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Adoptions by Owner

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November 27, 2021

Loving Rescue Lab Mix Maui Needs a New Home

FOSTER OR ADOPTIVE HOME NEEDED FOR RESCUE LAB MIX: Maui is a very energetic, smart, playful, affectionate, and handsome 1.5 year old, 60 lbs. black male lab mix (lab and Australian cattle dog). He was adopted from a shelter by a family with a toddler. Unfortunately, the family was unable to keep Maui as he can get jumpy and knock the toddler over. Maui also requires a lot of daily exercise and training and the family was unable to give him the time and attention he needs. Maui was rehomed but unfortunately for Maui this home did not work out as the adoptive family had other dogs coming over to the home and Maui needs work on his dog socialization skills. He is currently in a board and train program for 4 weeks. Maui needs a large fenced in area where he can run around and play and he needs an active home with no young children and no cats, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Maui is reactive on leash and would not do well in a dog park or off leash. Maui’s board and train program is currently working with him on some of these issues. Maui is neutered, housebroken, microchipped, current on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. He knows basic commands, is food motivated and is a fast learner. He is a loving and loyal companion and would do great with the right family. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Maui, please email
November 22, 2021

Buff Tabby Cat

Hi, I have a buff tabby kitty named Mimi.  Full name is Pumpkin Mimi Snickerdoodle.  Her eyes are the color of pumpkins and her coat is the color of a snickerdoodle cookie.  My daughter decided her name was Mimi, and we found that to be correct, because that’s what she answers to.  She’s 13, in excellent health, and very small- 7 lbs.   I need to find a new home for her, because I’ll be  buying a van to travel the country, and I don’t think she’ll be a happy camper. She was abused as a kitten and wouldn’t allow people to touch her when I first got her from the shelter, at 7 months old.  Now she loves attention, esp. head rubs!  She loves people and is not shy at all.   She has a slight heart murmur but the vet says it shouldn’t ever bother her.  She’s a special cat and needs to be an only cat, but is fine with small dogs.  She loves to lay outside in the sun in the afternoons but is mostly an inside cat.  I will take her back if it doesn’t work out for any reason.  I have a few months before I leave and would like to find the perfect place for her. Contact: or (707) 494-1192.
November 22, 2021

Cat buddies need new home

“Freckles” is a grey and white tabby altered male age 14 years (approx.) and “Thomas” is a grey striped tiger tabby altered male age 7 years (approx.) looking for a warm bed and snuggles. We are looking for indoor/outdoor situation if possible. They love being inside wherever you are, but need some evening outdoor adventure too. These handsome guys adopted me several years ago and I have recently moved into a senior community where they are not allowed to roam. They are both neutered and have all recent shots and history with Devotion Animal Hosp in Santa Rosa. These two could be separated or kept together. Contact: Robyn at or call 707-578-7765
November 21, 2021

Prince Needs A New Home!

Princeton (aka PRINCE or BOOGER) is a gorgeous Tabby that is 15 years old. We adopted Prince and his brother Gizmo at the same time, when they were just a few weeks old. Prince is a calm, lap cat that loves to lounge wherever he pleases. He is quite talkative like his brother but will be there to listen when you need him too! Prince has been through 4 moves with us and has been a great support system as well as a snuggly friend. He is a very playful kitty compared to his brothers— but with calm nature. I will be relocating this next month and would love to find my booger a loving home before I do. We are just not able to take him with us unfortunately. Contact: or (707) 921-9170.
November 21, 2021

Gizmo Needs A New Home!

Gizmo is a male, Himalayan tabby that is 15 years old. We adopted Gizmo when he was an infant. Gizmo was a pure blessing to my mother and I and we have loved him each day since. Gizmo has been through 4 moves with us and has been a great support system as well as a snuggly friend. He is not the most active cat, but does love to lounge in the sun and sprawl out on your lap for cuddles! He is a talkative fella! He is an inside cat that will need a litter box and a cozy spot to sleep! I will be relocating this next month and would love to find Gizmo a loving home before I do. We are just not able to take him with us. Contact: or (707) 921-9170.
November 21, 2021

Tigger Needs A New Home!

Tigger is a 14 year old male Tabby that was born and raised in Santa Rosa. When Tigger first came into our home, as an infant, he filled the house with joy and love. He loves snuggles, sitting on laps, and watching the outside world from window sills. Tigger loves to lounge and take naps but can be quiet playful when he is up for it. He is a great support system as well! I will be relocating this next month and would love to find Tigger a new home before I do. Contact: or (707) 921-9170.
November 19, 2021

Two Bonded for Life

Hello all!  Our names are Molly (grey) and Astro (brown), right off the bat, we’d like to say that we are bonded from a very young age and we need a new home that will take us both.  We’re both about 5 years old and we’re rescued when we were puppies. Spayed and neutered. Our owner moved out of the home we had for the past 5 years and with his work schedule we’re home 10-12 hours a day alone. Fortunately, we have each other, but we want a home where we have more human attention. We LOOOOVE attention. We love cuddles, sunshine and playtime. Molly is highly skilled at fetch! Astro mean mugging squirrels (it must be the parson russell terrier in him). We’re both housetrained. We get along with other dogs and children.  We’re timid around new people, but that quickly goes away once we warm up to you. It’s not an easy choice for our owner, but he strongly feels we deserve a better home. We would love the opportunity to brighten up your life!  Contact:  209-275-4098.
November 19, 2021

Beautiful Border Collie puppy

My daughter purchased this beautiful dog a few months ago and then took a job working 10 to 11 hours a day. We are looking for someone who can give him a wonderful new home as we are very sad to let him go. Roscoe at 5 months old is a very loving and intelligent smooth border collie. He is very easy to train and knows multiple commands. He has also been crate trained but he doesn’t spend a lot of time there. Similar to most border Collie’s he needs a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep him busy. Roscoe is very affectionate toward people and definitely likes cuddles and quiet time too. He is good pals with our dog and walks with our trainers dogs. Roscoe is very good with people and loves my 2 year old granddaughter but because he is clumsy we watch him around her. Roscoe has had all of his vaccinations, worming, flea meds, and has been micro chipped. Roscoe would thrive in a home where someone will spend time with him and make sure he gets stimulation and exercise. He would be an amazing agility dog or wonderful on a farm or with a yard to run. He already likes to chase geese off the playgrounds and soccer fields here in town. Any potential owner should know that he has leash reactivity and we are working on that. He walks well in in areas where he won’t have to be concerned about confronting unknown dogs. Contact: or (510) 332-9385. He is now part of the Northern California Border Collie rescue.
November 18, 2021

Need to Re-home 8mo Old Litter Mates- pit/shepherd mix

We have a brother and a sister pitbull/shepherd mix that need rehoming. We moved to the area and cannot find rental housing with the two of them. They are recently fixed. Really sweet, good with children, not so good with small prey-type animals (ie cats). They have some training. Used to a lot of time outdoors. Need a family who has time for them, walks, more training. The boy is Fezik, brindle 65lbs, the girl is Rana golden with black muzzle, about 55lbs. I’d really like to keep them together. They love each other so much. They are crate trained and sleep together at night. This is really awful and hard, looking for the right people to keep loving them. Please email if interested.  Contact:
November 17, 2021

2 loving cats needing new forever home

“Buddy” an orange tabby altered male age 14 years (approx) looking for a warm bed and cuddles. “Alvin” is a brown tabby altered male age 7 years (approx) looking for indoor/outdoor situation if possible. Could be fully indoor as well. We took in these two handsome boys as a temporary foster when a friend couldn’t care for them. What was supposed to be 6 months has now been 2.5 years and we cannot keep due to housing restrictions. These two could be separated or kept together. Contact: or (707) 775-9544.
November 16, 2021

Pepper Pooch in search of a Pack!

Hello, my name is Pepper (aka “Salt ‘n Pepper”), and I’m a 10 month old Shepsky (shepherd/husky mix) with a big heart and nearly boundless energy. I love my humans and especially love playing with other doggies (so far have not met one I didn’t like). I’ll play several hours a day at doggy day care, and then come home with my mom and want to be walked or run again and play some more with neighborhood dogs. I do eventually crash, and sleep a good long night. Then I’m up and at it again the next morning–wanting to play, play, play! I would do really well with a couple or family so I can be part of a pack. It’s kinda quiet living with just my mom at home (I love it when her friends or adult kids are visiting and I can be a part of that pack). I also am super happy when there’s another dog around to play with, so I think I’d be super happy being in a family with another dog. I also like to run, and can go for many miles, so having space to romp is important. If my forever family had a runner/jogger or a biker who could bike while I ran, this’d be super! I love water, so will jump into any puddle, stream, lake, or tub of water I can find. I’m a great hiker, camper, and I travel well in the car to go on adventures in the mountains or at the beach, or just to visit friends and family. I like being on the go with my people! My mom wants to find a great new family for me because she needs to do more traveling now, and the support she thought she had lined up for travel times has had changes in their own lives, so that although I love spending time with them, they can no longer take me into their homes for extended periods of time (one moved to condo without a yard, and the other out of the area). She also simply thinks I’d be happier in a “pack,” comprised of more humans than she alone, and another doggy, hopefully. I’m super smart, say both of my personal trainers I’ve had, and I’m really well-liked at doggy day care and in the neighborhood. I am mostly obedient, though a bit willful at 10 months, and don’t always come readily when I am off-leash at the park (we’re working on this!) I am healthy and strong, and will make some family really happy.  Contact: (707) 363-6552 or
November 16, 2021

Indi Pariah Retriever Mix Mammy Chikki needs a loving home!

Chikki is between 4 and 5 years old. She had a rough start in her life living on the streets of India, fighting her way with monkeys, people who don’t like dogs and other dogs in order to survive; however, she is still a very sweet girl who was befriended by two school teachers who brought her inside their home as she gave birth to 4 puppies. She needs to be in a home with no other pets with someone who will be patient and earn her trust as she is shy and afraid of harsh environment she needs a quiet place to call home! Please see more pictures of Mammy and her son Chimmu on website:  Contact: or (415) 858-9731.
November 15, 2021


Sadly, I can no longer take care of my pet bunny Ichigo. Looking to send him to a loving home. He’s a bit territorial with his cage, but overall a cutie. Loves roaming around if let out of his cage. Loves carrots & cilantro. I’m also giving him away with his cage, water & food bowl.  Contact: or (707) 495-0478.
November 14, 2021

Need new home for our Dachshund-Chihuaha Mix

We need a new home for our amazing dog Roo – he’s a little guy that is shy with new people but very loving and affectionate once he gets to know you. He needs a new owner that is patient and willing to work with some of his little-dog anxieties – he is typically afraid of strangers and doesn’t do well when woken suddenly and is defensive over his food; he can be anxious when left alone but eventually settles down and generally loves to spend his days sleeping in the sun. Likes to chase cats – not sure if that is something that can be trained out of him. Roo is not an aggressive dog but has a lot of difficulty with small children that do not respect his space. Contact: or (707) 293-7958.
November 14, 2021

Large Breed Puppy-Chompy

Chompy is a Catahoula/mastiff/border collie/pittie mix. His name sounds ominous but he has learned quickly not to be Chompy! Loves to cuddle and loves to play. Loves other dogs and cats and children. Will need a yard and someone to train him well and play and walk him often so he doesn’t get bored. Mom is 75lbs and Dad is 50. I own both dogs as this was a Covid oops litter. None of the pups have shots or have been neutered. All are male. 2 1/2 months old. ***no emails please only text or calls****. (707) 477-6662.
November 14, 2021

Large breed pup-Runty

Runty is a Catahoula/Mastiff/border collie/pitt mix. Mom is 75lbs and Dad is 50lbs. I have both dogs on site as the pups were a COVID oops lol. Runty is full of fun and energy. He was the runt of the litter but he immediately became the same size as his siblings and is thriving. He is very smart and learns quickly. He will need a family or a human with a yard or plenty of time to take him for walks and to play. He will need someone willing to train and keep him busy as he is part border collie. He is 2 1/2 months old and loves other dogs and cats and children. Could be a good ranch dog. **text or call only no emails please ****. (707) 477-6662.
November 13, 2021

Needing to rehome our rat

In need to rehome our sweet rat Buster. Buster is a very smart, curious, and loveable rat. He is great with humans but unfortunately, he just can’t get along with our other rats. We feel he will be a rat that can live on his own as long as you are willing to give him a lot of attention. He is about 9 months old. Rehoming him is not our first, second, or third choice. We have had him for months and unfortunately he has been unable to get along with our other boys. We really love him and want him to find an attentive, loving home with someone who is able to play with him and spend time with him multiple times a day. If you are interested or have any question please call or text Stefanie (845) 514-3016
November 13, 2021

chihuahua mix

Curry is a 4 year old male chihuahua mix. He is neutered, chipped, and up to date on all his shots/ vaccines. Contact:
November 12, 2021

Sweet miss Pip in need of a loving forever home!

Pip is a female Border Collie/McNab mix. She weighs 28 pounds and is believed to be around 3 years old. She has a very sweet disposition and is clearly very intelligent. She’s trusting and seems eager to be part of a family dynamic while also attaching to one point person. She is currently being fostered with my 4 other dogs, two Australian Shepherds and two Great Pyrenees. She seems over the moon with happiness to be part of a pack and absolutely loves to play. She is unspayed. Pip would be best suited to a home with no cats or free range chickens tho as she has a strong prey drive. I was told she also chases cars. She really needs space to run daily as she is a working breed and has lots of energy. This sweet girl has suffered severe neglect in the past and deserves a beautiful life full of love from here on out. She will make an excellent companion for the right person. Contact: or (707) 548-8163.
November 12, 2021

Beautiful calico cat

Autumn was named after the fall and her beautiful colors,she is about to be 2 she was born 11/10/19, strictly indoor cat and has used the litter box her whole life when she was younger I tried to introduce her outside and a stray dog had attacked her with me and since she’s not liked leaving her home. I tried more after but she would run back inside and hide. Her most favorite thing is strings, very shy cat but not ever would she try to hit a person. I am moving very soon and she can’t come with me sadly. She’s not the greatest with other animals but she did have a younger “brother” cat who is in a new home now. Contact: or (707) 892-9128.
November 11, 2021

Buddy, almost 2 yo running partner and protector

Meet Buddy, a brindle rescue mutt from San Francisco. He’ll be two at the end of November, and has been with our family of 5 since he was 4.5 months old. Buddy is loved by his family, including three children aged 7 to 12. He is a favorite at our local doggie day care and has made tons of friends with the dogs and those that work there. He’s great with other dogs, and is always eager to play. Buddy has tons of energy and his favorite ways to expend his energy is by going on runs, walks, hikes, playing tug of war, chasing us in the backyard, and playing with other dogs. He does protect his toys and food when other dogs come to our house. We are sadly needing to re-home Buddy. He is a guard dog and reacts when people come into our home by barking and growling. In a handful of cases he has nipped. He has never broken skin, but in these situations, he can be persistent, needing to be leashed while we have visitors. He has never reacted to or nipped our kids or us. We have worked with a dog behaviorist and have made some progress, however the amount of structure and training he needs isn’t something we can provide with our constant and revolving door of visiting kids / parents . Buddy is a sweet and loyal dog who we feel would be a good fit in a structured home with older children/ no children, and he will need consistent training to feel secure when people come to visit. He is a healthy dog who has regular vet visits and is up to date on his vaccinations. Contact: or (415) 706-9591.
November 9, 2021

Jj chihuahua

Long bushy tale small head big paws fluffy sheds very friendly. Contact: Sergioc3421@gmail.con or (707) 490-7246.
November 8, 2021

Maurice – your new snuggle buddy

Hello, meet Maurice! I adopted Maurice in January from the SF SPCA. I am so sad to say goodbye to him, but I am moving across the country and will no longer be able to give him the care he deserves. Maurice is a really special dog and I am hoping to find him a great new home that is the right fit. Please reach out if you are interested, and I can give you more details about him (and more cute photos!). Maurice is very affectionate and absolutely loves to snuggle and be pet. He will be happy to cuddle up to you on the couch or bed at any time. Your heart will melt when he comes over to put his head in your lap. Maurice is energetic and enjoys exploring the neighborhood on walks and loves to run around and play with other dogs at the dog park. Maurice is comfortable around dogs, but has anxiety around people. He has made some big improvements in the time since I adopted him, and he is on daily medications to help ease his anxiety, but this is something that his next owners will need to be willing to work around. I have worked with the SPCA behavior team and a great trainer, and can share lots of information and strategies with you based on the work we have done. I can also offer some paid meetings with my current trainer. Maurice likes other dogs, and I think he could be a good fit as a second dog in a household since he is more confident around dogs. Having access to a fenced yard would be helpful for him (but is not required). Maurice is about 3 years old, 16 pounds, and is neutered. He is house trained and well behaved at home (no issues with chewing etc) and is able to be left alone at home with no separation anxiety. Contact:
November 8, 2021

Lexy…Rat chihuahua, terrier mix

Her name is Lexy. Loves kids. Loves people and other dogs. She is a an active little dog whom loves to go on walks. She loves to snuggle and overly kisses We just moved and unfortunately the landlord only let’s us have 1 dog. Lexy is very healthy, she has no health issues whatsoever. We are looking for an active person who will take her everywhere, treat her like a princess, gives her tons of love. She also loves car rides. Potty and crate trained. Contact:
November 8, 2021

German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd puppies they are 9 weeks old mom no longer wants to feed them and I can’t keep them, very sweet cute puppies that Desperately need a home. Contact: or (707) 800-2618.
November 6, 2021

Wonderful 1.5 yr old Shepherd Mix Seeks Forever Home

My name is Boston, I’m a 1.5 year old, 65 lbs, female German Shepherd / ACD / Pitt mix. I’ve got all the energy and love of a puppy with the house manners of an adult dog. My favorite activities are playing frisbee, fetch, tug, sniff walks and snuggling with my humans. I love playing with other dogs and I have excellent dog social skills, I go to off-leash dog parks with my humans every day and have a blast! I have a high working drive so I love to learn new tricks and play games that make me use my brain. My humans love me so much, but, we live in a busy city and I’m nervous about seeing & hearing strangers on such a constant basis. We all think it’d be best if I could live in a quieter environment to really be able to live a more relaxing life. I’ve made a ton of progress on my stranger danger instincts so far, but I would be much happier in a quieter environment. I’m looking for somewhere with a lot of land, ideally with another confident dog to play with and show me the world isn’t such a scary place. I also need patient humans who will continue to work on my fear reactivity using positive reinforcement training, but, no kids or cats for me! I’m crate trained, have all my basic obedience down, I’m up to date on my shots, microchipped, and spayed. Contact: or (510) 499-7143.
November 5, 2021

Senior Cat looking for Love

11 yr old cat, Peaches is a cat who is in need of a loving home. She was abandoned a year ago. She is getting shelter, food and as much tlc as possible, but clearly not as much as she needs and has come to want. I have my own pets indoors and can not take on another full time. She is outside during the day and is brought in at night to be safe and protected from the cold and dangers. Preferably, she needs to be inside with someone who is willing to earn her love and trust. Once she gets to know and trust you, she loves to sit on your lap. Person must be willing to take the time to allow her to feel comfortable as she can be skittish. Please remember, she was left outside 24/7, was not well cared for and left in the streets. I feel she would do best in a home without other pets. Preferably to a non smoker. She really is a sweet little girl in good health who just needs to find the love of a stable home and unconditional love. Contact: or (707) 583-9827.
November 5, 2021


This sweet 10 year old female lab, is no longer able to stay in her home, due to her guardians health. She is a sweet natured gal, sadly very little training, but wanting to please. I found her quite responsive on short walks over the past couple of weeks. Contact: or (707) 888-5151.
November 5, 2021

Portia craves your attention!

Portia has a big personality and is gorgeous too! She is spayed and about 4 years old. She is up to date on all of her vaccines and has a micro chip. I love her very much. She gets picked on and chased by my other cat (who I’ve had since he was born) and shows signs of stress. I know she would love to be either the only cat to get all of your attention and have some peace, or she does get along with a nice cat and was raised with my little dog. She is quite the snuggle bug. She stays mainly indoors, but does enjoy going outside for a short time now and then. Please contact me if you have any questions, would like to hear her whole story or would like to come meet her! Thanks! Contact: or (707) 293-0951.
November 5, 2021

Re homing Ollie

Ollie’s family can no longer keep him due to financial difficulties.This 6year old german shepherd is very sweet and has not lived with children or other pets. If you are looking for a loyal companion pet, Ollie is your boy. Contact: or (818) 455-3852.
November 5, 2021

Mom and daughter kitties

A friend is having to re-home 2 of his rescued cats at landlord’s demand. They are Mom and Daughter pair. Mom, Ears, is about 1 year old or less. She was rescued by our friend when she was a homeless kitten and turned out she was pregnant and Mane is now 5 months old, born on 5/28/21. He is hoping to keep them together. They currently live in rural Santa Rosa and have always been indoor/outdoor kitties. They are both fixed and have had all their shots. They are both litter box trained. They are super cute, sweet, well behaved kitties. Here are a few pics! Please message me if you or someone you know could take in these 2 kitties! They cannot stay with him any longer and need to be rescued again. Contact: or (415) 499-3158.
November 5, 2021

Bonded guinea pigs

We have 2 male guinea pigs that I’m unable to care for due to the fact that I’m pregnant and needing to make room for our new addition. One is a American guinea (2 years) and the other is a crested American 1years). Contact: or (707) 806-6031.
November 5, 2021

Sweet Zoe Brown

Meet Miss Zoe Brown, a gorgeous indoor only sable brown Burmese who recently lost her mom/owner. This sweet affectionate girl wants nothing more than to sit in your lap and be wherever you are. It breaks my heart that I can’t keep her, but, though she loves people, she’s afraid of other animals and so stays in a room by herself. She needs to be an only pet for someone who wants to give and receive lots of love. She is small – 8lbs. – healthy and…those eyes! Contact: or (650) 575-2251.
November 3, 2021


I have a beautiful purebred rare Lavender Orpington rooster who needs a flock. He was supposed to be a She. I am not allowed to have roosters where I live. Contact: or (415) 706-0900.
November 1, 2021

Sweet Giant Anatolian Shepherd Puppy Looking for Her Flock

Izzy was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Azerbaijan (near Turkey) this summer and flown to the U.S. in the hopes of finding her a forever family. Her foster mom (me) was surprised to find from her Embark DNA test that she is 100% Anatolian Shepherd. As a puppy, Izzy was deprived of sunshine and good nutrition which caused some deformities. Thank goodness, her legs have mostly straightened out since her rescue, and she is now able to run and keep up with her foster siblings. The vet says she might just need some joint supplements when she gets older. Izzy has a very sweet temperament, and is wonderful with all dogs. (She was living in a kennel-less shelter with 500 other dogs.). She does exhibit many traits of a typical Anatolian Shepherd and other flock guardian dog breeds. She frequently checks the perimeter of my yard, and will bark loud warning barks if she hears unfamiliar sounds. Because of this, a family with a farm, a ranch, or property with some acreage would be best for her. She is very smart, and learns quickly. But as is typical with this breed, she is an independent thinker and will “consider” what you are asking her to do. She does well with positive reinforcement training–no harsh training please as this breed is very sensitive. Izzy has been spayed, fully vaccinated, and fully vetted. I am hoping to find a family who is familiar with LGDs (livestock guardian dogs), or is willing to learn about the special characteristics of this breed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. To ensure she does not fall into the wrong hands, I am asking for $125 donation to the rescue she came from, Good World Animal Rescue and Protection. You can view their rescue efforts on Facebook : In the attached photo, Izzy is the dog with the cropped ears. (This is a common practice for Anatolian Shepherds in Turkey). Contact: or (408) 691-6654.
October 30, 2021

Looking for a loving home

4 month old male mastiff x jack Russell terrier, intact looking for a good home, very calm temperament very loving and sweet. Contact: or (707) 296-5653.
October 28, 2021

Oreo one year old chihuahua mix ratterier

1year old puppy needs new home. Vaccination up to date. Playful. Good with kids.  Contact: or (707) 280-5241.
October 27, 2021

Rajah – Loving 1 yr old kitten

I am a kitten that survived the Yosemite fires in 2020 and was brought to my current home with two other older cats whom have raised me. I love to climb, play and need lots of cuddles. I am good with babies and children. I am a black and orange calico with orange tabby mixed in and I have white boots. Contact:
October 27, 2021

Good companion and farm dog

His buddy passed away and needs more attention. Denny is crate trained and spends most days outside. He is an outside dog but could be trained to be indoors. Contact: or (707) 695-1353.
October 26, 2021

Garden Cat Needs new home

This is Chunk. He is an indoor out door cat, mostly out door. Cat door for him is ideal. I can no longer care for him due to a move of residence. He is neutered, up to date with his shots, and has a chip. He is a good hunter. He can be moody but what cat isn’t. He likes to be petted but only for a short time, then he’s off on his adventures. Feel free to contact me with additional questions. Thanks for your consideration. Contact: or (707) 480-9047.
October 26, 2021

2 Year Old Siamese Mix looking for pet free home

She had surgery 1 year ago and is doing well physically but picking up on family/home stress and isn’t getting along well with her brother. Perks up when she has 1:1 attention from a loving adult. Contact: or (650) 862-9106.
October 26, 2021

Boarder collie pit mix puppy

Noodles is 7 month old female puppy. She is a great family dog and a love who is so excited to meet new people and dogs. My wife has recently become disabled and wheelchair bound and we are no longer able to keep her. She is spayed. Microchipped. Up to date on all shots. House trained. Crate trained. Dog license is current. Current rabies. Great with other dogs. Well socialized. Loves everyone. Loves toys and plushies. Good with kids but gets a little over excited, as she is still a puppy. Good with cats but chases them for fun. She is a great family dog and a love who is so excited to meet new people and dogs. My wife has recently become disabled and wheelchair bound and we are no longer able to keep her. Good with kids but gets a little over excited, as she is still a puppy. Good with cats but chases them for fun. Comes with all medical history and paperwork. She is a boarder collie pit mix and very intelligent and easy to train. She knows sit, stay, relax, talk and go potty. She has bells that she rings when she needs to go out. Those will also be included. Great family dog and ready to love everyone and very intelligent and easy to train. She knows sit, stay, relax, talk and go potty. She has bells that she rings when she needs to go out. Those will also be included. Great family dog and ready to love everyone. Contact: (707) 861-0412 or
October 25, 2021

Looking for a loving home with a big yard

Hi my name is Hobo and i am very sweet and loving dog. I am a covid dog- so no one came to our house for most of my life, and I am very protective. I’ve never bitten anyone, but my bark will scare off anyone you don’t want coming into your house. I am a German shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix, my mother was found on the railroad tracks and fostered by a Milo family. I love to exercise and it would be great to be able to run in a big yard. I love to play with other dogs, so the ore the merrier.  Contact: or (415) 602-7915.
October 24, 2021

10 month old male Lab/German Shepard

Hi, I’m Max. I’ll be 1 on December 7th, I’m fully of energy and I need a lot of space to play. I also need some more training but I do sit and lay down for yummy treats. I’m a little skidding around other dogs at first but once I’m comfortable I’m the life of the party. I’m super lovable and loyal and will make a great family dog. Living on a ranch or farm would be my dream. I’m neutered and up to date on all vaccines. My crate and bed will come with me as this is my safe space to sleep at night and for naps.  Contact: or (415) 312-8526.