Meet Xiang Xiang (pronounced shong-shong), my 3 y/o indoor cat! She was surrendered to the shelter when she was 1 for litter box problems and diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease shortly after I adopted her. Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to take care of her due to a new job with long hours, medical/food expenses, and ongoing litter box issues, but she’s full of life and love. Xiang Xiang deserves a loving home that is better equipped to handle her diagnosis and behavior. Contact (415)307-5401 or the listed email for more information.

Get to know this purr monster!

• being brushed
• catnip and cat grass
• head scratches
• being cradled like a baby
• butt pats

• sudden movements
• belly rubs (sometimes)
• cat carrier

• lap cat
• athletic and playful
• certified biscuit maker
• responds to her name
• not too vocal
• rolls over for attention
• lets you trim her claws

• urinates on blankets/clothing left on the floor
• kidney disease
• chews on plastic bags
• sits on your chest to make biscuits on your belly

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