Jack is a sweet, energetic, and loyal pup. He is an 8 month old white german shepherd Staffordshire mix. We met his mama and papa, they were well mannered and sweet. He definitely takes after them. We love him to death and are very sad to have to rehome him. He LOVES to play. He is a bit shy in new environments, with new people, and at the dog park but at home he is confident and has lots of personality. He needs an active home, with or without another dog. He behaves the best with daily nature/walk adventures. He has never been around kiddos and may be a little too rambunctious for them. With that being said, he is very smart and super trainable. He can sit, lay down, and is somewhat crate trained. We have practiced some off leash with him and he is a very good boy about it if you have treats. As he is still young, a bit wild and needs more training although we have laid some good groundwork. Jack is up to date on all vaccinations, is microchipped, and is intact. Our vet recommended that we wait until he was 12 months old to neuter him. It pains me to have to give him up, we want to find the perfect forever home for our loving boy. Please reach out if you think you may be the right fit. You can email me at kayaburke33@gmail.com.

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