Gayle Citta

May 15, 2022

Beautiful orange rag doll cat needs home

Hello- We have a sweet orange rag doll cat (named Baby) who needs a new home. He is 4 years old, litter trained and has a sweet personality. But he needs more attention then we have been giving him. He has been an indoor cat his whole life so would not survive well outside. He gets along well with our other cat but 2 cats are too much in our apt. Please call or email if interested. He needs an attentive and loving home. Thank you! Maya Contact: or (707) 494-3216.  
May 15, 2022

4yo Australian Bulldog

We have 3 dogs and all of the sudden our 2 bulldogs want to kill eachother. After dealing with this for months with a heavy heart we have to give one away. Luna is a great family dog she loves attention is house trained. She uses a doggie door and can be left at home with no problems. She is meant to be an only dog. She does have a back leg that she repeatedly injurs running our fence line.  Contact: or (707) 364-1476.
May 15, 2022

Misty – Pretty Senior Female Cat

Misty is a 17 year old grey and white domestic short hair female. She is a very sweet and pretty kitty. Although she isn’t really a lap cat she does thoroughly enjoy a good pet session and will approach you several times a day and stare lovingly at you or meow softly to get your attention. Her favorite thing is to rub her face and head all over your outstretched, immobile hand continuously for minutes at a time, purring all the while and occasionally giving you coy glances. She also likes to play with cat toys, mostly chasing strings or laser dots. I took Misty in when a family member couldn’t care for her anymore about 2 years ago. It’s very difficult giving her up because she is such a sweet and affectionate kitty but I never intended to have a pet long term. Being an older cat, Misty does have a couple of health issues. She receives medication daily for hyperthyroidism and irritable bowel disease. The medications are Felimazole for hyperthyroidism and Prednisolone for the IBD. She receives both of these medications trans-dermally (rubbed on the inside of her outer ear flap) and they seem to be treating her issues well. She also has been diagnosed with mild kidney failure, although it’s been over a year since the diagnosis and the only indication of it is somewhat more frequent urination. Although Misty has been chipped, she has been an indoor cat her whole life. She has been spayed and is current with her vaccinations. Misty is a wonderful little kitty who would do best in a home with either no other pets or one or two other non-aggressive cats. If she sounds like the cat for you, please contact me.  Contact:
May 15, 2022

Dusker – Healthy, Extremely Lovable Male Adult Cat with Lots of Personality

Dusker is a dark grey male, domestic short hair, around 7 years old and in good health. He is a large, extremely sweet and lovable cat with a deep purr. While a bit shy until he gets to know you, he has lots of personality and is very affectionate. He loves to play with cat toys, especially lasers and any kind of string-like toy. He does startle easily and would need to be in a fairly calm and stable home without lots of activity. He wouldn’t do well in a home with young children but he probably would be fine around older children. He has been neutered, is chipped and is current on his vaccinations. I took Dusker in when a family member couldn’t care for him anymore about 2 years ago. It is difficult putting him up for adoption because he is such a great cat but I never intended to keep him permanently. If you’re looking for a young, healthy cat that will put a smile on your face every day, look no further, Dusker is the cat for you.  Contact:
May 14, 2022

Mother and Daughter Bonded Pair Will Adore and Love You

Here is Emma and her daughter Emily. They are a beautiful female black cat and kitten (they are bonded). Emily is 6-8 months and Emma is 1-1.5 years old. You just have to see their beautiful soft silky fur and deep green eyes. They definitely look like twins. Emily and Emma were found on the streets with Emma’s other 4 kittens. (Already adopted.) The two girls are lovable, sweet, love to play with springs, string toys and the Laser light. The two enjoy cuddles and petting. They are also very shy until they know you and may need a slow introduction. Emma is a lap cat though. They are active, playful, affectionate, mellow, and quiet. They are bonded so they need to be adopted together. The girls are spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. They have lived near dogs but didn’t have direct contact with them. They have lived with other cats and get along with them. They will need to be indoor only cats. If you would like to meet them or have questions about them, please contact Donya at We can set up an appointment to meet them. Or you can meet them on Saturdays 10-2PM at Pet Food Express during adoption events. Can you give Emma and Emily a forever home? They will give you love and playfulness in return.
May 14, 2022

Two loving cats need a forever home!

Meet Mimi and Kitty! They are two of the most easy going, sweetest cats I’ve ever experienced. Both of them are male, spayed and very well litter box trained. Both cats are indoor cats and up to date on vaccines with no health issues. All these two want is cuddles! They are good with dogs and kids. They have never scratched or bitten anyone. My toddler and newly pregnant self are moving back in with parents and unfortunately the kitties can not come. We would love for them to stay together! Please reach out if you have any other questions! Thank you! Contact: or (530) 566-5100.
May 13, 2022

Laid Back Lucas

Lucas is a very sweet, affectionate, playful and well-behaved dog. He is laid back most of the time but loves his daily playtime and treats. He is about 3 years old, neutered, and all of vaccines are current. He gets along great with any dog he meets and he is great in the car and on the leash. His ideal forever home would be a place where he gets a lot of attention, room to play, and cushy bed to sleep on. Lucas would be a great addition to any family. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
May 13, 2022

Loving playful pup needing rehoming

Hello everyone, we are very sad to be looking for a family that is searching for a new dog to home. Ellie is 2 next Halloween, we took her in when she was about 8 weeks old and cannot keep her any longer as our living situation has changed and she is just not getting the attention she needs. I am searching for a person/family that has some experience owning dogs. Ellie is half Germsky and half Queensland shepherd who loves playing fetch! My family lives in Fairfield, CA and we would be willing to travel a bit to find her a great home. She is full energy, goofy, and just loves to be with people. She’s always loved meeting new people and other dogs, which gets her excited really quickly. Our family is a bit older so she has not been around children too often but has always loved meeting kids. She is potty trained and is comfortable being in a crate but prefers to be out with family as much as possible. She is fixed and her vaccinations are up to date. Please message me if anyone is interested.  Contact: or (707) 803-0540.
May 13, 2022

Sweet,Timid Sasha needs a new home

Sasha is a beautiful, very shy, but sweet cat. She was rescued from the streets and has had trauma. She needs an owner with loving patience. She is well behaved and litter trained. She was with my daughter for the past 3 years, until she moved to Europe two weeks ago. Sasha now lives with my elderly mom and I, however I also have a puppy, which isn’t the ideal situation for anyone, especially Sasha. We would be so grateful to find Sasha a loving home. Contact: or (415) 385-4445.
May 12, 2022

Rehoming 2 friendly bunnies

In need of rehoming two bonded bunnies in short notice. Two male bonded bunnies, about a year and a half old each. One netherland dwarf and a polish rabbit mix. They are very sweet and enjoy pets as well as playing with lots of toys. They are both neutered and in good health. Unfortunately due to last minute housing situation, I can longer keep them. These bunnies mean the world to me and I just hope they find a loving home where they will be cherished. Please contact me if you are interested. My email is and my number is (720) 775-8984.
May 12, 2022

Pretty Tortoiseshell Sweetheart Will Just Adore You

Clarice is a small, cute and loving sweetheart. She is about 2 years old and is actually a beautiful Tortoiseshell; she almost looks like a Calico with her large patches of color. Clarice is lovable and loves attention-she’s a lap cat. She loves petting especially around her head and will lean into you and purr. When happy she will make “biscuits” Clarice is also shy and may need a slow introduction in her new home. Or she may be so happy that she could start exploring right away. Clarice likes climbing the tower and window watching. She is spayed, micro-chipped and current with her vaccinations. She has tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. If you have questions about Clarice or would like to make an appointment to meet her please contact Donya at She will also be at adoption events at Pet Food Express Benicia on Saturdays 10-2 when you can meet Clarice as well. Can you give Clarice a forever home? She is such a sweet kitty.
May 11, 2022

energetic loving pup looking for FURever home

Niner is 4 years old. He is a loving, energetic and silly Pitbull mix. I have had Niner since he was 2 weeks old. For the first 2 years of his life, we lived in a spacious 1.5-acre property where he loved to chase butterflies and roam freely in our fenced in yard. After the Kincade fire in 2019 we abruptly had to move from our home of 14 years. i thought i had found him a loving home. However, that was not the case. Niner was hit by a car and not taken to a vet hospital. I took him back and the search for a loving home continued. I unfortunately was unable to keep him in my temporary housing situation. A friend of mine had offered to foster him during his recovery and for me to search for more permanent housing. After a few months our dogs suddenly broke out in a quarrel. Niner was then injured again and without a place to stay. The local vet helped me find a foster who agreed to help as long as she needed to allow me to find a place to keep him. after 8 long months apart, we found home. I was blessed to be in a housing program for myself, my son, and to eventually bring Niner home. We have stayed passed our allowed time here and are looking to find a home with ALL of us. i am posting Niner in hopes that if I’m unable to bring him into the next chapter in our story that he has a loving home ready for him. He’s great with children. His favorite toy is a plastic water bottle. NO fluffy toys, unless you don’t mind the mess. Niner loves going on walks. Niner needs some training on the leash and to be socialized. After the incident with my friend’s dog, I had him in training which had to end due to COVID. I strongly believe with training Niner can be around other dogs and walk well on a leash. Niner NEEDS TO BE AN ONLY PET. Besides his issues with other animals Niner is an amazing companion. He will hog your bed, steal your covers and your heart. Contact: or (707) 889-0462.
May 10, 2022

Playful and energetic/ needa loving home.

Multipoo, around 5 pounds. Just over a year old. Has had some training. Not spayed. Needs lots of attention. Good around other dogs and kids. Indoor pet. Contact:
May 10, 2022

Sweet and well being cat looking for a new home

Lucky was originally a stray cat, and we rescued her and have kept her at home, waiting for a suitable new owner. She is spayed, vaccinated, and in good health (the only problem is that she is a little overweight). She is gentle, quiet, and affectionate, and is very friendly with other cats. She is also a little shy at first and will relax as she gets to know her surroundings. She doesn’t mess around with leftovers on the table or scratch and bite people. She will love to be petted by you. We have three cats and will rescue other stray cats sometime. However, we don’t have enough space for them. Also, lucky got along well with the other kittens after being rescued, but had a bad relationship with my oldest cat and was bullied all the time! And with many cats in the house, we have no way to put her on an effective diet, resulting in her weight being out of control. So, we wanted to find her a suitable new home If you are interested, please contact me through email at or text or call me at 5416507114.
May 8, 2022

Jolly Dolly

Dolly is a very energetic, playful and affectionate 1 year old rescue dog looking for her forever home. Her ideal home would be a place where she would get lots of attention and plenty of room to run around and play. She has been spayed and all of her vaccines are up to date. Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
May 8, 2022

Sunny and Delaney need a new home

Greetings, We have two adorable male guinea pigs named Sunny and Delaney that are around 1 and a half year old. We adopted them from the Human Society in December, but it turns out our daughter is allergic to the hay they need to eat, and is increasingly allergic to their hairs. They are vibrant, sociable, talkative pets, and we´d really like to find somebody who will enjoy them. Please reach out if interested! Contact: or (504) 388-3806.
May 7, 2022

Shy Sweet Special Kitty Will Love You Furrrever

Summer is a sweet 6-year-old girl who has been living outside for the last few years. She was found in a man’s yard, wanting and trying to get into the house. He has a cat who scared Summer and wouldn’t allow her into the house. So, her new owner fed her, played with her outside and took care of her until he had to move. He then realized that he couldn’t take her to a new home outside when she needs to be someone’s loved indoor cat. When we got Summer, she, as a long-haired cat, had many mats all over her body. (Long haired cats really can’t take care of their coat when living outdoors.) We had her groomed and Summer currently has a “Lion Cut” Her fur is very short, but from her face you can still see her adorable long fur. Summer is FIV positive which just means that she will need to be fed healthy food and have her health monitored with annual vet visits. Transmission of FIV is only possible through deep puncture wounds (if she were to get into a fight with another cat) and is not transferable to humans. Otherwise, Summer will live a normal life and can have loving cat companions that she gets along with, without fear of transmitting her disease. Summer will need to be an indoor only cat. Summer is a purr machine and loves to be petted and cuddled. She is shy but beginning to come more secure but is still depressed. Summer is in our Cat Center in the Pet Food Express in Benicia. You can see her at the store, and if you have any questions our would like to meet her, contact Donya, We can set up an appointment for you to meet Summer to adopt her. Or, you can meet Summer on Saturdays 10-2 PM during our adoption events.
May 6, 2022

Sweet Treeing Walker Coonhound For Adoption

Penny is a 4.5 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound with a gigantic personality. We adopted her from a shelter in 2018, and she’s been a rock in our family since the day we got her. Sadly, circumstances have changed for us, and we’re no longer able to give her the attention, space, and exercise that she needs. Penny is exceptionally sweet. She loves cuddling in bed, napping on your feet, watching TV, and being lazy 90% of the day. She’s trained in basic commands (sit, lie down, outside/inside, upstairs/downstairs, shake, go to your bed, go potty, etc.), is potty trained, and like most hounds is extremely food/scent-driven. She’s definitely a counter-surfer (when you’re not looking), and should be fed alone. An ideal home for her would have plenty of space for her to run around, cat-free, and fenced in. Despite extensive training, Penny is still difficult to walk on leash, and barks loudly when she sees other dogs. Her excitement around other dogs is generally just that – she’s made best friends with several larger dogs, from Malamutes to Pit Bulls but doesn’t do well with smaller and older dogs. Despite her few challenges, she is more human than dog. She’s an amazing companion, wonderful to love on, and way more than just a pet. A home with the ability to provide her the energy and attention that she deserves would be lucky to have her. P.S. Penny is up-to-date on shots and spayed. Contact: or (415) 448-6662.
May 6, 2022

Babushka and Guinevere

Babushka and Guinevere they are sisters sadly I can’t have 6 cats in my apartment so I have to find them a home they love being together they are very shy they love being cuddled they are 9 months old they are not spayed. Guinevere is brown and white and babushka is grey. Contact: or (707) 322-1876.
May 6, 2022

Loving Black Cat

Binx is a great cat that’s about 3 years old. He was left behind by his original owners who were elederly and both passed away. We adopted him and he has been incredibly loving and enjoys having his belly rubbed. We learned after the fact that he is an indoor/outdoor cat. He loves to go outside and never goes far but we’ve since discovered that this is when he relieves himself. He knows how to use a litter box but once used he doesn’t use it again until the litter is swapped out. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to install a kitty door for easy access since we don’t own the property. If you are the kind of person who is home often and would like a very loving cat then this is the one for you. Contact: or (209) 914-3846.
May 5, 2022

A lucky black cat in need of a new home

Unfortunately this poor cat was left behind by its previous owner. He is friendly, curious and adventurous. He loves head pats, lying in the sun and roaming around during the day. This handsome man needs a new home desperately. Are you feeling lucky?  Contact: or (707) 858-9697.
May 5, 2022

Australian cattle dog Kamaji

Male Australian cattle dog, 5 years old. House trained. Some obedience training (sit, lay down, stay, come, stop, shake, roll, jump, fetch). Loves to play fetch and sun bath. Loving personality but initially shy around new people. Ideally an active home or somewhere he has space to roam. Unneutered.  Contact: or (707) 239-1627.
May 4, 2022

Lovely Cat. Less than Year Old. Neutered and Well Taken Care Of Needs New Home

Lovely Cat named Luca that we need to re-home. We have had him since he was a kitten and is a little over 6 months old, and he is neutered and fully up to date on all shots. He has tons of energy and needs to be able to live somewhere where he can roam around outside for long stretches of time. We live in townhouses in a neighborhood with lots of others and unfortunately some of our neighbors are complaining about him roaming around. He is such a great cat and it is heartbreaking to give him up, but it is apparent that we cannot give him what he needs here in this environment. Contact: or (415) 438-0482.
May 4, 2022

Gorgeous Swiss Shepherd

Remy is almost 1 1/2 years old and is an absolute joy. He’s incredible smart, well behaved, house trained and crate trained. I’m looking for a home for Remy in which there is another medium to large size dog. He would also love to be in an active home. Please contact me if you are serious and want additional details. Thank you. Contact: or (703) 209-0839.
May 3, 2022

Dennis and Peanut

Dennis and Peanut are two fun little cavies. They are both male and around a year and a half. They are not neutered however, and both constantly fight for dominance. However, they must be adopted together since they are already bonded. Due to our moving, we can no longer keep them. Both Peanut and Dennis like to stand on their hind legs and ask for treats. Peanut can get pretty loud and happy when he hears food will be served!☺️ Feel free to contact me if interested, there will be a small re-homing fee but may go be given freely to the best fit/a good home!  Contact: or (707) 750-4756.
May 3, 2022

People Lover

Beautiful cuddly cat needs a new home! Fredricka (or Freddie) is a real people lover. She is cuddly, friendly and loves to sit on laps. She is a domestic long hair, chipped, and spayed. She spends part of every day outside, and comes in every evening for dinner and a good cuddle. Freddy use to live with one other cat and also with a dog before she came to us. She is also great around kids. She would make a great addition to any family. Unfortunately we are not able to foster her any longer.  Contact: or (415) 997-8369.
May 1, 2022


Luna is a friendly Pit bull/Lab mix, 1 year old, 47 lbs, spayed, and current on all vaccines. She gets monthly Cytopoint injections for skin allergies. She would need to be the only dog in the house. No cats. Luna is crate trained and her current foster is working daily on basic training. She knows sit, down, wait at the door, off, and stay. She comes when called, but will need lots of practice with her new person. Luna does well on leash and is eager to learn new things. Luna’s ideal home will be with an active person who needs an energetic companion for walks, hikes, and other adventures.  Contact:
May 1, 2022

Murphy – German shepherd/lab mix

Murphy is a German shepherd/lab mix. He is a very sweet good natured doggo that can be a bit anxious. He is incredibly smart and loves to snuggle up next to you on the couch. There is nothing in this world he loves more than playing fetch and can play for hours on end if you let him! He is 6 years old and neutered.  Contact:
April 30, 2022


Linda is a very sweet, playful and affectionate 6-month old puppy in need of a forever home. All of her vaccines are up to date, and she does not have any health issues. She is very shy when meeting new people and being in new places, so her new family would require a bit of patience and training to help her feel comfortable and settled in. Linda would be a great addition to any family. She is great with other people, children and dogs.  Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
April 30, 2022


Oscar is a very sweet, playful and energetic 6-month old puppy in need of a forever home. All of his vaccines are up to date, and he does not have any health issues. He is very shy when meeting new people and being in new places, so his new family would require a bit of patience and training to help him feel comfortable and settled in. Oscar would be a great addition to any family. He is great with other people, children and dogs.  Contact: or (415) 828-5737.
April 29, 2022


Buns is looking for a new home. She is approximately 9 years old. She is a female Schipperke and has been spayed. We no longer can keep her as she is not getting along with our other dog. She has allergies, so sometimes she coughs. She also has some skin problems. She is not on any medicines. We have taken her to veterinarians who state the cough/skin issues are not contagious. Gets along well with people. She does not like to be picked up from front and will nip at you if you try, although she has several teeth removed. She really is a sweet dog, loves to be pet.  Contact:
April 29, 2022

Cuddly, and energetic boy needs active family

Thor is a very affectionate and cuddly dog, with simply too much energy for our family’s lifestyle. We have had him for 5 years and have attempted to work on his behaviors issues with little luck. We have taken him to manners class, he goes to doggy daycare several times a week, and we have a half acre property he is free to roam on all day. This is unfortunately not enough for him. An ideal home for Thor would be a family with another dog who is regularly active. Thor needs to go on hikes, swims, or walks regularly. He responds very well to a trained hand, and would benefit from someone who is experienced with dog training and can follow through. He also has a prey drive which has led him to kill all of our chickens in one fell swoop. He would need a home with no cats or small animals around. He does get along with other dogs, and is friendly with all adults he has encountered. Thor loves to sleep on the bed with us under the blankets, and loves to cuddle on the couch. He is somewhat of a “Velcro” dog and just wants to be near someone at all times. Left to his own devices, Thor can be very destructive and because of this needs to be crated while nobody is home with him. This is a very difficult decision we have had to make, but ultimately it is not fair to Thor that he is not getting the kind of life he needs and deserves. I believe that the right family for Thor is out there, and he would make a perfect companion to the right family.  Contact: or (707) 496-2112.
April 28, 2022

Olive is Searching for a Loving Home

A few months ago, we found a stray pregnant cat in a parking lot. We decided to foster her and she gave birth to four wonderful kittens, Olive among them. Olive is a sweet, relaxed kitten who always plays nice with the others. If you offer your fingers she will not scratch, just gently grab and lick. If you’re lucky she might jump onto your lap. She’s sleek black, 10 weeks old, and already spayed at Forgotten Felines. We have raised her as an indoor cat with a dog in the house. She deserves a loving home! When we find the right match, she’ll be ready to go immediately. Let me know if you’re interested at (707) 480-9255.
April 26, 2022

Dusty the wonder cat

Hi! My name is Dusty. Although my eyesight is slightly impaired and I am deaf, I still love to walk around the house and play! I also have the FHV. I don’t mind other cats at all and I don’t mind dogs as long as they don’t mess with me too much. I take a while to adjust, but once I do, I am playful, goofy, and sometimes talkative. I came from a litter of feral kittens. Since my other siblings didn’t have any special needs, they came around much faster and have already been adopted out. It took me a while longer because the world is pretty scary to me with my limited sight and hearing. I have come a very long way, and at this point, I am looking for my forever home that can take me the rest of the way! Switching environments is tough on me and to finally be in an environment that won’t change is the final thing I need to feel safe and comfortable. Located: napa County, California, USA Contact: or (707) 815-7958.
April 26, 2022

Meet Duncan, Our Gentle Giant

Duncan is a 130-lb half Bernese Mountain Dog half Newfoundland. We adopted him 2 years ago from Sonoma County Animal Service after he was dropped off a month prior, in June 2020. The lady who dropped him off gave no information about him, other than that he was 3 years old at the time and originated in Portland. But we took one look at him and loved him right away. Duncan is great with kids and all people. He is extremely affectionate, even to strangers. When we’re at home, he spends most of his day sleeping on the grass and only comes in when he wants water. Then he heads back outside and goes right back to sleep. He gets zoomies around 6pm, but then settles back down and falls asleep again by 10:30pm. He absolutely LOVES food and will eat anything unattended. So watch out for your freshly baked pies and cookies! He’s one of the most relaxed, loving dogs we’ve ever had and are heartbroken that we’re not a good fit. Duncan has challenges with separation anxiety and leash aggression. We discovered the anxiety after leaving him alone for two hours when we went out for dinner one night, early on. He can be very destructive and makes every effort to escape the house in order to come find you if he doesn’t know where you are. When we were rounding the block, nearly home, we spotted him not far away. He came immediately to us when he saw us, which was very sweet but also sad that he was so frightened. Since then, we have worked with him to try to systematically desensitize him to being alone. He is crate trained, so when we leave the house, we can keep a camera on him and watch for signs of distress. He does better in the afternoon being alone, and can handle 3 hours or so before started to appear distressed and yelping. The evening is a bit more challenging and he doesn’t last more than 2 hours without the help of Trazadone. He is a big guy, so the vet recommends 300-400 mg. He is also on daily Prozac, 50 mg, to help me stay calm when we have to step out. Because my husband and I work 12-hour shifts though, we can’t be at home all the time and it’s really not fair to Duncan. If you have someone who is at home to watch him, or you have experience with separation anxiety, you might be a perfect fit for this gentle giant. His second challenge is with leash aggression. When Duncan is off the leash, he seems to get along great with other dogs and will even play with them at the dog park. But as soon as Duncan is on leash, he becomes very territorial and won’t let other dogs come too close. This has been an issue for us as we have friends who have dogs and Duncan has gotten into a scrap too many times. With a dog his size, it only take a small nip from him to seriously hurt another dog. We just can’t take that chance. And with our baby due in September, it is hard to imagine being able to handle a situation like that while having a newborn nearby. When we realized that Duncan couldn’t stay with us, we were both devastated. We’ve developed a strong bond with him and know that it’ll be a long time before we’re ready to adopt again. We take comfort in knowing that we’ve given Duncan a good home while he’s been with us and now know what his challenges are, so that his next home is his forever home. If you think you’d be the people Duncan needs, please reach out to us and to schedule a meet up. I’m sure Duncan would love to meet you.  Contact: or (707) 329-5786.
April 26, 2022

Wonderful 2 yr old Shepherd Mix Seeks Forever Home

My name is Boston, I’m a 2 year old, 65 lbs, female German Shepherd / ACD / Pitt mix. I’ve got all the energy and love of a puppy with the house manners of an adult dog. My favorite activities are playing frisbee, fetch, tug, sniff walks and snuggling with my humans. I love playing with other dogs and I have excellent dog social skills, I go to off-leash dog parks with my humans every day and have a blast! I have a high working drive so I love to learn new tricks and play games that make me use my brain. My humans love me so much, but, we live in a busy city and I’m nervous about seeing & hearing strangers on such a constant basis. We all think it’d be best if I could live in a quieter environment to really be able to live a more relaxing life. I’ve made a ton of progress on my stranger danger instincts so far, but I would be much happier in a quieter environment. I’m looking for somewhere with a lot of land, ideally with another confident dog to play with and show me the world isn’t such a scary place. I also need patient humans who will continue to work on my fear reactivity using positive reinforcement training, but, no kids or cats for me! I’m crate trained, have all my basic obedience down, I’m up to date on my shots, microchipped, and spayed. Contact: or (510) 499-7143.
April 26, 2022

Dachsund Mix Needs New Home

Our Dachshund mix, Roo, needs a new home. He’s a lovable little guy with a few anxieties (shy, separation anxiety, defensive over food) but is very lovable, enjoys playing and is good with other animals. He typically likes to lounge on couches or in the sun, but when he’s excited he has a lot of energy and is fun to play with. Would be great for a family with other dogs, older kids, or someone looking to have at home with them all day. We can no longer care for him but want to see him find his new home.  Contact: or (707) 293-7958.
April 26, 2022

2 sweet boy Rats need new home

Two pet rats. Both males, around 4 months old. Recently had a vet checkup and are in good health. Very gentle, friendly, and accustomed to people! Turn outs my son is allergic, so we’d love them to go to another home that will care for them well! Comes with a Critter Nation cage, litter box, water bottle- even extra food, etc.  Contact: or (707) 799-5177.
April 26, 2022

We love Rudy!!

Rudy is about to turn 12. He is gray with white chest and paws. He has been neutered and microchipped. He likes having indoor/outdoor access. He is super chill and friendly with all humans. He loves lap time and resting his head in the palm of your hand. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with him wrapped around your head. We have all available paperwork with the most recent vet visit in February. He first appeared on the porch of a friend of a friend. The first friend happened to be a vet tech up in Lake county. He was brought in for a checkup and then the second friend took him to their home in Corte Madera where he thrived for 11 years. When the second friend moved to San Diego in October, Rudy moved in with us and 3 other cats. He has not fought with them but he will spontaneously lunge after 1 causing stress to all. We were hoping this behavior would fade away as they all got used to each other but, alas, it has not. We love Rudy with all out hearts and, honestly, he is THE coolest cat I’ve ever known in my life. But we have to consider the greater good of all household members. I think Rudy would do best being the only cat in your home. He is not bothered by, nor a bother to, dogs to the best of our knowledge. His home in Corte Madera had a 100# malamute with no issues between the two of them. I hope Rudy is a good fit for you and your home.  Contact: or (415) 699-6472.
April 25, 2022

Need help rehoming this sweet girl

My name is Sasha I am a 4 year old purebred German Shepard. I am spayed and very well trained. My owners are recently going through a major life change with their health and no longer able to take care of me. I’m in need of a good home.  Contact: or (707) 591-3282.
April 25, 2022

Suki needs a loving and understanding forever home

Suki is basically a special needs case. She is going to need a very understanding and patient pet parent. Should you be interested in adopting her, I want to make sure you are the right person and live in a safe environment before moving forward with the adoption. If you get to the end of this description and are still interested, she comes to your home with a new cat carrier, litter box, and a single pagoda cat tree. I adopted Suki (formerly Vivian) from Santa Rosa Humane Society Shelter last December. Unexpectedly, my living situation is likely to change soon, and as much as we both like living where we are in the country, the next place will likely not allow her or it wouldn’t be safe enough for her. Suki is a very pretty kitty, as you can see in the pics. She is spayed, has shots, has a microchip. She is very loving, cuddly and social and she warms my heart. Suki can be very fun and makes me laugh every day with her playful personality. She is fascinated by running water out of a faucet. She sits at the edge of a tub or sink almost every time I turn it on, but she doesn’t like to get wet. She likes to get into my lap when I have my laptop there already. She is on my lap while I write this. She definitely likes food and likes to pretend she is hungry when I am in the kitchen. She’s a little overweight, so she gets a small portion twice a day with the occasional snack in between. She has been an indoor / outdoor cat until she got in a fight with one of the dominant cats around here. This has made things tough for her. She really likes to go outside and I can’t let her go out anymore. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get along with other cats, and probably not dogs or children, and she should stay inside unless certain conditions are met. She does have a feisty side to her personality, and can get overstimulated easily. This is a situation that requires an very understanding person. I want to make sure the interested new owner understands this part of Suki’s personality. She often gets confused about what people are doing when they reach out to touch her and will sometimes meow, bat at my hand, or do a “grab and bite” to let me know she doesn’t want me to touch her at that moment. She might just be playing or might have learned to be aggressive from a former pet parent, and I’ve been working with her on this behavior. I respect her boundaries and she is usually fine. We can talk in detail about this if you are interested in adopting her. I have been told by the staff at Humane Society that this is due to pent up energy from being in the house by herself most of the day. Suki would need to go to a home where there are loving and understanding people. The ideal situation might not exist, and there are many other cats on this website that need homes, but if you are a loving, patient, understanding person that can take a few aggressive moments along with the more fun, lovie, cuddly moments, Suki will be a rewarding addition to your life and home. I get along with her well and wish I didn’t need to consider this option. I will miss her very much.  Contact: or (707) 703-2923.
April 24, 2022

Sassy, loving silly boi!

This is one year old Roan! I adopted him last year from North Bay Animal Rescue. He is neutered, has all his shots and a microchip. I have lived in my place for 15 years and now the house is being sold. Given the unbelievable rental prices out there I have to move into an RV. I cannot have all the beloved cats I now have. The reason I have put him up for adoption is because he is so easy-going and adaptable! He loves other cats, and I am sure he would get along with gentle dogs. He has such a hilarious personality, makes me laugh all day! Indoor/outdoor and prefers to pee and poop outside. But he knows to come in when it gets dark. I love him very much and this is so, so hard. I just want him to continue to be the silly, happy boy he is and to be LOVED! No medical issues and not a picky eater at all.  Contact: or (707) 843-9680.
April 22, 2022


Zeus is a 8 month old Belgian Malinois mix German Shepard male. We adopted Zeus when he was 3 months old and since then my fiancé has been taking him to work everyday and keeping him active but for a month now my fiancé has been diagnosed with a condition that keeps him from being active or keeps him from working. Zeus will be best in an active home with a big yard and loving owners. He’s still a puppy and needs more work on the leash and slow introduction to new people and things. He loves cuddling but could be very protective. Let me know if you want more information about Zeus text me or email me. Contact: or (707) 684-9563.
April 21, 2022

Looking to Rehome a Wonderful Dog

Roxie is the sweetest dog who instantly loves all humans. She is thought to be about 1 year old. Roxie is believed to be a Labrador/Dingo mix, she currently weighs about 30 pounds. Roxie does well with all people and loves to be petted, especially belly rubs! Roxie does well with kids. She is very energetic and needs a big backyard or another pet friend who is as energetic as her. She does very well with other dogs, but can be shy and weary at first. I hate to have to rehome her, but she needs someone who can either take her on walks, have a big yard for her to run around or have another dog who she can play with. Roxie does well with my other small dog, although he is a couch potato and Roxie can never get him to play with her for more than 10 minutes. Roxie loves to be outdoors. She is still learning to walk on a leash. She knows basic commands and has a 6 week obedience training class that I have prepaid for and can pass over, for no cost, to whomever can give her a loving home. Roxie would be an amazing dog to take on long hikes or take outdoors in general. Roxie would do amazing on a ranch or an area where she has place to roam. Roxie sleeps in her crate overnight, with the door left open, and she stays in her crate all night. Roxie sleeps through the night and never has accidents. Roxie is a very clean dog and loves being outside. She is up to date on all of her shots and got spayed a few months ago. If Roxie seems like a good fit or you have any questions, email me at or text me 707 974-8506.
April 20, 2022

Pogo (M) and Panda (F) need a forever home!

Breeds: Pogo (Harlequin), Panda (California). Spayed & Neutered. Fully Vaccinated. Litter Trained. Bunnies self-clean. Pogo was from a hoarding situation and Panda was strayed. They can live up to 10 years and we want them to do that in an amazing/spacious/loving home. They are bonded bunnies, so they are emotionally dependent, and need to live together. Pogo is an introverted foodie, and Panda is social and cuddly. They are friendly; so friendly that they bonded instantly – most bunnies bond after 4 months of training! We often compare them to puppies, and we hope they are loved just as equally by you!  Contact: or (408) 828-8483.
April 19, 2022

Ivy Looking for a Forever Home

We are moving and need to find a loving home for our sweet cat Ivy. She is around a year and a half and is spayed. She is currently indoor/outdoor but I think could definitely adapt to indoor living as she loves cuddles and affection. She has a flea allergy so if she is outside it is critical that she uses a flea and tick medication. She is such a wonderful, laid back, easy cat! She’s a bit shy at first and takes some time to come around but once she does she’s so loving.  Contact: or (707) 318-5061.
April 15, 2022

Young and beautiful Lucy border collie/golden retriever mix needs new home without cats

Lucy is a very loving and beautiful border collie/golden retriever mix. She is 18 months old and weighs 40 pounds. I am very sad to have to rehome her but she cannot get along with my cats despite all training attempts since I rescued her 3 months ago; she chases them and is very fast. She has done great in obedience training and trots along with a Halticollar- she loves long walks and playing catch with her squeeky toys. She is timid with new people but warms up quickly. She does not like to be left alone- it would be better if she was with someone retired or working from home- and needs a fenced yard to play in. She was raised with an 8 year old child who loved her, but no experience yet with younger children so maybe not a good idea as she might knock them over. She is spayed, has all vaccinations up to date, and doesn’t have any health issues. She could be trained to herd sheep or agility training after she further obedience training. Contact:
April 14, 2022

Looking for a loving home!

Emma is a 13.5 year young Blue Heeler mix. She is a high energy girl, as her age has not slowed her down. She has been very healthy her entire life, very well cared for, and been with my mom 13 years. My mom is unable to keep her, as she is moving into a care home. I am disabled, in a wheelchair and unable to provide the care Emma deserves. She would do best in a home that could give her exercise everyday. Good with dogs, but would say no with cats and children as she does have herding tendencies. She is very sweet and very loyal. Contact: or (707) 575-0430.
April 14, 2022

Rico Suave in need of his forever home!

Our Rico has been a very wonderful and loving cat. He loves being outside and basking in the sun but also wants to snuggle at your feet all night (or on your chest if you let him). He doesn’t ever wander, even off our property, because he’s so loyal. He loves to be loved but wouldn’t do well with small children because (like mine) they don’t know limits and Rico has limits. He does very well with other dogs and goes potty outdoors which is great if you don’t want the hassle of a litter box! He will, however, use a litter box indoors if need be. He for sure is an indoor AND outdoor cat though and does best if a cat door is accessible. He is a very independent cat and requires very little so if you’re looking for a hassle free love to adopt, Rico is your guy! Contact: or (707) 360-7212.
April 10, 2022

Pair of Sweet Adorable 1 year old Guinea Pigs

Cute, energetic, cuddly guinea pig pair. They currently live in our home with 3 kids and 3 dogs, they belong to my teenage daughter and she does not take proper care of them or give them the attention they deserve. We have a rabbit hutch with attachable legs that they currently live in, extra food, bedding and hay provided. They would be greatpets for small children, a preschool or classroom or anyone who would like to interact with these sweet piggies daily. Contact: or (510) 459-2598.
April 6, 2022

Oliver the Cat

Long time companion, Oliver, needs a new home. We’re sad to lose hime, but the mobil home park we recently moved to does not allow cats to roam free…the neighbors have been complaining to management! Here’s his resume: Breeds: Manx, Siamese, Flame Point Birthday: May 6, 2011 (soon to be 12 yrs) Fixed, potty trained and in good health. Personality: friendly and very social with humans; also friendly with other cats; tolerates dogs, but never aggressive…a passive, lover-not-a-fighter type cat Lifestyle: he has lived most of his life in the coastal country, but now a transplant who is tolerating living in suburbia…however, he now has more social opportunities Skills: he’s a good “mouser” and likes to supplement his diet by going on the occasional hunt or whenever the need arises Issues: he’s strictly an indoor/outdoor cat and likes having a flap door; does NOT like using a litter box He would make a great companion for the right people with his easy-going, friendly personality and low-maintenance lifestyle. Please call or email Jennifer if you’re interested!  Contact: or (707) 847-3453.