How to Adopt

Ready to bring home your new fuzzy family member? We invite you to fall in love with an animal at HSSC! Our Adoption Counselors will work with you to find your very best match.

Animals for adoption

Step 1: Learn about our animals

Learn about our animals! Read their summaries, watch any available video links, and see photos of the animals who are ready for adoption here and give us a call or walk in during adoption hours.  We do our best to serve every client to the best of our abilities during public adoption hours.

Adoption counselor Darby

Step 2: Matchmaking

An adoption team member will assist you in finding the perfect pet. We use a conversational approach, and will review the medical and behavior needs of the pet you are interested in adopting. We want to make sure it’s this could be great fit for both your family and the animal, before spending time with the animal.

Finalizing an adoption

Step 3: Finalizing the adoption

  1. Adopters must be 18 or older at the time of adoption, and present a photo ID
  2. You may be able to take the pet home immediately as long as they are medically and behaviorally ready and a great match. Come prepared to leave with your new friend.
  3. For some dogs, we may recommend an introduction to your resident dog. We will make an appointment with you during the matchmaking process. Do not bring your dog for any initial meetings
  4. Some animals may require a post-adoption consult session with our behavior specialists to ensure they are adjusting to the new home.
  5. All dogs and puppies should leave the shelter with the appropriate leash and collar (some affordable equipment is available in our thrift store, otherwise we may ask you to purchase elsewhere). All cats and kittens must go home in an appropriate carrier. We have cardboard and hard sided carriers available for purchase. Please feel free to bring your own cat carrier too!

Sweet husky

Step 4: Adjusting at home

Welcome to the HSSC family. We wish you and your pet many happy days ahead. If you have behavioral concerns please email our dog behavior here, or cat behavior here. We love pet updates! Please email them to us here, we may even want to share them on our facebook, instagram or youtube accounts!

Locations and Adoption Hours

Santa Rosa:
12:00pm – 6:00pm Tuesday – Saturday
12:00pm – 5:00pm Sunday
5345 HWY 12 West
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Closed on Mondays

11:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Saturday
555 Westside Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(707) 431-3386
Closed on Sundays

Adoption Requirements

As you consider a pet adoption, please be aware of the following:

  • Adopters must be at least 18 years old and present valid photo ID.
  • If you have a dog and want to adopt another, we ask that you leave your resident dog at home for the initial greeting. Once you’ve decided that you’ve met your match we may schedule an introduction between the dogs.
  • Animals and people are all unique. We will make every effort to help you find the companion animal who is most appropriate for your lifestyle. If we cannot find the right match, we reserve the right not to complete an adoption.

Country Cats 

Do you or someone you know live or work at a ranch, vineyard, farm, warehouse or barn?

Country cats represent a portion of the feline population that thrive on free-range living rather than bunking down for the night in a typical home.  Like any other domesticated animal, they still need warm shelter, food and water. 

Our country cats program ensures that these free-spirited felines receive a safe, warm living environment. Their health exams, vaccinations, microchips and spay/neuters are all done. In return, you’ll have a forever pal (or two) who’ll play sensible sentry with you 24/7. 

Interested in getting a Country Cat? Please review our adoptable cats to see if we have any cats that are ready for the job!

Adoption Fees 


Senior Dogs (over 7)  $125 
Puppy Package (under 5 months) + Puppy Class


Senior Cats (over 7)  $95
Kitten (under 6 mo.)  $220  / $385 for 2




$25 ea / $40 for 2

Special discounts & offerings

  • 20% off dog or puppy training classes (when you register on the day of your adoption)
  • 20% discount for seniors 60+
  • Pets for the Elderly: discount for seniors 60+; may be combined with Silver Whiskers Club discount
  • Silver Whiskers Club: discounts for Seniors 60+ adopting Senior Pets age 7+ ($95 for dogs; $75 for cats)
  • Pets for Patriots: Adoption fees waived for veterans with military I.D. For more info, please visit:

What’s Included? 

Your Adoption Fee Includes:  A value of $425 $1035
Spay/Neuter Surgery (Cats, Dogs, Rabbits)  $95 – $360
Health Exam  $30 – $60
Vaccinations (FVRCP/Cats; DHLPP/Dogs)  $25 – $50 
Heartworm Testing (Dogs Only)  $40 – $60
Canine Bordatella Vaccine  $30 – $45
Canine De-worming (Hookworms & Roundworms)  $20 – $65 
Microchip  $35 – $65
Basic Training and Socialization  $100 – $300 
Adoption Counseling  $50 – $95

NOTE: At the Humane Society of Sonoma County, we no longer test healthy, single-housed cats, or kittens under six months of age for FIV/Feline Leukemia. We still test sick cats, those who have clinical signs consistent with infection, at-risk cats, and all group-housed cats. We recommend testing all cats prior to being introduced into multi-cat households, and this test is offered at the time of adoption for $25. However, based on our newer understanding of the variability of disease, we believe that FeLV/FIV testing is best done in collaboration with a cat’s primary care veterinarian where you receive comprehensive care and health recommendations based on the cat’s lifestyle.