Adoptions by Owner

December 18, 2020

Flame Point Kitty needs a home

I found an abandoned, sick little flame point kitten, and couldn’t leave her in the middle of nowhere.  She was not microchipped.  Despite my not being a cat person, Maxine has lived with me now for 10 years. Unfortuantely I have  had a life changing medical diagnosis and am moving to the city from my farm to make life easier.  Maxine is 10 years old, and is an indoor/outdoor cat.  She uses the dog door, rules the roost over my 2 dogs, loves napping, and is very personable.  She would not be happy without access to the outdoors. I microchipped her and had her spayed, and she is up to date on her shots until June 2021.  She is beautiful, and personable!  Please feel free to call me at 707-537-1456 if she might fit into your home!
December 29, 2020

Chunky, lovable cat to a good home

Hello, all. I am currently fostering this wonderful cat who comes from my workplace (a warehouse) in Santa Rosa. I took him in and I’m hoping to find him the perfect home. He is so cuddly and loving. He lounges around the house all day long and rolls over instantly for belly rubs. He loves to grab your hand with his paw and lick your fingers and is very playful too. He is also definitely overweight (17lbs.) and I would love for him to go to someone who can take him to the vet and get him on a nutrition plan. I am unsure of his age. He is neutered. He is very scared of children, so I belive a calm home would be best. He is an indoor cat. Please message or call me at 209-559-4770 with any questions or inquiries. Thank you, Erika.
December 30, 2020

Needing to Rehome Handsome Gino

Hi my name is Gino! I’m a 60 pound American Bulldog mix who loves everyone! I love all people and will love any dog with the proper introduction. Even though I am 5 I do still spurts of puppy energy still! I love taking walks with my person and playing tug of war and chasing balls. I would love to be in a home where someone is home to keep my company most of the day and who will work with me on bettering my manners. My mom has to rehome me due to unforeseen housing problems. Please email her with any questions you have about me!!
January 4, 2021

Re-homing our 5 1/2 month kitten

Hello, We recently got a 5 1/2 month kitten, very calm, playful and sweet. She is potty trained and the previous owner says that she has gotten her kitten shots, but we do not have any of that paperwork. Unfortunatly we cannot keep her, and would love for her to go to an amazing home. My phone number is 707-347-6329.
January 5, 2021

Sweet Orange Tabby Maple

This is 2 1/2 year old sweet Maple. I adopted him and his sister in September 2018. Maples is sweet, loving, a great mouser and an all round easy going cat. I have loved him dearly. The problem is that he doesn’t get along with my two older cats very well. They bully him and he lets them.  I feel like Maple would flourish in a one cat only household. His sister does fine and gives the older cats a run for his money. Poor Maple is very scared of them and does a lot of hiding. I also  have a Huskey who is really great with cats and she and Maple get along perfectly. I think he would be find with a sweet dog, I just don’t think he does well with Bully cats, so him being the only cat might be best. We have tried everything to socialize the cats all together to avoid having to do this, but ultimately I have to make the sacrifice and do what I think is best for Maple. He is a neutered, chipped, short hair orange tabby that is currently up to date on all his shots. He is indoor/outdoor (can actually let himself in by opeing the garage door, lol!) He has one birth defect on his front, right paw. The paw didn’t form correctly. He walks on it just fine and my vet says there is nothing to be done about it. Sometimes when he runs really fast he will pick the foot up and run on three feet. It has never seemed to impede on his catness! In the 2 1/2 years he has been ours, we have had no medical issues regarding the paw.  I have all of his adoption paperwork that shows all if his medical work. I know that he can bring a lot of joy and love to a family if he is the only cat. His sweet demeanor will quickly win your heart, just like it did mine. If interested, please email me at
January 7, 2021

Cosmo is looking for new forever home

Cosmo is a 10 year old schnauzer mix. He was rescued 8 years ago in Southern California. Cosmo is a sweet senior dog who needs a peaceful home where he can feel at ease. He has lived in apartments in San Francisco most of his life, and can be sensitive to loud noise and external stimuli. He would do very well in a less busy environment. We are looking to rehome Cosmo with an owner who is attuned to his personality and can offer a home environment in which Cosmo can avoid triggering situations. He would be best in a calm home with a predictable schedule and lots of room to exercise. He is totally normal and sweet with adults when approached in a straightforward manner, but does not care for children or dogs, and can react aggressively out of fear. He needs to find a home that does not have other dogs or children. Cosmo is neutered and up to date on all his shots and vet visits. He is also completely potty trained. He loves walks and playing fetch, and bonds very quickly to any familiar companion. Manners/Personality: Cosmo has a very sweet personality when he is around people he knows, and enjoys meeting strangers if he is introduced with a positive and familiar approach. He will show you all of his tricks for a treat or bone. He can follow commands such as sit, lay down, turn around, roll over and shake. He loves to be engaged and learn new commands. Cosmo would thrive in an environment where he has access to a yard and can run and play fetch. He loves going for walks and getting exercise, and loves cuddling on the couch at the end of the day for a snooze. We are hoping that we can find an environment more conducive to his personality. Contact Jared Email: Phone: (248) 217-6357
January 11, 2021

Sweet 10 Month Old Malinois Mix Seeks Forever Home

We are looking for a forever home for our 10-month-old malinois mix, Boston.  She is a wonderful dog, but she needs a home away from the city with private outdoor space. Boston loves other dogs and would do well in a home with another pup to play with. She loves going to the dog park, playing fetch, and snuggling with her humans. She is very smart, and responds well to praise, treats, and toys as training rewards. She has her basic obedience down, is crate trained, and learns new commands very quickly. We believe she would enjoy dog sports, including agility or nose work. Boston takes some time to warm up to new people, but once she does, she loves to snuggle and play. She is a typical “mouthy mal,” and would do well with an owner that has experience with the breed or other high-drive working dogs. Boston would do best in a home with plenty of outdoor space, and no cats or young children. She is looking for an owner that can continue her counter-conditioning and desensitization training, and help show her that the world is not so scary. If she sounds like she might be a good fit for your family, please reach out! She is crate trained, house trained, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and knows basic obedience (sit, down, stay, leave it, find it, place, crate, touch, look, off, loose-leash walking/heel in progress). Please email:
January 16, 2021

Garnet – a very cute guard dog

Garnet is a VERY cute and endearing mixed-breed dog that is around ~5 years old. She was adopted from Florida in March from Big Dog Rescue. G has a lot of great things about her – she is very very loyal to her number one person, loves to cuddle/snuggle, is good at alerting you of anyone coming to the house, is spayed, and is completely up to date on all vaccinations, There are some things that a new owner should know eyes wide open. She can be a bit of a handful. Prior to being rescued she has had a tough go of it and therefore, she is pretty anxious and fearful. Her fear causes her to feel the need to protect the house (barking when there is stuff going on outside) and she has nipped a few people (no teeth but still not great). In the past she has had some skin issues and allergies but we have worked with our vet to get it under control. We do really love her – she worms her little way into your heart but we are not the right home for her anymore. We have too many people in our house and too many people coming and going. She needs a little more consistency in who her main caretaker is. Please feel free to ask any & all questions. Contact: Robin Mattimore ( 415-515-3104)
January 16, 2021

Sweet Guinea Pig Needs Forever Home

“Pops” is a sweet, one and a half year old boy. He recently lost his best buddy. He is healthy and can be timid at times but sits in your lap quietly and never bites. He likes to be brushed and lets us clip his nails. He loves fresh grass, carrots, cucumbers, grapes and lettuce. He knows his name when you call. He is used to kids, cats and dogs. He comes with an extra large cage and little carrier. We are looking for an attentive, forever home for him, preferably where there is another guinea pig.  Contact:
January 20, 2021

Rosie the Cat needs a new home

Sweet, affectionate, indoor cat needs a new home now that her owner had to move to Mirabel Lodge’s memory care. She’s healthy, spayed, 9 years old and up to date on her vaccinations. Contact: or (707) 696-0861.
January 20, 2021

Bunny needs a home

Cupcake is a 8 month old neutered bunny who lives indoors and loves to free roam during the day. He is use to other animals and kids who know how to properly treat him. He needs a new indoor home ASAP. He enjoys time outside when being water in his play pen. I can include some belongings for him and his new home.  Contact:
January 20, 2021

Female tabby cat spayed

Hi, My name is Lucy, I’m a ten old tabby cat with beautiful eyes. I love to play and will retrieve my foam ball when thrown. I have been an indoor cat for the last seven years. I’m looking for someone who will give me lots of love and attention. You can reach my owner at
January 22, 2021

Blind St. Bernard Needs New Home Molly is a beautiful and brave St. Bernard is looking for her forever home. Molly was left by a previous owner to spend her days in the back yard with her brother, where they were confined, neglected and ignored. Molly was never allowed indoors, suffering through the seasons with little if any protection from the elements. She was brought to the shelter severely malnourished, with a case of glaucoma so advanced that it was determined her eyes could not be saved, and they were removed. She was then adopted out to a home where there were frequent visitors, a situation less than ideal for a newly adopted dog, much less a newly adopted, newly blind one. This, coupled with unfamiliar company and unexpected interaction without proper introduction, led Molly to snap at a visitor, and to her subsequent return to the shelter. She is now in foster care. Molly is an incredibly sweet and loving dog. She is submissive and has exhibited no alpha/dominating behavior. She is not food defensive or aggressive… other dogs can approach her bowl and she pays them no mind, and a hand can be reached in front of her mouth or into her bowl and she ignores the interference, or stops eating until the hand is removed. Molly ignores cats, up until the point that she wants to play with them. Once she has decided she needs to interact, she will stand in front of them and bark incessantly until she is acknowledged. Unfortunately, being blind, she has no way of knowing whether they are responding, or if, in fact, they have left the room entirely. Should she sense that maybe playtime is in the works, she will bow down in an invitation, and bounce and jump, bob, weave and lurch about in an attempt to engage. It is because of this that Molly cannot be homed with cats. She is so large, and so ungainly in her movements that she can easily trample or fall upon an animal and do them harm, or be harmed by them. For this same reason she cannot be homed with children, because she simply cannot see who she may be running into at full bore ramming speed. It is not her intent to do harm, but the gentlest bull in a china shop will still rack up quite a bit of damage. Molly so loves to play that her enthusiasm can be a bit much. While she plays very well with dogs her own size, even this cannot prevent occasional scuffles and mishaps. Because of her blindness, Molly cannot tell when a dog is interacting with her, and so will continually bark to engage, which can be very disturbing to some dogs as it can come off as aggressive. Additionally, if a dog does decide to interact with her, the romping and playing can at times lead to hard core collisions that take Molly by surprise and cause her to act defensively because she cannot see what is happening. Again, Molly is not aggressive, but wounds caused by defensive behavior are just as damaging as wounds caused by aggressive behavior. Unfortunately for Molly, this means she cannot be homed with other dogs. She has unfortunately had incidents with both of the resident dogs which make it critical that a new and appropriate home be found for Molly as soon as possible. To be very clear, these incidents were caused by Molly’s blindness, and the unfortunate situations that arise due to her disability. They are not due to an aggressive disposition. However, the end result is that Molly absolutely must not be homed with children or other animals. If you walk into a room where Molly is standing and she is spooked, she will immediately drop to the floor and roll over onto her back. She has never snapped at, growled at or been at all defensive or aggressive towards her foster caregivers. Molly is relatively low energy and easy going, spending her days at her foster mother’s side, sleeping next to her desk. Although previously having only been housed outdoors, Molly took to house-training very quickly, and has had very few accidents in the house. If she needs to go out she will get up and sit next to you, and at some point, should the hint not be picked up, she will put her paw into your lap, and after that begin to pace. If by then the hint is not picked up, Molly asks that she not be blamed as she tried her hardest. Molly sleeps next to her fosters’ bed, and unless she needs to go potty she will sleep through the night. If she needs to go she will start to pace, and will put her ginormous head on the bed next to you, trying to wake you. Molly does not bark unless she is trying to play. She does not bark at strangers, or out of nervousness, or at the wind or door creaks, or other stimuli that often sets other dogs off. She is very calm, and will lay down for belly rubs at the slightest invitation… if you come up to her she will lay right down and roll over for pets. Despite being St. Bernard, Molly does not drool. Her fur is silky soft, and the most beautiful auburn color. She is very underweight, but has a healthy appetite and is steadily gaining back her weight and health. She is an absolutely gorgeous dog, and has so much love to offer the right home. We ask that Molly’s new home: Be quiet, with few visitors or new people coming and going. Have no children or other pets. No exceptions. Keep her as an indoor dog with outside privileges. She has spent enough of her life outdoors and now deserves ongoing comfort and companionship. Have stay at home parents. Either work from home (even after quarantine), or be retired. Molly loves her people, and is lost without her seeing eye person by her side. Understand the needs of a blind dog, and be informed of the challenges this disability presents. She is blind because of the tragic neglect of humans, and should not suffer more because of the resulting challenges she will be facing… she needs an advocate and protector who will love and support her for the rest of her life. Please forward this to anyone who might be able to give this wonderful, sweet and gentle dog a loving home. For further questions or information, please contact Wendy at (510) 599-2271 or Fiona at (925) 212-3691. Thank you!
January 22, 2021

cat for barn, ranch, farm

We are looking to re-home our 8 year old cat, Luna. While she has her affectionate and playful moments, she is prone to aggressive behavior and has a history of biting and digging her claws into unsuspecting people, including each of our family members. We have owned her for 6 years, having adopted her from SF Animal Care and Control. Because we have dogs, Luna lives in the garage and has access to our back yard. Our vet tells advises that because of Luna’s erratic aggressiveness, the best re-homing situation is for her to live in a barnyard or similar non-residential situation. For a residential re-homing situation, the new owner must approach Luna with eyes wide open and have the desire and ability to withstand/rehabilitate a challenging cat. Luna was examined by her vet yesterday and is current on her vaccinations.  Contact: or (415) 505-4331.
January 22, 2021

Sweet cat needs new home

I have been tasked by an out of town estate manager to place a sweet indoor cat whose person recently died. The cat is called Tom and he is healthy and probably elderly. I don’t know much about him except that he is friendly but lonely now. Contact: or (707) 823-5623.