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If you’ve ever taken an HSSC dog training class, you know we believe in keeping things positive! Our positive training philosophy extends right down to the kinds of collars we recommend for dogs. This means we do not endorse any collar designed to pinch, shock or choke your dog. You’ve probably seen these scary looking items at pet stores. Maybe you’ve even been told they are effective training tools to curb unwanted behaviors in your dog. Studies have shown however that prong, shock and choke collars are not only inhumane and dangerous, they are ineffective training tools. They can result in injuries ranging from punctured skin, spinal cord problems and crushed tracheas. Additionally, they can increase fear, aggression and reactivity in your dog and break down the bond of trust.

The good news is that there are so many humane equipment choices available! Determine which one is best for your dog’s unique needs. We can help! Flat, rolled or Martingale-style collars, or front- or back-clip harnesses are some safe, humane options, as described here: Next, find out what motivates your dog – praise, play, petting, treats? – and reward the behaviors you want to see more of, early and often! Rewards make your dog more likely to repeat desired behaviors and make training a much more enjoyable, loving and humane experience.

Connect with your dog from the heart, not a leash and a collar.

Zak George