Class Schedule & Registration


Thank you so much for showing interest in our Training Classes. We are currently conducting our classes with Covid-19 safety protocols in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Online Training Options

Classes are now online! These classes will provide clients the same coaching and instruction as in person classes, but from the convenience and safety of your own home. Clients will receive one on one coaching during class. They will also be provided supportive training materials. The class is one hour long. Participants will need to have a device that provides video-conferencing. The class will be held on Microsoft Teams.

If you’re interested in a class and Registration is Closed because it’s sold out, please go ahead and sign up for the Wait List — if we have more interested participants, we may add new sessions!

Event Venue Date
Online Homeschool for the Dogs: Monday, March 8 - April 12 at 4:30pm with Sue McGuire Online
  • March 8, 2021 4:30 pm


Kinderpuppy Training (Puppies under 16 weeks old)

Starting Out Right. A fun, interactive class that provides beginning training, help and advice with puppy issues and safe, supervised puppy play time. For puppies between 10-16 weeks old on the first day of class.

Event Venue Date
Drop off Puppy Play: Saturday, March 13-March April 3 at 11am with Tala Davis Santa Rosa Multi-purpose Room
  • March 13, 2021 11:00 am
Drop off Puppy Play: Saturday, March 13-March April 3 at 12am with Tala Davis Santa Rosa Multi-purpose Room
  • March 13, 2021 12:00 pm


Basic Training and Manners (Puppies over 16 weeks old)

Previously known as Companion Dog 1, Basic Training and Manners is a fun interactive 6 week class to teach you and your canine the fundamentals of training (for dogs 4 months & older). Even for experienced handlers, starting in a beginner’s class will help your canine build confidence in you as well as in themselves. In Basic Training and Manners we will give you positive tools and guidance to teach your dog. Each trainer is a little different so if you are looking for something specific, please contact us directly with the information listed below so we can match you with the best trainer to reach your goal.


Rovers First Class

Reactive Rover trainer, Wayne Smith, is now offering Rover’s First Class! This class will help your dog start off on the right paw. Rover’s First Class is designed keeping the Reactive Rover curriculum in mind, the goal with Rover’s First Class is to help strengthen and enhance the relationship between dogs and their humans. While the focus is on training, there will be relationship games as well information about management. This specific course strives to help the human realize what the dog is telling you with a goal of not developing unwanted behaviors or substituting a different behavior if an unwanted one has already developed.


Intermediate Training and Manners

Are you wanting to take your training to the next level? Does your dog need a little more then what basic training could provide? Are you looking to use your dog as an emotional support animal or volunteer with our Animal Assisted Therapy program? Previously known as Companion Dog 2, Intermediate Dog Training and Manner will be the difference between your dog learning the fundamentals of training versus mastering life skills like loose leash walking, polite introductions, long duration sit/wait, learning hand signals and more. Intermediate Dog Training and Manners will help prepare you to take the next level of training and help you become more confident with your dog, creating an even stronger bond between human and canine. Must complete Basic Training and Manners, Companion Dog 1, Small Dog 1 (or equivalent) to enroll in this class.


Connected Walking – Leash Manners


Reactive Rover

Compassionately attuned toward dogs who are reactive to or fearful of other dogs. Guardian and dog will learn skills to help their dog make better choices when faced with dogs they are fearful of or reactive to. Learn evasive maneuvers, attention exercises, body language, and leash management skills. Help your dog learn to be more attentive to you and confident in uncomfortable or difficult situations.

Event Venue Date
Reactive Rover 1 - March 27 - May 1 - Wayne Smith Healdsburg Campus
  • March 27, 2021 1:00 pm
Registration CLOSED
Reactive Rover 1 - March 27 - May 1 - Wayne Smith Healdsburg Campus
  • March 27, 2021 3:00 pm