August 3, 2021

Everybody loves Raymond

Just so you know I absolutely love with this dog. Raymond is the sweetest boy ever but he has also been a challenge, I rescued him thinking he was three to four months old. When I took him to my vet they said he was actually closer to six or seven months old. He had been a stray with his siblings and mother all his life so he knew nothing. He is afraid of most all humans and absolutely warms up to you with patience and treats but loves other dogs and would thrive with another dog in the house. I have had him about 4 months and we went through a lot to get him potty trained but he is good now. He walks well on a leash now, sleeps in a crate and occasionally on my bed. He is a mellow boy and not a barker but then he breaks out into puppy mode and makes you want to laugh. His fave thing to do is zoomies with his friends. I spent a week off of work sitting on the ground with him just letting him come to me and learn to trust me, he will cower if I raise my voice or move suddenly but he is better now than he was in the beginning. I initially thought he was abused but the trainer said that it is mostly because he was a stray in the woods. My only reasons for rehoming is my work load has changed quite a bit and I have some minor health issues. Normally a dog would help with these things but his history and fear tends to add to the stress quite a bit. In all honesty I do not feel like I can give him what he needs and the guilt of that for me is so painful. Feel free to call me to come and meet him or just ask questions. Raymond is a gentle 48 lb neutered mix breed. He is very healthy and up to date on his vaccines including flu and rattlesnake. I have a good insurance for him that can be transferred to new owners. Our best guess on age is between 10-12 months. Once he learns not to fear you he will give you the biggest kisses all over. He is quite a special baby.  Contact: or (415) 425-5424.
August 3, 2021

“The Dharma” Small Dog BIG Personality“

Are you looking for an engaging, endearing, amusing, dog companion with an entertaining, sweet personality? Dharma is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound – Chihuahua that weighs about 10 lbs. She’s spayed, microchipped, current on vaccinations, just had her teeth cleaned, has no health issues. She has the body of a greyhound; fine boned, long legged, alethic build, can move like lightening. The sweet, inquisitive face of a Chihuahua. She has a very short, sleek coat, often wears sweaters when it’s cool out. She is sensitive but bold, calm but alert, independent but likes to be in company. Has the most diverse food pallet of any dog I’ve met.. loves oranges (that can’t be overstated.) Is a snuggle under the blankets kinda girl. I adopted her in hopes that she would be good companion to me and my other dog that had just lost her buddy. Unfortunately Dharma needs to be in a one dog only home and that is the only reason I am seeking a new home for her. You can contact me (Sharon) at 707-539-0413 or
August 1, 2021


Ella is a happy, petite, 1-year old girl. Her soulful and angelic look matches her beautiful and gentle demeanor. She loves to play, and she adores people, kids, and other dogs. She is good with cats too. She is well-behaved. She is not a barker. She was found in the streets of Puerto Vallarta by a friend, and she brought her to the U.S. to find her a perfect home. Ella is just a great, great companion. She is spayed and is up to date with her shots. Call me or text me at +1 415 694 0460
July 30, 2021

Goof-Ball seeking loving home

Tonka, a pit mix, is a gentle guy who has been living with a foster mom after being rescued from a kill shelter in Fresno CA on his last day before termination. He is very friendly and goofy, and just wants to retire with a friend. Tonka is great with adults and kids. His ideal home he would have all to himself, but he could also do well with another mid-sized or large dog friend. He loves to cuddle and wants to be someone’s best friend. He will make a wonderful companion for someone. Please call 707-326-4032 for adoption inquiries.
July 30, 2021

Sweet baby ready to live life in the slow lane

5+ year old tabby would probably prefer and nice calm home. She’s a cuddle bug but life in this house has gotten crazy! We have 2 kids under 2 and our baby is now scared to come out of our room ;(  Contact: or (707) 387-7131.
July 30, 2021

Talkative boy here needs new home

Five-year-old Siamese male cat fixed gets along with other animals moving out of state and can’t travel with them.  Contact: or (707) 387-7131.
July 27, 2021

Male and female bonded siblings

Bella and Brewer are 7-year-old part-Main Coon siblings who have been with their owners since they were kittens. Brewer the male cat is longhaired and has a beautiful grey mane. He is spirited and loves to play in his cat-tunnel and is especially skilled with spin-toys. He sits on a high piano and watches the birds and squirrels for hours. He loves to be brushed and combed, and will roll over so you can brush his belly. He is patient and kind to his sister, and they watch each other play and share toys. Bella is shorthaired with identical markings, and like a girl she likes fluffy feathery toys. She has neatly defined habits like napping on a special blanket and sitting on the top tier of the cat tree to watch the birds. Both cats love company, especially visitors who want to play with them. They both seem to nap at the same times of the day and disappear to sleep at around 9PM. They are micro-chipped and up to date on shots, and have all their Vet records since birth. A few weeks ago, their long-time owners realized their dream of moving to Europe to live and work, and they re-homed their cats with me. The have adjusted well, but I am a senior woman who is realizing I can’t give them the time they need. I am looking for a new home for these lovely well-behaved bonded siblings, who really like being together and should never be separated. They come with lots of toys, tall cat tree, blankets, water fountain, litter box, and even food and cat litter. Call Janet 707 322-6651 or email
July 27, 2021


3 black and white and 1 solid black kitten available now. Approximately 5 weeks old. They are eating solid food and drinking water. Free to a good home.  Contact: or (707) 761-0412.
July 24, 2021

Shepard Mix needs room to run

LOCATION: Santa Rosa.  FREE to good home or a Rescue.  Male- BREED: Shepard Mix.  Age- approx. 2 as of Jan 2021.  Weight- 65lbs.  Neutered.  Up-to-Date Shots.  Timid of kids but never aggressive.  Likes dogs better than people… Not good with cats.  No Aggressive history.  Potty Trained.  Energy Level: Average/High.  Bark Frequency: Average.  Comes with: crate, dogs bed(s), any leftover treats/medications. Axle has been with our family for 2 years and as much as it breaks our hearts we feel that we are not the right home for him. We have two young boys who are very rambunctious. He needs a quieter home with a big yard and some doggie friends to play with. We lost our other dog last year and Axle has not adjusted well to being the only dog. He’s a very shy/anxious guy and is currently taking daily anxiety meds. I just want the best for him and I truly believe we are not that. Contact:
July 22, 2021

Wanted: Sophie’s Forever Home

Do you have experience raising big dogs? Young, attractive, energetic, female lab/greyhound mix seeks forever home with loving, compassionate owners who have experience with big dogs. Ideal owner has enthusiasm, time and patience for daily exercise, sniffing, ball-throwing—swimming is a plus! Ideal forever home, with fenced yard, would have plenty of room to stretch out—inside and out. Gets along well with people, and dogs of similar energy/size. Senior/teacher dog friend a possibility. She becomes very wiggly and excited around kids. Not compatible with small dogs or cats. Attractants include squirrels, lizards, animal scent. Training in these areas may help. Looking for more practice with keeping her focus when things around her get too exciting or too loud. Responds well to training by positive reinforcement rewarded with treats and/or praise. At 1½ years and 73# she’s learning and improving daily after a puppyhood of treatment by owners who did not understand her. Now, as her trust grows, her curiosity, soft warm heart and playful side shine through. She’s eager to please and would thrive in a supportive, loving, structured environment with ample opportunity for exercise. But now, my own limited space and health lead me to the conclusion that my home and care will not suit her long-term. Sophie can’t wait to make friends. Fully vaccinated, spayed, clean bill of health and some good doggie gear available. Questions answered and addl. pics available. Contact: or (707) 540-5798.
July 13, 2021

Blue eyed, freckled, big-hearted boy needs a home

I’m Tommy! I a Flame Tip Siamese, as you will see from my lovely blue eyes and gorgeous orange markings. Even though I am a kinda fancy breed, all I want is a simple life where you let me curl up at your feet all day long. I am full of love and I want to snuggle with every human I meet! I like to vocalize and will talk to you, and I will follow you wherever you are going! Sometimes I get a little excited and I might bat at your hands, but it is all in play. I don’t like other cats or dogs, so I would like to be your one-and-only pet. I have been an outdoor cat, probably all my life, but I keep trying to get into the house and I think I might like to live indoors if you will let me. I am about two years old. My present owners noticed that I was a stray, so they had me neutered and introduced me to their pets. I love my humans (so much!) but not their cat and dog. So, I need a new home. If you are not familiar with Flame Tip Siamese, look it up! The personality descriptions you will find fit me to a T.  Contact:
July 13, 2021

Sweetest Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

We are broken hearted at the thought of having to rehome our puppy because we all love him greatly. Hardest decision for us, but best for him. Trout is just under 10 months (bday 8/24/2020). He is extremely well-behaved for a puppy and knows all his basic commands and also eager to learn more. He is crate trained, loves his doggie siblings and just wants to play and run all day. He requires at minimum 40mins of exercise a day. He is neutered and current. He LOVES children. He goes ga-ga for our’s and our friend’s kids, of various ages (fyi have never had around babies). His downside – NO CATS and unfortunately we have 4. He grew up with our’s and has always gotten along with them, but recently he’s been a little too interested in them and has scuffled with one of them. It could be his age and stage, but it’s something we won’t be able to do anything about if it becomes a permanent issue.  Contact: or (707) 853-4954.
July 13, 2021

LOU-SEAL (aka Lou) Mr Personality

7-year old, altered male, microchipped, orange and white kitten. Indoors entire life (except on a few rare occasions when the door was left opened). Looking for outside adventure in new home. Must have a safe environment; no road perils, etc.. Loves dry food treats.  Contact: or (707) 591-6448.
July 13, 2021

Country Cat Abilene needs new home

Hello, We are moving to Bend, Oregon and cannot take our cat Abilene with us. She’s 15, in good shape and is used to being outdoors then in the warm laundry room in winter. She would make a good barn cat and best if there are no dogs. She has beautiful markings, possibly some Siamese and was spayed when young. Contact: or (707) 953-0951.
July 12, 2021

Genly Ai and Luna – a sweetly bonded pair

My children and I are moving to Utah unexpectedly and I know both of these kitties will do better relatively locally than traveling to a new state. Both have sweet, gentle temperaments and are very well-mannered kitties. Both respond well to positive reinforcement and have been very easy to get along with. Luna (3 yrs, female, spayed) has been with Genly (6 yrs, male, neutered) since we adopted her as a kitten and they quickly formed a close bond. Genly Ai is a one-eyed cat but nonetheless handsome for it! Neither cat has ever lived with a dog, and I don’t think they would adapt well to living with one. A modest rehoming fee of 100$ asked to insure serious, responsible inquiries. Both cats have carriers, bowls, litterbox, and grooming supplies that can accompany them to their new home.  Contact: or (415) 407-1724.
July 12, 2021

Sweet Frida needs a home

Sweet Frida needs a new home when we move in the next few months. She is about 14, spayed and very easy going. She sleeps outdoors but would adapt to in also. She loves belly rubs!  Contact: or (707) 953-0951.
July 12, 2021

Older female cat

Jasmine,  13.5 years young.  Long hair.  Loves being indoors will go outside for fresh air but doesn’t like living outdoors.  Spayed.  Is ok with nice dogs.  Has love me attitude.  Doesn’t do well around toddlers.  Prefers quiet home.  My dad unfortunately needs to move where they don’t allow indoor cats. He is getting older with a lot of health issues and has been having hard time caring for cats. We are looking to rehome JAZ for free. All my dads adult kids have toddlers at home. She doesn’t like how unpredictable toddlers are. Located in Santa Rosa. If u want more pictures or to meet her let me know.  Contact:
July 12, 2021

Benny The Jet

Benny is a 4 month old puppy that loves all the belly scratches and a great cuddles. He is a very mixed pup, it was thought his mother was a Beagle mix but not confirmed. He has very short legs and the vet does not believe he’ll be very tall. He is up to date on vaccines but not neutered. It breaks our heart to have to re-home him but our older dog has not been a fan of him since his arrival. We hoped their relationship will better after a while but it’s only gotten worse. Benny deserves a home where he will get all the cuddles. Contact:  
July 7, 2021

Casey-the-Cat seeks home with a big heart

Casey was a brave and frightened kitten when she (after being lost or abandoned), wandered into our senior community, in November of 2019. We took her into one of our homes, got her vaccinated and spayed, and have given her love so that she can learn to trust and be with humans. Due to our age and other constraints, we cannot keep her. Now, it is time to find her the forever home she deserves. Casey has been a welcome guest in Pat’s house during the Pandemic, bringing joy with her playful and curious personality. She loves to play chase with her ball and play hide-and-seek with a paper bag. She also enjoys cuddling next to Pat on the couch, getting brushed and receiving an occasional belly rub. Casey is now slightly over a year and a half old, litter-trained and content as an indoor cat (although she could possibly become an indoor-outdoor cat). She is playful and affectionate with Pat and accepting of Pat’s husband. (They play “bouncer wand” together). Yet she is extremely shy with other people (likely due to the trauma of her abandonment as a kitten). We suspect it will take a while for Casey to become affectionate in a new home, yet believe she will eventually do so. For this reason, Casey may do best as a companion for another cat, although she may do well in other situations. We are seeking a patient, cat-loving forever home that can give Casey the time and affection she needs to blossom into her best self. We believe the rewards will be great for the person(s) who take Casey into their home and heart. Could that be you? To learn more about Casey, please call or email: Dianne (707-480-8905, or Pat (707-577-8206)
July 6, 2021

German Shepherd/ Husky Mix looking for forever home

Hello everyone! Coco is a German Shepherd/ Husky mix who loves attention. She loves to run right in between your legs so you can pay attention to her. She is 9 months old and is not spayed. She also needs most of her vaccines. Coco had a little accident when she was just a pup and is blind in her left eye. However, that does not stop her. She loves to run around, so a house with a backyard is a must. Coco is an alpha dog, so she would prefer to be the only dog in the house. If you are interested please feel free to contact me through text or phone call at (707)978-9260
July 6, 2021

High Energy Husky looking for forever home

Hello everyone! Hades is more of a typical husky. He is very energetic and loves to show his affection. He needs a home with a backyard or even land to let his energy out. Hades is not neutered and needs most of his vaccines. Hades prefers to be the alpha dog, which is why he would do better off in a home where he’s the only dog in the house. He is 2 years old. If you are interested please feel free to contact me through text or even a phone call at (707)978-9260
July 4, 2021

Loving indoor cats looking for new home

As heartbreaking as it is, I have decided that I must rehome 2 of my 4 cats. I have always had multiple cats and it has never been a problems. But after 3 separate evacuations, I am concerned about the safety of my cats and being able to get out quickly if necessary. During the Kinkade fire, I was only able to get 2 of my cats out, and was terrified during the 4 days I could not go home. It is also difficult being alone and trying to find a place to go with multiple animals. Suzie is a beautiful short haired tabby mix. She is almost 9 years old and is spayed. She is loving and playful. Grazie is almost 8 years old, and is a long hair tabby mix and is neutered. He is also playful and loves to cuddle and sleep on you. They are both healthy. However, Grazie has had some issues with anxiety and has had a tendency to chew on clothing. So he has helped me become dutiful in putting all my clothes away. They are both indoor only cats. I rescued Grazie from a litter and I adopted Suzie from a rescue organization. I suspect their early years were not pleasant and they may not have been properly weaned. So they have NO desire to go outside. They are both great with other cats, as long as the introduction process goes smoothly, and they are great with friendly dogs. I have rescued many cats and have found homes for them. However, I have never had to do this with my own cats that have lived with me for this long. I would love to see them adopted together and go to the same home. I understand that if that is not possible that they each find a loving home. Contact:
June 30, 2021

Big, playful and loving 8 year old female cat

We recently adopted Bear from a women who was moving away. Our resident cat is extremely unhappy. We need to find Bear a new home where she can be more comfortable. She is very funny and extremely playful. She does play bite and she kicks like a kangaroo, which is adorable. Her prior owner had her declawed as a kitten. She pretends to sharpen her nails but there is no damage. She will need to be an completely indoor cat because she can not protect herself. I think she would do best in a home with people who know how to handle how playful she is. Her play biting doesn’t hurt me but it might hurt young children or elderly people. Her owner sent us pictures of Bear snuggling with other cats and a bunny. She seems to be scared of our dog. Bear loves to cuddle and lay on your chest. Contact: or (707) 799-1807.
June 27, 2021

Anatolian Shepherd AKC

Beautiful Anatolian Shepherd, Rari for Ferrari needs a special owner and home. One with land and where she can be the only pet. She loves to stay cool during the summer, not afraid of water. Her vice is being an escape artist. Fencing is required!!! Contact: or (707) 393-8671.
June 24, 2021

Lily- Found as a stray with a broken leg, now needs a foster or furever home.

Lily is around 9 years old and was found on the side of the road with a broken leg and some serious road rash. Luckily, she was found by a vet who runs an animal sanctuary, so she quickly received the surgery she needed for her broken leg. She also needs to be spade and have a mammary tumor removed when she recovers from her leg surgery. We believe she was abandoned quite some time ago and has been surviving on her own. She was very nervous at first, and she would startle easily. We just kept giving her love and now she is far less jumpy and wants to be next to someone all the time. She is becoming a huge cuddle bug and is very sweet and gentle She has done well with other dogs, but seems quite scared of cats. Although she is getting better and might be ok with them if a patient person worked with her. She is presently in a kennel for much of the day as we are trying to limit her activity after surgery. This makes her rather unhappy as she wants to be hanging out with her new friends. We think she might have some separation anxiety, but we found that being with the other dog that lives at the sanctuary is enough to keep her company. We feel Lily would do well in a quiet home with one or two older dogs, and people who have the patience to help her get over her trust issues.  Contact: or (971) 320-0500.
June 7, 2021

Girl Scout Troop Donation – Thank You!!!

We recently had a very nice donation from Girl Scout troop 10310 in Santa Rosa! They gathered pet food and supplies for the shelter animals and also included some girl scout cookies for the staff! YUM. A note on the box they dropped off said: “I’m sharing my girl scout joy with you because you help take care of animals” ❤️ A big thank you from all the animals (humans included)!