Adoptions by Owner

March 9, 2021

FIV kitty needs home

This is Moose, who has had some tough knocks in his life. We believe that he had a home at one time, but somehow ended up in our feral colony. When he showed himself to be a love bug, we knew we needed to help find him a home. Sadly, as it turns out while he was part of the colony, he became infected with FIV, and he is currently on some antibiotics to help with a bit of an infection, but seems to be recovering. The vet estimates him to be about five years old, and everyone agrees that he is incredibly sweet but shy. He loves pets, and scritches, but currently is afraid to be picked up or held. We believe that with love and time that will change. He has never been aggressive, even when struggling to get down, and he’s cautious to not claw or bite. We believe he would do well with other cats, but don’t know how he would do with dogs. Small children might be a little overwhelming for him, at least for now. Moose hasn’t always had luck on his side, but we believe the right furever home is out there waiting for him. Contact: or (925) 325-4134.
March 12, 2021

Loving Shiba Inu

Aulani is a 5 years old Shiba Inu. She is very loyal and a great dog! She is wonderful with kids, potty trained, listens well. A true loyal pet. She is more of the alpha so better to be the only pet. She’s up to date with her vaccines but is not spayed. My family would love to keep her if we could but with our living situation it isn’t possible.  Contact: or 707-569-4409.
March 14, 2021


This is Twiggy! She is an elderly 12 year old girl who loves a nice cozy bed and a tennis ball. She gets along very well with children (has lived with children the past 9 years) and is very mild tempered. She has got along with most other animals but she has been having disagreements with our other female bullterrier and it is becoming too much to deal with having three little girls. Even though she is older she still loves to go out for the occasional run and loves open spaces. She is a good walker but can get distracted by squirrels and other dogs on her walks. She has a soft mouth when taking treats and knows how to sit, lay down, stay and come here. She also loves being called “That Baby”. She is a good girl and deserves a loving home.  Contact: or (916) 606-9190.
March 16, 2021

Sweet 10 Month Old Malinois Mix Seeks Forever Home

We are looking for a forever home for our 10-month-old malinois mix, Boston.  She is a wonderful dog, but she needs a home away from the city with private outdoor space. Boston loves other dogs and would do well in a home with another pup to play with. She loves going to the dog park, playing fetch, and snuggling with her humans. She is very smart, and responds well to praise, treats, and toys as training rewards. She has her basic obedience down, is crate trained, and learns new commands very quickly. We believe she would enjoy dog sports, including agility or nose work. Boston takes some time to warm up to new people, but once she does, she loves to snuggle and play. She is a typical “mouthy mal,” and would do well with an owner that has experience with the breed or other high-drive working dogs. Boston would do best in a home with plenty of outdoor space, and no cats or young children. She is looking for an owner that can continue her counter-conditioning and desensitization training, and help show her that the world is not so scary. If she sounds like she might be a good fit for your family, please reach out! She is crate trained, house trained, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and knows basic obedience (sit, down, stay, leave it, find it, place, crate, touch, look, off, loose-leash walking/heel in progress). Please email:
March 25, 2021

Two sweet guinea pigs need a home!!

Unfortunately with moving, I can know longer keep my two guinea pigs. They are oreo and Hershey, they are 4 and 5 months old. Very sweet, never have bitten anyone, love cuddles, and would like to give them to a loving home as soon as possible!!  Contact: or 707-484-6755.
March 26, 2021

Female tabby cat spayed

Hi, My name is Lucy, I’m a ten old tabby cat with beautiful eyes. I love to play and will retrieve my foam ball when thrown. I have been an indoor cat for the last seven years. I’m looking for someone who will give me lots of love and attention. You can reach my owner at
April 7, 2021

Sweet, Loving and Playful dog looking for loving family and safe home

Hello everyone! This is Chipo. She is a cute, sweet, and smart dog for whom I am trying to find a loving family and a safe home. She is roughly one year old and has a great story. She was found abandoned at a construction site overseas when she was only a few days old. She was found digging her nose in dirt to search for food. Me and my fiancé adopted her and paid for her boarding and necessary routine medical care (such as all her shots) at a pet clinic and boarding facility for 7 months; before being able to bring her to the U.S. She is also spade. She is very loving and sweet. She loves to play and enjoys the outdoors along with playing with other dogs. Unfortunately, the lady that we tried to rehome her with, is not able to take very good care of her due to her age and overall health. Otherwise, she is sad to see Chipo go as she loves her very much. We are sure you would too! Contact: or (949) 910-6543.
April 7, 2021

This is Buddy

Buddy needs a new home, his current owner can no longer handle his energy due to having a stroke last year. Buddy is a 7 year old boxer/pittie mix and still has a lot of energy. He is good with kids and other dogs, but not cats. He likes a lotta love. Buddy is not neutered, but his owner is providing a voucher for that from a vet if adoptees wish that to be done. Currently he is in El Sobrante at his owner’s mom’s house. Please contact if you are interested.
April 8, 2021

Ginger, a Syrian Hamster

Our beloved pet hamster, Ginger, is a sweet and elder male who is very easy to care for and calm around kids. He is active at night and sleeps most of the day cuddled into his bedding. Caring for him has brought my daughter great joy and a sense of responsibility. Sadly, we are moving out of state and Ginger needs a new home. Contact:
April 10, 2021

Friendly and Cuddly

Fredricka (or Freddie) is a real people lover. She is cuddly, friendly and loves to sit on laps. I have another cat in my household that she tolerates, but I don’t know how she would do with a dog. She spends part of every day outside, and comes in every evening for dinner and a good cuddle. She is a grey and white 11 year old DLH, spayed, and microchipped. I adopted her from Pets Lifeline in Sonoma a few years ago, and she has become a great companion. Unfortunately I’m moving out of state to a new home where I can’t take the cats, so I’m hoping to find a good home for her here in the area. Contact: or (707) 344-2215.
April 10, 2021

Unconditional Love

Vixen is a pure hearted sweet cat full of unconditional love. She is also very shy around strangers and does not like to be picked up, but loves to cuddle and be stroked on her belly. I have another cat in my household that she adores, but I don’t think she would do well with dogs. She is still very playful, and loves to chase string and bat toys around the house. She will go outside sometimes, but mostly likes to stay indoors. She is an all black 11 year old DSH, spayed, and microchipped. I adopted her from Pets Lifeline in Sonoma when she was still a kitten. Unfortunately I’m moving out of state to a new home where I can’t take the cats, so I’m hoping to find a good home for her here in the area. Contact: or (707) 344-2215.
April 10, 2021

Amy- so sweet but need experienced owner

Amy is a 4 year old black lab mix. She is spayed and up to date on all immunizations. She has a high prey drive so is not good with cats. She barks and lunges at other dogs but we don’t know if she could do well once she gets used to another dog. Amy is great with kids although she has lots of energy and loves to sniff out food so I suggest no kids or kids aged 10 + years old. Amy has severe separation anxiety and needs a experienced owner to help her get comfortable. Right now, she whimpers after a few minutes out of sight of her owner. It’s going to be a long and slow journey for her. For the right person, Amy is going to be a wonderful companion.  Contact: or (415) 298-2268.
April 12, 2021

Senior dog with puppy personality looking for love

Kola is a fun, loving, playful senior dog with puppy energy. She loves hikes, fetch and laying in the sun. She is quick learner, smart, food motivated and loves her ball! She is reactive with other dogs but our trainer said this could be solved with consistent training.  Contact: or 941-350-1282.
April 12, 2021

Gentle Giant Seeks New Home

Hello, my name is Vali. I am a very loved, very big dog that needs a home without children. I would likely be best suited for a home with a big yard or a job to do like livestock guardianship, as I am a Great Pyrenees. I am neutered and current on all my vaccinations, and I am well-conditioned with other dogs as I attend doggy daycare regularly. When I was brought into my current family, they thought they were done having small children when surprise! My mom got pregnant and at 100 pounds, I am too big to handle or be safe around small babies, and it wouldn’t be fair to me to be crated as often as I would have to be to keep a new baby safe. As a Great Pyrenees I am loving and can give lots of snuggles, but an accidental swipe by my paw can hurt a small child even when I’m just trying to play. Please consider bringing me and my green eyes into your family. Contact: or (970) 406-0340.