugs and kisses. Ideally Freddie’s forever home would include one or two adults and perhaps older children. We don’t know how he would respond to younger children or dogs. He play-bites when playing (but not hard) and probably wouldn’t do well with small children. He has experience with cats and enjoys playing if the other cat is open to it. He is curious and can be bold when initiating play. If you are interested in Freddie for adoption or have questions, you can contact Donya his foster at We will set up an appointment to meet at Benicia Pet Food Express in the Cat Center, where you can meet Freddie. Donya volunteers with Solano County Friends of Animals (nonprofit all volunteer run) so there will be a $100 adoption fee for Freddie. We will wear masks and only two people at a time are permitted in the Cat Center. With a kink in his tail and a raspy voice, this playful kitty will warm your weary heart and make you laugh. Can you give Freddie a loving forever home? He will give you much entertainment and love in return.
June 10, 2021

Sweet Frida needs a home

Sweet Frida needs a new home when we move in the next few months. She is about 14, spayed and very easy going. She sleeps outdoors but would adapt to in also. She loves belly rubs!  Contact: or (707) 953-0951.
June 9, 2021

Dog needs temporary home

Our German Shepard needs a temporary home meanwhile we search for a new home where we are allowed to have pets. He is only 4months old and will be receiving training in a couple of weeks.
June 9, 2021

Sweet senior with the heart of a puppy

Meet Tom, a big handsome fellow with a winning smile from Lake County Animal Care and Control. When we first met Tom he was underweight and had a number of resolvable health issues but they have all been taken care of. After a couple of months of good food, rest and health care Tom’s a healthy weight and his coat is shiny. His rescuer needs to surrender him because the other dogs in his new home are very jealous and attack him. Tom is crate trained and well behaved on a leash. He likes people and is friendly and sweet with everyone he meets. He’s a great companion and likes nothing better than to be near his person. Contact: or (707) 228-8102.
June 9, 2021

Country Cat Abilene needs new home

Hello, We are moving to Bend, Oregon and cannot take our cat Abilene with us. She’s 15, in good shape and is used to being outdoors then in the warm laundry room in winter. She would make a good barn cat and best if there are no dogs. She has beautiful markings, possibly some Siamese and was spayed when young. Contact: or (707) 953-0951.
June 8, 2021

Home for bun bun

Bun bun is a very sweet bunny who is approximately 3 to 4 years old, he is neutered, litter box trained, trained on a harness an leash for walks, indoor at night and likes to roam in a safe and secures yard during the day. He also loves stiller walks which will be included along with all his supplies and any hey, disc s as me bedding. We can no longer keep him due to our situation change, and are looking for someone who has either had rabbits before or is willing to provide the same type of care that we have provided for this bunny since we adopted him. He is good with kids, cats and dogs. Contact: or (707) 495-9184.
June 7, 2021

Two Rat Girls: Frankie and Joey

These two girls have been loving and supportive companions for our son, Max for the last year. They are so sweet and just a year and half. Max is heading to college and so we are looking to find a new home. They come with their large 3-floor cage with large running wheel, toys, house, travel cage (used when cleaning their main space), and more! We are happy to share photos and video for anyone interested. They are ready for pick up with all their care needs included to get you started. Contact: or (707) 591-0132.
June 7, 2021

LOU-SEAL (aka Lou) Mr Personality

7-year old, altered male, microchipped, orange and white kitten. Indoors entire life (except on a few rare occasions when the door was left opened). Looking for outside adventure in new home. Must have a safe environment; no road perils, etc.. Loves dry food treats.  Contact: or (707) 591-6448.
June 4, 2021

Casey-the-Cat seeks home with a big heart

Casey was a brave and frightened kitten when she (after being lost or abandoned), wandered into our senior community, in November of 2019. We took her into one of our homes, got her vaccinated and spayed, and have given her love so that she can learn to trust and be with humans. Due to our age and other constraints, we cannot keep her. Now, it is time to find her the forever home she deserves. Casey has been a welcome guest in Pat’s house during the Pandemic, bringing joy with her playful and curious personality. She loves to play chase with her ball and play hide-and-seek with a paper bag. She also enjoys cuddling next to Pat on the couch, getting brushed and receiving an occasional belly rub. Casey is now slightly over a year and a half old, litter-trained and content as an indoor cat (although she could possibly become an indoor-outdoor cat). She is playful and affectionate with Pat and accepting of Pat’s husband. (They play “bouncer wand” together). Yet she is extremely shy with other people (likely due to the trauma of her abandonment as a kitten). We suspect it will take a while for Casey to become affectionate in a new home, yet believe she will eventually do so. For this reason, Casey may do best as a companion for another cat, although she may do well in other situations. We are seeking a patient, cat-loving forever home that can give Casey the time and affection she needs to blossom into her best self. We believe the rewards will be great for the person(s) who take Casey into their home and heart. Could that be you? To learn more about Casey, please call or email: Dianne (707-480-8905, or Pat (707-577-8206)
June 2, 2021

Loving and gentle 4 month old kitten

We are looking for a caring home for our wonderful kitten. We got him 3 weeks ago, and he is just a delight: sweet, playful (he loves strings, shoelaces and anything that is long and can be chased) and so beautiful with his white patterns around eyes and mouth. We wanted a kitten for so very long, however very sudden changes in our private life make us currently not able to take care of him, and we would love to find him a loving and caring home. He can entertain himself, but it would be better if he had another companion (cat, dog, and children to play with). He is neutered, got his first shots and needs one last one. He is adventuresome and gentle, and vocal if he wants something (like chin rubs). We can’t wait to find him the perfect home which he deserves. He is almost 4 months, brown tabby, medium shorthair, neutered and has his first two shots. Please contact me at 415 490 8675 (phone or text) or email
June 1, 2021

Two Sweet Guinea Pigs Need New Home

I rescued these two guinea pigs from the NorCal fires back in 2017 and they have been lovely and a sweet addition to my home. Unfortunately I cannot take care of them anymore as I am a college student at Cal Poly and having an apartment with a dog has made it difficult to keep them safe. I’m looking for a good home for them, maybe a family with children would like to adopt them and brighten their day. The black one is Inky and she is the mother of Delilah (the white one). Inky is most likely 5 years old and Delilah is almost 4. I will give you everything they need to be taken care of including the cage, house, food bowls, water bottles, feed, etc. Contact: or (707) 953-7389.
June 1, 2021

German Shepherd/ Husky Mix looking for forever home

Hello everyone! Coco is a German Shepherd/ Husky mix who loves attention. She loves to run right in between your legs so you can pay attention to her. She is 9 months old and is not spayed. She also needs most of her vaccines. Coco had a little accident when she was just a pup and is blind in her left eye. However, that does not stop her. She loves to run around, so a house with a backyard is a must. Coco is an alpha dog, so she would prefer to be the only dog in the house. If you are interested please feel free to contact me through text or phone call at (707)978-9260
June 1, 2021

High Energy Husky looking for forever home

Hello everyone! Hades is more of a typical husky. He is very energetic and loves to show his affection. He needs a home with a backyard or even land to let his energy out. Hades is not neutered and needs most of his vaccines. Hades prefers to be the alpha dog, which is why he would do better off in a home where he’s the only dog in the house. He is 2 years old. If you are interested please feel free to contact me through text or even a phone call at (707)978-9260
May 29, 2021

Big, playful and loving 8 year old female cat

We recently adopted Bear from a women who was moving away. Our resident cat is extremely unhappy. We need to find Bear a new home where she can be more comfortable. She is very funny and extremely playful. She does play bite and she kicks like a kangaroo, which is adorable. Her prior owner had her declawed as a kitten. She pretends to sharpen her nails but there is no damage. She will need to be an completely indoor cat because she can not protect herself. I think she would do best in a home with people who know how to handle how playful she is. Her play biting doesn’t hurt me but it might hurt young children or elderly people. Her owner sent us pictures of Bear snuggling with other cats and a bunny. She seems to be scared of our dog. Bear loves to cuddle and lay on your chest. Contact: or (707) 799-1807.
May 28, 2021

Loving Blue Eyed Kitty Looking for an Outdoor Home (maybe Indoors too)

This is Joey, a Siamese Tabby mix with beautiful blue eyes and a loving disposition. Joey is a neutered male (tipped ear) about 4 years of age and he’s had at least one set of vaccines. He lives outside partly in my yard and partly in neighbor’s yards. I believe that in the right home he could learn to live and love being indoors (maybe part time) because he seems to want to come in and enjoys the creature comforts of a kitty bed or kitty blankies to sleep on outside. He is a very sweet cat and loves pets, chin scratches, head pets and being picked up for short stints for hugs and kisses. I am looking for an outdoor forever loving home for him because I am moving and won’t be able to take an outdoor cat (apartment living) and fear for his safety and health after I leave. Because he is an outdoor kitty he will need to be confined for an integration period of at least 30 days so that when released he knows his new home and new parents. Confinement could be an outdoor shed with windows or kennel type enclosure or even a spare bedroom or utility room until he can go outside. Like any cat, Joey will need daily food, water and shelter. He might be a good mouser. It’s hard to tell bc there are many cats in my yard and I’ve never had a problem with rodents. I am willing to travel a distance to take him to his new loving and forever home. If needed I have a cat house, cat bed and/or tall cat tree that can go with him. He will be de-fleaed and I might be able to take him for rabies and FVRCP vaccines. This handsome and very sweet guy deserves the very best. Are you the perfect parent for this sweet loving outdoor kitty? Please contact me for questions about sweet Joey and the process of transitioning an outdoor kitty. Contact:
May 28, 2021

Handsome Outdoor Kitty Will Warm Your Heart

This is Sebastian, aka Pretty Face. He is a neutered male, tabby with white cat who is somewhat territorial with other cats but very loving with his person. He is microchipped. He has come inside before but primarily loves and wants to be outside. He enjoys his person and spends social time outside on the steps and even allows me to pick him up for kisses and hugs. He came to live in my yard 6 years ago and since then bonded with another outdoor kitty who just recently, in the last 2 months, left the property and didn’t come back. We are all heart broken. But Pretty Face perseveres. He enjoys laying in the sun mostly and asks for food in the morning and afternoons. I am moving to where having an outdoor cat won’t be possible (into an apartment situation) and I fear for his safety and health after I leave. Because he is an outdoor kitty he will need to be confined for an integration period of at least 30 days so that when released he knows his new home and new parents. Confinement could be an outdoor shed or kennel type enclosure or even a spare bedroom or utility room until he can go outside. He is litter box savvy and has experience inside. He might be a good mouser. It’s hard to tell bc there are many cats in my yard and I’ve never had a problem with rodents. I am willing to travel a distance to take him to his new loving and forever home. And he comes with a cat house, cat bed and/or tall cat tree if you need any of these. He will be de-fleaed and I might be able to take him for rabies and FVRCP vaccines. I love him and want only the best for him. Can you be the perfect parent for this sweet loving outdoor kitty? Please contact me for questions or a meet and greet. Contact:
May 28, 2021

I Love From Afar

Hello! My name is Kate, I am a 6 year old short haired cat who was rescued by my owners when I was 5 months old from the streets in MA during a very cold January. My older brother and sister have made it difficult to truly bond with my humans even though they like to play with me. I don’t travel very well and my humans have several moves coming up and can’t take me with them. I love sunshine, warm beds, hiding, and standing over the hot air vents in the winter time. I have never asked to go back outside with the exception of a second story porch (Which I loved!). I am healthy, but not up to date on my vaccines due to being so feisty when touched. I will love you from afar in my own way. My humans love me and this is not easy for them. Contact: or (978) 413-8780.
May 27, 2021

A Companion For Your Quiet Life

Paisley is an 8-year-old chihuahua mix who just wants to be loved on her own terms. She is a great companion, will follow you around all day and nap in your lap or next to you on the couch if you let her, but is not super fond of getting touched. Where Paisley shines: Look at that adorable face! Paisley is very food-motivated, which means she learns tricks quickly. She asks before being let on the furniture and is okay being kept off it. She’s great in the car and has traveled cross-country three times! In an era of COVID puppies with terrible separation anxiety, Paisley will chill at home while you’re out, as long as you keep the trash cans closed. Paisley is content to follow you around, mop the floor while you’re cooking. If you spend a quiet evening on the couch, Paisley will curl up next to you and nap. She can sleep under the covers next to you or in her own bed. Things to be aware of: Paisley is an anxious dog. She will cuddle with you on her own terms, but can get grumpy pretty quickly if given unwanted pets. She does not do well with small children and is leash-reactive. She may resource-guard high-value treats like bully sticks, though she is fine letting you help her solve a kibble puzzle toy. Paisley will do best with a single person or a couple who is not very physically affectionate, in a household that is calm and quiet. She is intelligent and can be stubborn, so will do best with an experienced dog owner. Her anxiety means she needs extra care in terms of seeing the vet, grooming, and maintaining a calm environment. Contact:
May 27, 2021

Loving indoor cats looking for new home

As heartbreaking as it is, I have decided that I must rehome 2 of my 4 cats. I have always had multiple cats and it has never been a problems. But after 3 separate evacuations, I am concerned about the safety of my cats and being able to get out quickly if necessary. During the Kinkade fire, I was only able to get 2 of my cats out, and was terrified during the 4 days I could not go home. It is also difficult being alone and trying to find a place to go with multiple animals. Suzie is a beautiful short haired tabby mix. She is almost 9 years old and is spayed. She is loving and playful. Grazie is almost 8 years old, and is a long hair tabby mix and is neutered. He is also playful and loves to cuddle and sleep on you. They are both healthy. However, Grazie has had some issues with anxiety and has had a tendency to chew on clothing. So he has helped me become dutiful in putting all my clothes away. They are both indoor only cats. I rescued Grazie from a litter and I adopted Suzie from a rescue organization. I suspect their early years were not pleasant and they may not have been properly weaned. So they have NO desire to go outside. They are both great with other cats, as long as the introduction process goes smoothly, and they are great with friendly dogs. I have rescued many cats and have found homes for them. However, I have never had to do this with my own cats that have lived with me for this long. I would love to see them adopted together and go to the same home. I understand that if that is not possible that they each find a loving home. Contact:
May 24, 2021

You and Toby are Made for Each Other!

Toby loves to show off his skills and all the new things he’s been learning! He sits, waits, walks well on leash, waits for his food and to go outside… plus he’s crate trained! He’s housebroken and a total snuggle master. We are looking to place Toby in an adoptive home that can meet his specific needs. This stud muffin is goofy but can also be very sensitive and would love to live in a low traffic, low stress environment as the only pet. Toby loves people and especially likes to snuggle. Although Toby likes kids sometimes the movements and noises of young children can make him a little anxious. Because of this, we’d love to see Toby in a home with no kids or kids 14 and older. Toby has had some not so great interactions w/ other dogs in his life which have caused him to become very reactive around them. In addition to being the only pet in the home, it would be best for Toby to live in a space that has a fenced back yard so that he can exercise freely without running the risk of encountering other dogs. Toby is currently in foster and working on building his confidence when seeing other dogs at a distance and has been doing great! We would love for Toby’s adopter to continuing his training post adoption and know that he will make the best companion. Please call (530)587-5948 or email for more information on Toby and his training needs (or if you’d like learn a few fun facts about him). Toby is microchipped, neutered and current on vaccinations.
May 24, 2021

Loving Couch Potato Boy

Sweet 4 year old pit mix who loves to sleep the day away. He was rescued from an extremely abusive home before we got him. He is the epitome of a wonderful house dog. Crate trained, potty trained, knows many basic commands (sit, stay, down, sit pretty, roll over, play dead and more), doesn’t bark at the door or window, and would love to sit on the couch and hang out all day. No separation anxiety, and currently is home alone for around 7 hours a day with no issues. He needs a family that enjoys staying home to give him the attention and love he deserves. His only issues are he is extremely leash reactive so it’s very hard to take him for walks, or take him places. We travel in a camper 6 months out of the year and he has to stay with a dog sitter since he cannot come. He genuinely is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned, he just needs someone whose home for him. Great with kids, great with adults, great with up to two dogs in the household, and lives with cats (he did chase them when he first met them but he listens when we say leave it). He loves to sleep, especially on a pile of blankets and covered up under them. Extremely healthy, up to date on all shots and medical needs. Contact:
May 21, 2021

Handsome big personality boy cat needs outside time

Black and white male, microchipped, big personality, 5yo neutered kitty seeking a home with a job, preferably with some outdoor space to explore. I’ve had him since he was 4 months old, and because my house backs up to a busy street, he’s always been indoor-only. But throughout 2020 between housing-situation changes and having less alone time for his daily routine, he’s been increasingly insistent on getting outside to hunt rodents and bugs. It’s gotten to the point where I think he would truly be a lot more fulfilled as a working cat with plenty of access to the outdoors in a low/no traffic area. He loves to climb and explore high places and can be found lounging at the top of a tall cat tower or garage rafters pretty predictably. He’s always been shy at first but observant around most humans, can coexist with other cats as long as he can keep his distance, and he will show curiosity toward dogs who ignore him. With time, he can be sweet and will cuddle and purr up a storm once he gets comfortable enough. He is in excellent health, and is fully vaccinated and receives Revolution Plus monthly (I just purchased a 6-month supply that would come with him). He does have FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease where sharp crystals form in the urinary tract), but hasn’t had an episode since he was young; to manage this, he eats Hill’s Prescription urinary C/D diet wet food and kibble (which would also come with him). Very treat/food-motivated, and I would love to give him a chance to put his killer instincts to work!  Contact:
May 21, 2021

2 bonded brothers

hello my name is nismo and Bentley and we are both bonded brothers. we love to cuddle and sleep but most importantly play and eat together is our favorite part of our days. We need someone who will give us so much attention and meet our needs ❤.  Contact: or (707) 852-7263.