Adoptions by Owner

September 17, 2020

Looking for pet RAT

Looking for a pet rat preferably very young. Grew up with pet rats and miss having a cuddly companion.   Contact:
September 19, 2020

Introducing Eli! Extremely affectionate and quirky cat seeks special home

Hello, My husband and I have made the decision to find a new home for our cat Eli. Eli is about 10 years old, but still plays like a kitten. He is an extremely affectionate cat who is quite dog-like in that he wants to be wherever you are and involved in whatever you’re doing. He’s very cuddly and needs a lot of attention. He loves to chase after fishing rod style cat toys like feather teasers, goes nuts for lasers, and his favorite game is diving under the sheets and going crazy whenever you change the bedding. Eli is extremely social and wants to be the center of attention whenever you have guests over. He’s a beautiful blue cat with exceptionally soft plush fur, endearing crossed eyes, and a bit of a doofy overbite.  Eli will be a fun and very loving companion for the right home, but he also comes with some challenges. He’s not a smart cat–he seems to be somewhat developmentally delayed. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s apparent to most people who have spent a little time with him. He also has a lot of anxiety. For the most part he expresses this by being very vocal, but he usually calms down if he’s given pets and attention. He needs a very clean litterbox (cleaned daily or every other day is fine). If his litterbox is dirty he’ll become anxious and will sometimes urinate in inappropriate places. Did I mention he was vocal? He has a very loud, and very distinctive sounding meow, and he uses it to ask for attention and to express anxiety. Being a cat though, he sleeps most of the day so you’ll get plenty of quiet time.   Eli is fine with dogs as long as they’re fairly mellow and leave him alone. With cats, it’s hit or miss. He doesn’t understand cat social cues, so he will try to play with other cats and ignore them when they tell him to back off. He’ll bully weaker cats that run away from him. Eli can be fine with a confident, laid back cat that doesn’t mind his antics (or that wants to play with him!). Otherwise, he should probably be an only cat.  Eli has lived as both an indoor and an indoor/outdoor cat over the years and can adapt to either. He does love spending time outside, but he is prone to getting into fights with neighbor cats, so that’s something to be aware of.  I would not recommend Eli for a home with young children. He gets nervous when he’s picked up and may panic and scratch. This is preventable if he’s picked up correctly. Historically, he’s also been prone to feeling overstimulated while being pet and would sometimes bite in response. He has not done this in a very long time, so he may have outgrown it, and it was preventable if you paid attention to his body language while petting him. Nevertheless, I would not feel comfortable having young children handle him.   The primary reason we’ve decided to rehome Eli is that he is having increasing conflicts with my senior female cat. He stalks her around the house and harasses her constantly and she’s becoming more and more stressed. We’re also having a baby in a couple months, and we anticipate that this shift in the household will escalate this issue further. We know that Eli will not be happy in an environment where he’s not receiving a significant amount of attention, and we want to do better for him. Eli’s ideal person is someone who wants a constant companion to lavish with attention, cuddles, and play. Someone who isn’t too sensitive to sounds and isn’t deterred by a cat who is, emotionally, special needs.  He’s fixed, UTD on his shots, had a dental cleaning about 2-3 years ago, and has never had any health issues.  I can be contacted at Please include as much info about yourself and why you’re interested in meeting Eli as possible.
September 20, 2020

Meet Acacia, a 6 yrs young beautiful tail-less Manx!

We are looking to re-home our beautiful Manx cat. Acacia is a no-tail Manx, 6 years old, box-trained and indoor only (her choice). She prefers only dry food. She is well cared for, good hygiene, and likes to cuddle at night. She is spayed. She likes to scratch a scratching post and loves catnip!   Acacia has become extremely unhappy since we adopted our service dog 7 months ago. She deserves to be in a home where she feels safe and happy! As difficult as it is for our family, we need to do what’s best for her and find her a more appropriate placement with an improved quality of life. She will be best suited in a home without a dog.   Please contact Cera at for more details.
September 30, 2020


Our five year old male house rabbit needs a new home. His full name is Hoppy Burrito because he looked like a cute round and fat burrito when we got him – or at least that is what my son thought! Hoppy is friendly and mild mannered. He is used to kids and a big bustling family. He is curious and can be playful or mellow. He needs a new home where he will get more attention from humans or another rabbit. Please adopt this sweet guy!  Contact:
October 1, 2020

3 year old female American Bulldog

This is Joy and she is a very loving loyal girl. She is spayed. She has never ran away or but anyone. She does not get along with our other dog and we need to find her a home with no other dogs. She wags her tail with her whole body and loves to be loved on. She loves hikes and long walks on the beach… on the leash! Lol We are devastated to part with her but we feel it is best for all. Thank you.  Contact:
October 1, 2020

Sweet Mary Jane

MaryJane is a sweet 16 year old tabby/siamese mix. She is spayed and in great health but not up to date on shots. She loves to be pet and to cuddle and is super tolerant with kids. She can handle dogs but doesn’t like them much.  She is sweet and vocal kitty, especially when her food is coming Please contact Whitney at 707-495-4757.
October 6, 2020

Sweet and Shy Gabby Seeking Quiet Forever Home Indoors or Outdoors

I’ve had Gabby for a few years, and she is a wonderful cat. She’s not happy in my current living situation, so I’m seeking a new home for her. She’s about 7 or eight years old. Thank you for considering her for adoption. She is ideally suited to a mature owner, with a quiet home and outdoor space to roam, but she’d do just fine staying indoors. Children and dogs are generally to rambunctious for her, she’ll disappear. She is choosy about who’s lap she sits in. Any chaos or clamor usually sends her hiding. She may take a couple of weeks to get used to her new environment. She’d probably like to have another cat for company, but it would have to be a peaceful match. She loves to play when she’s comfortable with her environment. She has no obvious health issues except fleas which I’ve been fighting off, currently with a flea collar. I’ll probably take her in for a checkup before she gets adopted. I’m open for ‘foster to fail’ options, and I’ll be available to any new owners, in case it doesn’t work out. She has clearly had some trauma somewhere in her early life, but it wasn’t with me or the previous owners. She’s just nervous, but not to the point of a disorder. I adopted her along with her brother Gus, and at the time I was staying at a ranch home near Sebastopol. They both enjoyed being outside in the tall grass very much. Now I live in a small place in Santa Rosa and there are 4 other cats here who pick on her. She stays behind the curtain in my room, all day, coming out only to eat and some pets and affection when things settle down at night. She is a capable mouser but I wouldn’t count on her clearing your barn of rodents, or your lawn. I think she could be a barn cat. She’s clearly part Siamese and has the characteristic slightly crossed eyes. She has had all her shots and is spayed of course. She has records of care at Petaluma Pet Hospital, available on request. She and Gus both love Taste of the Wild dry cat food, which I think is one of the healthier options out there. Contact:
October 9, 2020

Female tabby cat spayed

Hi, My name is Lucy, I’m a ten old tabby cat with beautiful eyes. I love to play and will retrieve my foam ball when thrown. I have been an indoor cat for the last seven years. I’m looking for someone who will give me lots of love and attention. You can reach my owner at
October 9, 2020

Fun Loving Active Hamster needs a home

I recently rescued a loose hamster and gave a temporary home for the guy “Crib”.   Due to relocation I’m unable to take him on the move with me.   I’d really love for him to go to a loving family or owner rather then cut him loose in the wild (that hurts my heart as he was so scared when I rescued him). Let me know if you’re interested.  I am currently in Santa Rosa and will be until Oct 30th.Little critter house, remaining food and shavings and toys all go with him. Contact:
October 9, 2020

My parents loved me but can’t keep me

Hi, My name is Olive. I am 5 years old. I was born in July of 2015. I was found in a field as a kitten with my sister and somehow ended up at a Pet Co where I met my parents. They introduced me to the greatest friend I have ever had, a very sweet and independent black cat named Toothless. She took care of me like a mother cat would, and shortly after I moved in, Toothless gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. Only one of them stayed with us and her name is Snow. I helped Toothless take care of her like she was my own kitten. Sadly, Toothless left us when I was only a year old and it broke my mothers heart so much that we were never able to put all the peaces back together. She was her Emotional Support Animal and my very best friend. It also broke me, and I developed separation anxiety. But I had a job to do. I could not let Toothless down. I took over as the mamma cat for Snow and a couple of years later, both Snow and I became my moms new Emotional Support Animals. We have a big job to do. We are there when mom needs us most. We make her happy and give her reasons to get up in the mornings and in return, she is there for me when I am missing Toothless the most. My parents have loved us unconditionally our whole lives which is why it makes this situation so difficult. My parents have been struggling to make ends meet since this horrible pandemic began and now that they have a baby of their own, they go without eating some days to make sure there is food for us and the baby. My mom has been holding on to us all year and finding food for us when we run out. She has been doing everything she can to keep us happy, fed, and safe but she said she is only being selfish. She said it is time to stop thinking about her self and start thinking about us. She can no longer afford to care for us so we need to go live with a family that can. I just hope that who ever can take me can also take Snow because I made a promise to Toothless to always look out for her. She is all I have left and I don’t want to lose her either. Please consider us and we hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you with all of our braking hearts. Contact:
October 9, 2020

Fantastic Potcake, SASHA, needs rehoming PLEASE!

This is absolutely the hardest note I’ve ever had to write. After nearly five years, we need to rehome our much beloved potcake, Sasha. She is almost 9 years old, and weighs about 25 pounds of perfect potcake. She has had all shots, is spayed, and is heartworm negative. Unfortunately, she has once again attacked our tiny Notcake, Maisie, who is 20 lbs and 11 yrs old, and we can’t live with that. Before you suggest it, Sasha has had extensive and intensive training, behavioralist study, etc. By herself, she is a dream. She needs desperately to be the ONLY DOG in the house. She has mostly fear aggression issues. Her trainer trained her well, she follows all directions, loves walks, loves to run on the beach. But she cannot stay with us any longer. We are located in Forestville. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in adopting a loving, affectionate, smart dog into a home without other dogs, please be in touch. We are so heartbroken to give up this dog we love so much, and need to know she will be loved at least that much wherever she lands. Thanks for your help. Contact: (preferred) or 707.625.0199.
October 9, 2020

WILSON – 3 Year Old Male Shepherd Mix Needs a Home

FREE TO A GOOD HOME with vet reference/home check We are looking for a forever home for Wilson, a 3+ year old male Shepherd mix. Wilson is very smart, energetic and loving. Wilson loves to play catch and interact with adults. Wilson is currently being housed and trained at Maranda Ranch Kennels in Sonoma, CA in preparation for being permanently re-homed. The trainer, Maribeth, said she is seeing great progress with Wilson to correct some behavioral defensive biting issues. He shows no signs of defensiveness or agitation at the Ranch. Wilson has shown to be comfortable in a group of dogs, walks on a leash comfortably, is responding to training willingly, has a nice attitude with positive interactions, has gone out on errands with visiting folks, rides well in the car, is comfortable going into other folks homes with their dogs and cats, shows no upset when walking around town and is very happy and excited to greet strangers and has relaxed and proved to have a content puppy like attitude. Contact: ​
October 13, 2020

Lovely and loving female guinea pigs

I have three bonded female guinea pigs in need of a new home. They are sweet and curious. The mother, Buttercup (white and orange, 6 years) is mellow and happy to just sit in your lap and munch on some greens. Her daughter, Tinkerbell (white, orange and black, 3 years) is a little more rowdy and interested in exploring. Twilight (black and brown, 2 years) is the most social, and often gets in the way of cage cleaning because she wants to be right in the middle of the action. They will take treats from your hands, especially butter lettuce, arugula, and strawberries. Buttercup loves baby carrots. Twilight is a fan of watermelon. I’m happy to send along all of their supplies, including a huge bag of bedding material and their cages. Please text me at (707) 536-1061.
October 14, 2020


Zelda is a 4 yr old, female cat who is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations. Unusually small for a cat her age, exquisitely silky medium length fur. She is independent and very playful! Not quite a lap cat but will follow you around and talk to you. Her favorite toys are anything you drag along the floor that she can chase and her beloved green wool ball. Sadly I cannot keep up with her anymore due to increasing health problems, so I am looking to rehome her with someone who can engage with her the way she needs. Zelda is a little nervous around strangers and can take some time to warm up, but if given enough time and space she will come to you on her own. She may even insist on a cuddle! She mostly likes to hang out close by though watching you or the birds outside. Zelda needs a gentle, patient touch, experienced cat owners only please! A few important things to know about her: She finds the vet very scary, bring a towel and treats. She should be the only cat in your home. Her favorite flavor is duck! If she sounds like the kitty for you, please email me at:
October 16, 2020

rehoming Blaze

Blaze is a young husky mix about 9-10 months. He is not fixed yet. He is super sweet and friendly and would do best in a home with a family who can give him lots of attention. Does well with other dogs. Biggest cuddle bug ever and will keep you company during these lonely covid days. Text or call at 707-486-6640
October 22, 2020

Beautiful free rooster

4 month old rooster needs a new home. He is not aggressive, and quite handsome.  Contact:
October 24, 2020

Otis the Min Pin wants to be an only dog in a quiet home to cuddle and play

We are looking for a new home for our 3 or 4-year-old 12 lb Miniature Pinscher mix named Otis. He is a very loving, sweet little guy who is ready for long walks and will always appreciate as many pets and scritchies you can offer. He wants to be with his people at all times and is a great home-office companion when it’s quiet. He’s a big cuddler. He currently lives with two kids, 6 and 9, and two older dogs. He also lived with a young cat for about 6 months, and they played safely. He is great with our calm, dog-savvy kids. His relationship with the other dogs is more of a nervous co-existence, unfortunately. He, like most of his breed, is high-strung and reactive, and will bark in fear at at other dogs while out on a walk. We got him as a rescue, and we believe he had a very hard first seven months, leading to some problems living in a house with multiple dogs. He’s very insecure about his place in the pack, and he marks (pees) indoors on furniture to claim the territory from the other dogs. We have a set of belly bands to keep our furniture clean, and he wears them without complaint, but a trainer and vet have told us that his marking could go away if he was by himself. We love him dearly and would keep him, but he really needs to be in a home with no other dogs. He is nervous enough about our older dogs that just hearing them walk by can get him growling in fear. He is still young and wants to play but the older dogs always shut him down. When he is by himself (in my office during the day, or when the other dogs are on a walk), he is noticeably calmer and happier. We want to find him a home where he is loved as much as he is now, but also has the space and quiet to relax and be himself. His ideal home would also be with older kids, or no kids. We’ve taken him to reactive dog training classes and agility classes, and done psychomotor therapy. He has improved as he ages. Daily walks really help keep him calm, and he responds to treats if you are prepared to get his attention before he gets ramped up. If you think you could give him the calm and loving home he deserves, please contact us at
October 26, 2020

Seeking loving home for Beta

Beta is a lovable house cat who loves belly rubs. He is extremely friendly to all people and always wants to cuddle. He even comes to the door when you come home! He will always come to sit on the couch just to be close – he is a true companion. He has lived with other cats and dogs before and just takes time to adjust to new animals. He is neutered and also litter box trained. Mom’s allergies have gotten exponentially worse over the last year and we are looking for a new home where he can get the love and affection he deserves.   Contact:
October 26, 2020

Need to find a new home for our lovable 2-year-old female cat

We are no longer able to keep Lucy, our adopted black female domestic shorthair kitty. We got her when she was a few months old in 2018. Lucy loves to run and play, indoors and out. She’s not really a talker, but she has an unusual trilling voice she uses to get your attention. While she might be a little nervous around new people, if you give her some pets and kind remarks, she’ll quickly become your best friend. She will sit contentedly on your lap for hours. She is spayed, has a microchip, and vaccinations are up to date. She probably needs to be the only cat in your house. Lucy is lively, funny, and very affectionate. It breaks our hearts to part with her. If interested, or for more information, contact: Susan ( or Gary (
October 26, 2020

Sweet snuggly 3-year-old kitty seeking loving home

Meet Ginger. She is 3 years old. I was fostering her from a friend who could no longer keep her, and just recently discovered that I have to suddenly leave my home due to toxic mold. Though I adore her, it feels like too much to have to take care of her while staying somewhere else and also trying to find a new place to live. She was spayed and got all over her shots at the humane society when she was a kitten. Recently she got bloodwork and an updated rabies vaccine. She is litterbox trained, and she eats dry food 3 times a day with an automatic food dispenser. She loves to nap, and cuddle at night and in the morning. She likes to go outside, though she never goes far. She talks and likes to tell you all about what’s going on in her world. She loves laying by me while I am working from home, and she loves to play (I could only post one photo, but have a funny one of her waiting by her string toy for me to play!) I would love to see her go to a loving home where she will get loving attention and playtime. Please contact me: Genevieve Abedon, (802) 598-1669 – Note that I may be away from my phone with no cell service from November 10-20, but leave a text (preferred) or voicemail if you are interested and I will get back to you as soon as I emerge.
October 26, 2020

Meet Rosco!!!!!

Meet Rosco! a sweet 11 year old male neutered cat in need of a loving home! He is a diabetic that was surrendered because his owners could no longer care for him his condition is under control with daily insulin which he accepts with ease he does suffer some back mobility issues due to untreated diabetes but because he is being cared for so wonderfully by is foster family his mobility is greatly improved and causes him no issues. would do better in a single cat home dogs ok! he just stays away! if you can care for him or would like to meet him please do!  Contact: